'Kadima is done being centrist party'
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 09.05.12, 21:16
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1. Haim Ramon is a sex offender LEFTIST! who cares what he
Shelly   (05.09.12)
2. Ramon knows very well that Kadima was on its last legs
Nachman   (05.09.12)
So Mofaz gave it life at least for another year. Also mofaz as well as many Kadima members were former Likudnics so they are coming back. Plus Mofaz gets a good paying job. Surer Ramon understands all this.
3. actually, he was proven innocent
Jonathan ,   Raanana   (05.09.12)
in a court of law at the same times when other(s) were porven guilty. Don't come now with the typical response that when someone you dislike is declared innocent the system is rotten, and when someone you like is guitly is because "justice is politically motivated".
4. Good riddence!
Amichai ,   Hutnsville, US   (05.09.12)
Let the leftists get the hell out of Israeli politics! Leftist policies are a plague on all governments, not just Israel's.
5. But when it was radically Left it was a center party?
Ron M ,   Tel Aviv / Zion   (05.09.12)
Olmert, then Livni hijacked Kadima so left it was almost the same as Meretz. Olmert was being spoon fed by his radical leftist wife, and Livni's whole career was one big Yediot / YNET false construction. The gall of therse people to say they are Ariel Sharon's heir. Good riddance!
6. He Was Proven Innocent?
tinashkuli   (05.09.12)
Ramon found guilty of indecent conduct In a unanimous ruling, three-judge panel finds former justice minister guilty of indecent conduct by kissing female soldier against her will at Prime Minister's Office. Justices say they found Ramon's version not credible ================
7. Jonathan is blatantly LIEING!!!
Jerold   (05.09.12)
Ramon is an indicted and condemned offender, in common parlance: criminal. Not everyone is stupid Jonathan.
8. YES INDEED! Kadima is DONE!
Israeli 2   (05.09.12)
As a matter of fact, ALL the slimy leftists are DONE!!! ACCEPT the new Israel, the TRUE Israel of God or........... BE GONE!
9. this is the fourth time kadima reinvented itself
zionist forever   (05.09.12)
Under Sharon Kadima was a right wing party that was going to solve the palestinian problem by annexing all the land Israel wants and giving the rest to the palestinians for their state. Under Olmert Kadima became a left wing Labor clone. Under Livni Kadima didn't stand for anything because Livni refused to join the coalition despite being offered at least three times and she never had anything to say on anything because her priority was the next election and she hoped to use the same whiter than white tactic that worked so well for her at the previous election. Now Mofaz is in charge and it remains to be seen what direction he intends to steer the party. Haim Ramon should be praising Mofaz for joining the coalition and considering if he hadn't Kadima was facing meltdown with Labor & Lapid taking about two thirds of the seats it currently holds.
10. ramon and kadima
mohson   (05.09.12)
Mofaz survived. Many of kadima mks are weak people who sat under olmert's thumb while he was dismantling israel. Ramon was olmert's chief watercarrier so bloody good riddance to him. He can visit olmert in jail as well as zaken.
11. Hear The Commies Squeal...
ACortez ,   Anaheim, CA, USA   (05.09.12)
Suey...suey...suuueeeyyy. Music to my ears.
12. From Kadima to Ahora!
13. A Center party needs to be changing.
Michael ,   California, USA   (05.10.12)
Kadima is already changing with Ramon's departure. Also changed through joining the broad coalition. All this is the way it should be because a Centrist Party needs to be able to absorb dissent in the public. Right and Left wing parties are the "solid" ones, changing very little because of dogmas and fanaticism. In Israel the real right wing parties are the religious few. They don't belong in a coalition. They haven't changed in thousands of years and praise themselves for it. I will look forward to seeing Shas splitting and the pro-Haredi faction departingn very soon while the progressive part of Shas staying put.
14. From Kadima to Ahora !!!..
Julia   (05.10.12)
AWESOME !!!!!!! ur words should become a banner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15. kadima
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (05.10.12)
Kadima was never a "centrist party". To keep his sons from going to jail for corruption, Sharon had to destroy the lives of 10000 Jews and give Hamas power in Gaza. He tried to do it with the Likud but failed, so he invented Kadima, a party of thieves, liars, losers and scum. After the Likud rehabilitated itself, and the stench from Kadima became too much for even the biggest Bibi hater to bear, Kadima has no purpose.
16. kadima had been hijacked by the left
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (05.10.12)
PERES - the king of the liberal left s a member of Kadima. No party can be called "centrist" with Peres as a member.
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