Radicals can be defeated
Alan M. Dershowitz
Published: 12.05.12, 13:24
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1. Well - there is another problem here !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (05.12.12)
Your Problem would be HASHEM !!!. HASHEM is not intended upon a Two-State Solution. The Land belongs to HIM. In short. Arn.
2. The Power of Truth
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (05.12.12)
For years and years the truth was there,waiting to be told;now is the time to speak the Truth.Time has come to talk and say what need to be said...Now is Time to stand for the truth,no matter what...
3. When ideology rules supreme
Tom W ,   USA   (05.12.12)
Nobody contests Mr. Dershowitz's pro-Israeli credentials and his decency in this regard. Unfortunately his leftist ideology keeps him in the anti-Israeli, Obamistas' camp and in the end he's nothing more than a "do gooder" -- (an earnest but often naïve person). When push comes to shove he will "explain" the "good heart" of Obamao while trying to be on both side of the issue. Mr. Ed Koch's soul-mate.
4. There are two reasons for the expressed hatred
Sagi   (05.12.12)
1) Taking the side of your natural kin, fellow religionist. This is understandable, albeit without rhyme or reason. 2) A genuine fear, objectively from their point of view, (non Muslims), that Israel poses a threat to a world war because the Arabs and Islam will never give up and they are great and many while Israel is small and insignificant. Again understandable, but if these haters were to enter into a dialectical process of thought and reason they would arrive at a different conclusion. Dershovitz proved this. A lie travels half way round the world before the truth has the time to get its pants on. That is a quote, I do not claim originality.
5. Mr Dershowitz, did you asked
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (05.12.12)
the students if they agree with expulsion of Arabs from their homes?
6. The most important work on the planet
Bradley ,   Cork   (05.12.12)
is what you and Mr. Hafeez are doing. Fighting for the rest of us in defense of western democracies while we watch ungrateful. History will shame us. Thank you.
7. Yes
Sonja Altstaedter ,   Switzerland   (05.12.12)
True, but sometimes it's hard to find those open minded rational people...
8. Inspirational
Jonathan Hoffman ,   London UK   (05.12.12)
Professor Dershowitz - both you and Kaseem have inpired many people including me. Stick with it through all the lies, defamation and smears that come from the Forces of Darkness. We have the truth on our side.
9. Radical leftists,Islamists,trendy intellectuals share
anti Western and anti democratic ideology. Behind it lies an underlying historical antisemitism which suits antisemites who can express their hatreds indirectly. Antisemitic racist lies and incitement regularly appear in the Moslem world, state controlled media,without any protest from the self annointed moral guardians of the world
10. Democrats (US) and Labor Party (Israel) has much to share th
Observer ,   New York, NY   (05.12.12)
When a President of US (Bill Clinton) knows that a partner to peace (Araft) is lying , he should not force Israel to make a deal. Vote out the politician that don't stand up for the truth or don't have the intelligence of find out out the truth. Mr. Dershowitz you give us hope. Thank You!
11. A question
Jim ,   US   (05.12.12)
Hey Dershowshits how did you get that murderer OJ of f . now there is something you are good at.
12. Dershowitz article
Andrea ,   Har Adar Israel   (05.12.12)
Response to #5 - Or if he asked the Arabs if they agree with the expulsion of Jews from Arab countries after the establishment of the State of Israel -- here is exactly what Dershowitz was talking about - people who only listen to one side of the story.
13. Ignorant #5
Howard ,   Seattle USA   (05.12.12)
#5 stop being ignorant and learn history.The Arabs WERE NOT expelled.They left at the urging of thier leaders in the hope that the Jews would be massacared !!! By the way what about the 500 THOUSAND JEWS EXPELLED FROM ARAB LANDS??? They had lived there for millenium and were kicked out with nothing but the shirts on thier back if that.Oh,I forgot in your world they don't count because they are JEWS.
14. #5 Dershowitz asked if the haters would accept a state withi
Netanya ,   Netanya   (05.12.12)
the 1967 borders,meaning that all Jewish homes in the area would be destroyed. But you are so stuck in your hatred, that you couldn't even be bothered to read the article. You are the problem, those who hate and disregard the truth (even if Israel didn't demolish one arab home and went back to 1949 borders, you and them wouldn't let Israel live in peace.) There can never be peace when the only goal is Israeli's destruction, regardless of the amount of suffering on their side. They will not allow Israel to be even 1 meter by 1 meter, if it is a Jewish ruled state. Israel stands in the way of the caliphate and that is the problem.
15. Dershowitz lost all credibility
Tomek ,   Poland   (05.12.12)
Dershowitz lost all credibility following his support of the semi-literate potus and his cronies in their use of torture. He is a law professor at a well-known university, yet the arguments he put forth in support of torture were worthy of a second grader from an inner-city school. While his musings were an integral part of war propaganda by providing rational for American war crimes, they were destined solely for domestic consumption. In Europe, intellectuals at the service of war mongers are not respected - that's why nobody wanted to listen to the old Zionist. His personal feud with Norman Finkelstein also showed his true nature.
16. #14
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (05.12.12)
Yes. I hate thieves.
Netanya ,   Netanya   (05.12.12)
You are correct, we need to think of this as changing one mind at a time. As the blogger, from Portugal who was also anti-Israeli, Romeu Monteiro, wrote recently that someone who wrote to him on youtube changed his opinion and opened his eyes. The truth will prevail is what we must always believe. We, who see the bias and the lies, must expose them and always show the truth. Our efforts will not be in vain, as we can see by some of these articles by those who were anti-Israeli to the core and have changed their opinions. We will keep up the battle of information,and in the end, we must stay optimistic that our work will pay off for the righteous and the truth.
18. #16
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (05.12.12)
You are always in favor of Israel's destruction and also in favor of killing Jews. You are justifying all kind of Antisemitism. The article is only about if 2 states can live together. You are in the side that only without Jews
19. @16
i agree with you 100% then give back all my parents' property which they lost to you, czech nazis and stole from jews your country killed during 1940-1943. my family lost a home and valuable art and silver which was your parents stole from us. yes, i hate thieves too.
LEO ,   MONTREAL   (05.12.12)
21. #14 jarda
solomon ,   bklyn   (05.12.12)
Then you should hate the arabs. They came from arabia [get it?] in the 600's CE arab conquest, with many coming in the early 1900's in response to a better economy (due to the influx of additional Jews in the late 1800's), and even more in 1947 when Jordan wanted arabs to take the place of the Jews (who had been there for centuries) were kicked out. So you should hate the arabs; unless of course you continue to ignore history.
22. #15 tomek
solomon ,   bklyn   (05.12.12)
You may disagree with him regarding the support you say he gives to the people you say he gives it. But it does not mean he is wrong on this subject, a priori (unless you ignore history).
23. #3 tom
solomon ,   bklyn   (05.12.12)
He seems to be 'doing good' in this regard.
24. Reason IS important, FORTHRIGHTNESS&WILL more so: BIG ISRAEL
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (05.12.12)
25. Nr 16.
Armn   (05.12.12)
Selfdeceivers are worse, they are even false. Arn.
26. Shallow view
Carl ,   Lincoln, NZ   (05.12.12)
It sounds very convincing that a remedy is found to resolve anti Israel extremism. However, the writer has as yet to discover the real (truth) behind the trouble this world is facing. Namely it is all about the controversy between the Creator (i.e. God of Israel) and the Devil. For those, like the writer, our Creator has sanctified a people (Israel) to reveal His character, and for the unbeliever a stumbling block when they take His name “Israel” in vain. Ultimately, before the return of the Messiah the world will be divided into two camps, so-called the “sheep” and the “goats”. The basis on which the division will take place is their willingness to “love one’s neighbour as oneself”, or to live according to the law of the jungle... the survival of the fittest. For your information Google “The World Monetary Order to Come”.
27. To: No. 16
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.12.12)
So why don't you hate the ersatz "Palestinians" who stole OUR land? Why don't you hate murderers, criminals or terrorists? There was a news report the other day that stated that anti-Semitism had risen to alarming levels in the Czech Republic. Why am I not surprised? Isn't it time for you to leave off the computer and put on your jackboots and goose-step around town? Hurry up, you wouldn't want to be late for the singular moment of your day!
28. #16 Jarda
Maurice ,   Montreal   (05.12.12)
You are a good specimen representing the evil face of humanity!. Just look in the mirror and stare at evil. Your words are so hateful and void of logic that I could not qualify you any other way.
29. Who are the 'pro-Palestinians' the author is talking about?
TaylorT ,   Earth   (05.12.12)
The overwhelming majority of people I know who have sympathy for the Palestinians would be completely satisfied if Israel returned to its 1967 borders and removed the settlements. If this happened, their disdain for Israel would disappear, as would mine. I find it hard to believe no hands went up when he asked about this. Obviously there are some who just don't like Israel, but the majority of those who support the Palestinians seek only for them to have a state. They in no way want Israel's destruction. Although I'm sure many of the more extreme posters here buy into this idea. I'm not saying the author is lying about his talks at universities. I find it hard to believe the person who spun the narrative about OJ being innocent would lie.
30. A few questions to TaylorT.
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.13.12)
1) Why is "Palestine" a Roman/Latin name? 2) Why is there no letter "p" in Arabic? 3) Nationalism is alien to Arabs who have, for 1400 years, lived as nomads and Beduins in multi-ethnic and multi-racial "Arab" empires whose majority population - locals, subjects, soldiers, mercenaries, scientists, mathematicians, physicians and merchants, were no ethnic Arabs, merely Arab speaking Persians, Kurds, Turks, Jews, Berbers and Africans. Why is that? 4) There is no "Palestine" in the Bible or the Koran. Why? 5) The Bible and the Koran BOTH admit that Israel is the Jewish homeland. How come? 6) Jewish/Israelite history started 2000 B.C.E in Israel - 4000 years ago. Arab history of the original Arabians, started in the 7th century C.E. 1400 years ago, in the southwestern corner of the Arabian peninsula, hundreds of kilometers away from Israel, 2600 years AFTER the start of Jewish civilization. How can Arabs be the "natives" of Israel? 7) Most Arabs arrived in Israel as recently as the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s. How is that ancient history and how does that make "Palestinians" the "natives"? 8) When and where exactly did a "Palestinian" state, republic, nation state, kingdom, city state, duchy, principality or empire exist in recorded history, what are the names of kings and dynasties, cities, towns, villages and currency and why is there not a single ancient civilization mentioning anywhere any "Palestinian" state, civilization, nation or people? Can you explain to me Taylor what EXACTLY are the claims the "Palestinians" have to Judea, Samaria and Gaza? Second, why did the Arabs/Moslems hate Israel and Jews for 1400 years? Why did Arabs/Moslems massacre thousands of Jews for 1400 years? Why were there three Arab-Israeli wars prior to Israel reconquering Judea, Samaria and Gaza in 1967? The Arabs turned down land for peace many times because the conflict is not about land (Arabs have 22 countries - 1.5 times bigger than USA) - it's about Israel's right to exist. My disdain for you will stop when you start to speak the truth and treat Israel equally among the nations.
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