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Excruciating details emerge on Jewish ghettos
Associated Press
Published: 22.05.12, 07:28
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1. After Nazis, our new enemies are Sarrazin, Gabriel & Röttgen
Susya Bar Dror ,   Israel   (05.22.12)
Because they all hate Jews and are friends with those who want to eliminate Israel.
2. Today's Germans would do the same if they thought the could
RFK   (05.22.12)
get away with it. In fact all of Europe feels that way. Instead they support the muslims... let them do their dirty work. At the same time they get oil. Two birds with the same stone.
3. Thats why we need an Israel
Al   (05.22.12)
To all the brain dead selfish shitheads out there who believe that Israel is too difficult, owes them a living or do not want to protect and serve her. Look at the facts of our history and thank God there is an Israel to protect you against the goyim who were they to have the chance woul;d kill us all over again. If you wont rememeber your history, you will be doomed to relive it. Cherish Israel, protect her and be a proud people instead of being a rag of moochers, schnorrers and whiners.
4. It would seem that anyone other than Jews would do it again
Bob ,   United States   (05.22.12)
Looking at all the different hate sites on the internet toward the Jewish people, it would seem that any nationality other than Israeli and possibly and only possibly America. Living here I can see both the side that would do all that they could to stop something like this happening again and then I see the other side that would light the fire themselves. The planet has become a hate-filled orb making its way around the sun.
5. "Haaretz" works tirelessly to equate it with the pal Nabka
ab   (05.22.12)
6. incorrect no.2
sweeter than honey ,   far away   (05.22.12)
most germans i have known, and indeed most europeans, do not want to think that way, it is much too uncomfortable. your post reveals a certain impotence, and neurosis. seek profeessional help. i have often heard this, or variations on the theme, "adolph hitler? right attitude but wrong people", from people who care, if that is the correct term, about european demography. europe's population is shrinking as a percentage of the world, which is why some politicial-economists want to encourage immigration. however host populations are not happy with the growing moslem presence. hence "right attitude, wrong people". because of the repeated lies told by moslems, and their lobbies, in europe, about jews, i indulge myself in europe with a polite indifference to those attacked, when i hear, "right attitude, wrong people".
7. #2 I totally agree.
Isac   (05.22.12)
It is sad, but the words "NEVER AGAIN" sound hollow. The European hate for the Jews is in their blood. Just look back in the Middle Ages as well.
8. to #2 and #1
Hans-Peter Dollhopf ,   Ludwigshafen/Germany   (05.22.12)
to RFK (#2), I, am a native German and I thank you that you finally decided for me what is on my mind about Jews. I did not know you beforehand and neither you knew me. But now everything seems completely clear between complete strangers! It is so exquisite to participate on your high-mindedness! And the book reviewed here which helped you to look into my head and showed you what I didn't even know about myself and about what I really think ... what a wonderful book! [sarcasm off] to Susya Bar Dror (#1), indeed Sarrazin said that he estimates it to be better for Germany if more East European Jews would come and less Turks and Arabs. Imagine an Israeli politician would have said "more Jews, less Moslems"! So Sarrazin hates Jews? You're sure?
9. #1 #2 #3 etc.
Today's Germans don't care about Jews, neither in a positive, nor in a negative way. As if Jews are the center of the universe and people in Germany had nothing else to do.
10. #7
If medieval anti-Semitism is "in their blood", then 50% of the Americans are anti-Semites as well, as they are of European origin. Would you agree, Isac?
11. # 1
Irma   (05.22.12)
I am sure Sarazin is not antisemitic. I am jewish & living in Germany.
12. For balance we need a book on Jewish thriving communities.
Michael ,   California, USA   (05.22.12)
How about a book "Excruciating details emerge on Jewish thriving communities" throughout the ages. You can start with Shoshan in Persia, if Megilat Esther can be used as a valid story, then Itil in Khazaria, Seville, Amsterdam, Budapest, Prague and Warsaw. How about in modern times: New York, Los Angeles, Moscow, London, Berlin, even Tel Aviv and Jerusalem? Smaller places also, there are thousandsaround the world.
13. Not only ghettos ...
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (05.22.12)
In west Europa not everything is known either . As an example , not all the hiding places are known yet by historians .
14. Excruciating details ,...
snag ,   USA   (05.22.12)
Here's one of them, please google: "BBC - Photography - Genius of Photography - Gallery - Henryk Ross Managing ghettos wouldn't be possible without collaborating Jews that's why Nazis created Judenrat a Jewish administration and a law enforcement ,...
15. Life is Beautiful
kenny ,   new delhi, India   (05.23.12)
I know this may not be the forum to talk about movies, but i recently watched life is beautiful. While many have criticized the movie for making a joke of the Holocaust, but i found it so moving. It only accentuated the suffering. perhaps its easier to watch then schindler's list or the pianist, but it is tragic all the same. what do you feel?
16. #10, since the polling in America
Isabella ,   Tampa USA   (05.23.12)
indicate that 65% of Americans support the State of Israel I think you'd better check your data.
17. #9
Today's Jews still care about the Holocaust what a shock... How many of us grew up without relatives? They did not die from pandemics or starvation, which do not discriminate. They died at the hands of others. Last I checked, in the 30s and 40s we were the center of the German universe, your grandparent's generation whole universe revolved around Jews, ironically enough [considering your post], now we don't? Guess on one level that's a good thing. Now that it's all done, with Germany managing to slaughter so many, you don't care. Be happy, because they nuked Japan, while you guys got off pretty damn easy considering all the mayhem and stupidity you caused back then. I'm going to really assume you do not really represent today's Germans, but if you really do, man your educational system sucks. Then again, anything they teach you guys these days is likely an improvement on the stuff they taught you in the 30s and 40s.
18. #1+ #2...You are right about the Germans,
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.23.12)
they did it once and they would do it again under the same circumstances...No doubt about that ! WHY did they kill the Jews during the Holocaust ? >>>>THERE IS NO ANSWER ! So it is cristal clear, that under the same circumstances, they would commit the same murders again !
19. #11, You are WRONG...Sarrazin compared
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.23.12)
the Holocaust to the Thirty Years war !!! The Holocaust is meaningless for Sarrazin...he is only interested in Germanys well being ! He is an Antisemite !
20. Germany will for ever and ever remain the
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.23.12)
paradigma of EVIL...and it will finally have to pay the will be an eternal price...
21. Snag 14
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (05.23.12)
How would you have react if the nazis obliged you to be a member of the Judenrat ? Would you have prefered to be murdered on the spot ?
22. Chris , 18 .
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (05.23.12)
You said it : "unther the same circonstances" , but those circumstances are NOT actual . The Germans don't want those circumstances again . They too paid , and pay , a heavy price for this muderous period . Germans want to know more why and how it happened , many books are written on the subject and exposed at the Jerusalem international book fair . And not only at the book fair , i have seen plenty of them in a bokshop in Aachen .
23. Les 'boches' and the church
Yossi   (05.23.12)
It shows the depravity of the church, the pope, the monasteries,the clergy;not only their complicity to eradicate entire towns, villages, hamlets but, the tremendous effort made by them in helping the assassins escape justice by providing them with false papers, visas, cash, and of course escape routes. Christiandom at his best. Mephistophele is proud of you. He is your real god.
24. Yossi , 23 .
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (05.23.12)
Have a look at the lists of "righteous amongst the Nations" . You will find many priests , nuns , and at least 5 bishops [ 4 French and one Belgian ] The vatican did'nt intervene against the nazis , not even when 2500 priests were murdered in Poland . Yes , the vatican issued passports to help nazis flee to south America . But the vatican had also some 400 Jews hidden in their walls , and ordered the catholic institutions around Rome to open their gates to the Jews . More than 4000 were saved this way [ Martin Gilbert ]
25. @5 150 nations of 3rd Rome weren't "German"
Miron ,   USA   (05.23.12)
26. Bulgaria
jerry1800 ,   s`Gravenhage   (05.23.12)
protected its jewish population
27. # 20 Chris,from 33 to 45 Auschwitz was
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (05.24.12)
a Jewish disaster,from 45 and forever Auschwitz will be a German disaster.
28. # 14 snag, Judenrat
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (05.24.12)
Aba Kovner,who escaped the kovna ghetto to the woods to fight he Germans as a partizan,in a conversation in Israel with the poet Nathan Alterman,told Aba Kovner,if i were in the gettho i would have joined the Judenrat,and not abandon my family and the elderly,Ganz,the head of the Judenrat,said to the young who wished to escape,i vant to escape too,but who will take care of the people in the ghetto ?.
29. 28 J.K. Good to hear that some Jews...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (05.24.12)
in the Judenrat where good people.
30. 28 - Aba Kovner,who escaped the kovna ghetto
snag ,   USA   (05.24.12)
Bad choice to quote - You don't have to educate me who Aba Kovner was, just google "Tuvia Bielski Bandits" read and educate yourself there's lot's of stuff that you don't know or pretend not to ,...
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