Radicals can be defeated
Alan M. Dershowitz
Published: 12.05.12, 13:24
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31. Peace-making theories
Elliott Alhadeff ,   USA   (05.13.12)
If we were dealing with rational, civilized, western-valued human beings, the task of defending and even reforming the misguided would have been accomplished long before and may have never been needed. However, Islam and anti-Semitism are irrational, barbaric and savage. Western- valued civilized concepts are anathema and are targeted for annihilation. Surviving this terrorist threat to Israel as well as western cultural institutions requires first, that the magnitude of the threat of Islam and anti-Semitism be acknowledged, that it is intransigent except when confronted by existential risk of force and that it is wholly untrustworthy where its self-interest is jeopardized. Therefore, there should never be an extended hand offering compromise. Only when there is a credible display of intent to comply with western standards by otherwise barbaric, savages should there be any discourse of mutual peaceful existence
32. Pitiful Catch
Dan ,   NYC USA   (05.13.12)
All those books sold, all those honorariums and the best Dershowitz could do is land one miserable anti-Zionist and turn him around. I guess he's saving up his real talents for rationalizing why he's endorsing Barack Hussein Obama - again.
33. Thank you Alan, you're a brave and honest man.
Rotem ,   IL   (05.13.12)
The world needs more people like you.
34. No 5
mbirg ,   Australia   (05.13.12)
You should read a bit about EE history and how many millions of Polish / Ukrainian / Germans and others had to be uprooted and change their countries. The big chunks of lands had to be swapped and people moved around. There was maybe a bit of opposition but no murdering / no terrorism and toady everyone prospers. So, go to books /internet and learn a bit about European history otherwise you end up in Caliphate anyhow. Sydney
35. hard explanation
bill ,   canada   (05.13.12)
the pictures of the 300 + dead children lined up in rows speaks for israel now; that is why no one listens; you guys can not explain it
36. Taylor Never seen any" death to Israel" peace marches,Free
free Palestine free from the river to the sea",Hamas Hamas Jews to the gas" etc?! Its OK comrade you didn't know the IDF was out numbered and out gunned at least 5 :1 by Arabs Iran etc and that they have WMDs as well Next are you going to tell us that the Arabs in Palestine were peace loving neighbours for the last few centuries?Arabs can do no wrong is SO PC & so intellectual.
37. Jarda you mean the million Jews expelled by the Arabs
whose properties were confiscated.? They don't pose with keys,cry Naqba and sponge off the rest of the world. They rebuilt their lives instead of crying victim.They were not used as" an open sore"
38. To #5 Jarda
Pedro ,   Brazil   (05.13.12)
Lets make the same question in a different way: how many arabs are still leaving inside Israel ( 1948 borders )? How many arabs are still leaving in the "occupied territories"? And last,how many jews are still leaving in aran countries? The answer is cristal clear,but you just dont want to know the truth,right?
39. No Tomek, it's YOU who lost all credibility.
Tahl   (05.13.12)
Always trolling here with posts bashing Israel, or bashing the Jews, or those who stand up for Israel. Nothing in favor of course. Sometimes condoning, justifying or discounting antisemitism. You are a bit more refined version of this boorish Polish-American antisemite "split", I suppose, but inside the same obsessive hate is bubbling. It's you who lost you all credibility.
40. Did he ask the same question....
Bluff ,   Des Moines, USA   (05.13.12)
"I then asked how many on the pro-Palestine side would accept a Jewish state within the 1967 borders, with no settlements on territory claimed by the Palestinians." did he pose that very same question to the pro-israeli side? and I wonder whether all the hands would have gone up then.
41. Dershowitz's strategy
sharona ,   Tel Aviv   (05.13.12)
Jarda, Czech Republic: Did YOU ask the students if they knew that Arab countries expelled 800 000 Jews from Arab countries when the State of Israel was declared in 1948? But first they went on a rampage/pogrom and killed thousands. They also confiscated Jewish property so virtually all Jews left with a suitcase in their hands?. Did you know that?
42. Veritas Dei Vos Liberabit!
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (05.13.12)
To quote the New Testament and the Johns Hopkins motto, 'The Truth [of G-d] will make you free'. When we fulfill our G-d-given function to be a holy nation and a light unto the nations, we will succeed. When we place out trust in politicians we will not succeed. Truth is our weapon.
43. now ask the students who wants a one state
abdalla   (05.13.12)
One man ,one vote ,eqaulity for all.the pro Palestinians would agree on that easily
44. Your book
John Ford Coley ,   Tennessee, USA   (05.13.12)
Mr. Dershowitz: Just recently I stumbled across your book, "The Case For Israel." I am very much enjoying your presentation on how to defend Israel to those that have been watching too much anti Israel media. This information has been very useful to me in answering questions that aren't always of a Biblical reference point in defense of the Jews and Israel. I thank you very much for your knowledge and info. It has come in very handy. Blessings to you.
45. #5
Jane   (05.13.12)
Jarda, did you ask if Arabs agree withh the expulsion of 850,000 from their homes during 1948-50 - in lands in which Jews had lived for millenia? Do you even know about it? Get educated before you open your ignorant mouth.
46. Truth is powerful, cluster-bomb even more so!
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.13.12)
47. Dear Mr. Dershowitz, you are my hero. I wish I can
Danielle ,   EU   (05.13.12)
contribute to Israel even 1% of what you are doing and I wish I could be your student :-) Thank you!
48. #29 Taylor
Netanya ,   Netanya   (05.13.12)
That is the lie which the Arabs have been selling lately, pure propaganda! Guess you still haven't seen the Muslim girl at Irvine who says point blank that she agrees with the Hamas statement that all Jews should gather in Israel so they will be easier to murder. This is the sentiment of Hamas, PLO, Fatah, Abbas, Hezbollah, etc.etc. They will not allow Israel to exist as a Jewish state, regardless of the size. In fact, you can see vids on youtube, "Hamas in their own Voices" and see that after killing Jews and taking Israel, Rome, Europe, USA, and Canada are next. This is about the Islamic caliphate, where the entire world lives under Islamic rule and must submit to Islam and admit that Muslims are better than everyone else and bow down to them. I am telling you this as an ex-left winger, who also thought like you do today. But as you can see, in Israel we voted many times for left wing parties, including Olmert and Barak (not to far in the past.) The Arabs were offered everything they wanted, not only with these two leaders, but 7 times in history. The response always has been rejection of the peace plan and more violence on Israelis and Jews. Time to open your eyes and stop believing the Palestinian narrative of today. It is based on lies and those who look further into it, as the young man mentioned in the article, all realize it. Maybe you should check the facts or read Dershowitz's book. I am sure you will see that your ideas are wrong, if you do.
49. No. 32 You can always tell a simpleton by...
ZB ,   Israel   (05.13.12)
...they choice to include Obama's middle name in their posts. Dan from NYC is one of many that shouldn't venture far from this site. There are countless fools here, Dan, so you're in good company. Just keep your brain turned off and the same old tired propaganda coming and you'll do fine here.
50. Tomek Just tell which part of Dershowitz book is wrong
Don't forget to give your valid historical sources. Anxiously awaiting Your credibility While you are at it let us know how concerned you are about human rights for Christians & others in Moslem lands or is your Real problem the Jewish state,any Jewish state?
51. Taylor Who are ProPalestinians? Useful idiots who refuse to
believe the disturbance to peace caused by the brothers wherever they are in the world. Tried blame shifting say the Horn of Africa?Nigeria? Thailand? The Phillipines?etc etc? Who stopped the Arabs having their own state on about 90% of the original mandate in 1948? The "occupation"excuse did not just happen.Despite the collective amnesia of the collective
52. Great Job
Ron ,   OC US   (05.13.12)
Now only if the left could read this and understand that the Jews are entitled to a Jewish country and self determination as much or more than any of the 22 Arab states.
53. The trueth is it is not their homes ...
Eyal   (05.13.12)
Do you get it. they invaded and than lied ... thats the trueth !!
54. 5 "their homes"? You must be mad.
Arabs are squatters who came with the invading armies. Jews been living here for 5 thousand yars! Better worry about your beloved country: it's being slowly consumed by Islam, after your ancestors fought it successfully for centuries. I see that decades of Nazi and Communist destruction hasn't taught you anything. Now you're accepting the new Muslim invasion of Europe. Instead of preaching your stupidity and racism to us, go save YOUR people!
55. When Israel's enemies post here, sign they hurt :)
The more hateful posts are here, the stronger the signal that they hurt and are envious of Israel's successes, resilience and strength. I would be worried if no racist and hateful genocidal Muslim would post here. The more they post, the more they hurt! Long live Israel!
56. Jarda dear one more question!
Ilan ,   Minnesota   (05.13.12)
Did YOU asked the arabs why they explode in buses and call terrorists freedom fighters?
57. #35 bill - fake explanation
solomon ,   bklyn   (05.13.12)
Which photos? Where are they? Post the website. But you really can’t prove your post, can you? Hint: the photos don’t exist. You also probably ignore Hamas admitting that most of those killed in Cast Lead were their fighters. Why should anyone listen to you? Stay in your fantasyland and we’ll deal with facts, thank you very much.
60. Alan Dershowitz went from
Israeli 2   (05.13.12)
left to middle to almost right. He debated the great Rabbi Meir Kahane z"l. All he has to do now is admit that Kahane was right. A two state solution is not the answer. According to his own article, they do not want a two state solution. Just one. Just theirs.
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