Murder wave: Salesman stabbed to death in Netanya
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 11.05.12, 21:03
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1. Disheartening
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (05.11.12)
This totally disappoints me. I've always looked up to Israel because these type of events where virtually unheard of. Now they're becoming more commonplace and it just sickens me.
2. Where is the law enforcement ?
Ariel ,   Netanya   (05.11.12)
Where is the law enforcement ? Is it only to write some tickets? How a police chief can say "isolated incident". It is time to take some actions. More police forces on the street and not just volunteers. More police forces on the street 24/24 intervening immediately to the scene. 3 incidents in a week... It is just the top of the iceberg that we can't even imagine.
3. to #2 Leave the police out of this.
jason white ,   afula,israel   (05.11.12)
They do not want to be involved. Besides that it could be dangerous.
4. What the heck is going on?
Alex   (05.11.12)
What the heck has been going on in Israel over the last few weeks?
5. So you wanna live in a police state #2???
Remo ,   Israel   (05.11.12)
Ya thats exactly what we need....LOLLLLLLL
6. #1 Yeap, Jews finally are normal people
Yossef   (05.11.12)
not better, not worse. Just like our cousins the Arabs ;-)
7. #2
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (05.11.12)
What do you expect in country, where murders and expulsion of Arabs is praised as a "historical justice".
8. Mistake... 4 incidents in a week...
Ariel ,   Netanya   (05.11.12)
Mistake... 4 incidents in a week... And some much more unknown cases or the ones closed before prosecution because there is no "public interest". In a society where there is no law enforcement the "other part" will act. And last thing, patrolling in a police car is not enough. It should be also some "walking" police forces (again not volunteers without any power). Like it is all around the world.
9. What the heck is going on?
Alex   (05.11.12)
What the heck has been going on in Israel over the last few weeks?
10. @ 2
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (05.11.12)
The police can't be everywhere, however they should give more speeding tickets because I personally would walk anywhere in Israel and feel safe, but driving in Israel is crazy because they drive Mazda's and Hyundai's like they where Corvettes or Dodge Vipers racing on a speedway just to beat the other drive to the next traffic light.
11. 10
john Darren ,   cairns-Austraalia   (05.12.12)
Wow! Is that so-I never would have guessed it.
12. this is just too bad.
les ,   canada   (05.12.12)
but that's what happens when you live in a bad neighbourhood.... and i mean among israel's neighbours.
13. The “Arab revolution” in on the way...
Ariel ,   Netanya   (05.12.12)
5 incidents in a week... A parking lot without cameras? No way... In a society where there is no law enforcement the "other part" will act. Or we will leave terrorized closed at home and the "bad will make the law on the street" or the "citizen" will act and it will be civil war/fight. The public tolerance has a limit. Bottom line the “Arab revolution” in on the way and the authorities are indifferent to what is happening in the country. It will be until the citizens will tell them to move out from their chair.
14. People are getting dangerous because they are toxic.
Rivkah   (05.12.12)
Toxic heavy metals and radiation and plasticizers and toxic pesticides and gas and diesel fumes and so much more cause people to become psychotic. Illegal drugs like crack cocaine and methamphetamine do, too. There has also been an eruption of demons from the abyss, a sign of the end of the era.
15. Ariel @2, what can be said to people like youself.
leo ,   usa   (05.12.12)
Absolutely nothing.
16. Yossef @6, I never thought otherwise.
leo ,   usa   (05.12.12)
17. Jarda @7, do you mean stubber was an Arab or a victim?
leo ,   usa   (05.12.12)
18. End of their tether...
Adam ,   Ramat-Gan   (05.11.12)
Israel is a melting pot of different peoples from different countries and cultures who happen to be Jews. Even those who are second or third generation, still exhibit a lot of base behaviour from their countries of origin. This is exacerbated with life in Israel becoming harder and harder with higher prices for basics such as food, it's almost impossible to buy a house here or keep up with ever rent payments. This is among many other things to numerous to mention and far more important to the average Israel than the Palestinian situation. This dissatisfaction, as well as bad habits learned from other cultures regarding excessive drinking and drug taking, as well as an increasing disrespect for one another, has boiled over into these shocking, nauseating acts of violence that has resulted in these deaths. The most surprising thing that it doesn't happen more often over here. The police are underpaid, underfunded and undermanned, don't care and are a law unto themselves. It's not surprising that these things are not fully or professionally pursued. Meanwhile the politicians are too busy lining their own pockets to care and the voting here is a joke with the illogical proportional representation system we have meaning no end to ineffective government. This seems to be an unstoppable downward spiral...
19. To nr 7
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.12.12)
Maybe it slipped your mind that 1) there is ONLY one Jewish state and there are 22 Arab states , 2) the Arabs have already stolen 78% of our land -meaning Trans-Jordan (Jordan), 3) most Jews of the Arab states have been expelled but there are more than 1 million Arabs inside the State of Israel (most of them deeply anti-Semitic like yourself) and 4) we Jews are the natives and original and historical owners and population of the land of Israel whereas the "Palestinians" (multi-ethnic/multi-racial Arab speaking Moslems belonging to at least a dozen different ethnic national groups without a common history or ancestry and came literally to Israel in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s) have no history in our land whatsoever, 5) Israel is a tiny country with indefensible borders and 6) we haven't "stolen" anyone's land - the land in dispute belongs to the Jewish people - we have lived here for 4000 years and 7) living as a foreigner in someone else's land and stealing or denying the host nation's history and trying to take over the land from within through demographic warfare, political threats, terrorism, mockery, insults, violence is no "human" or "democratic" "right" - it is a crime, and since Arabs are guilty on all accounts, they have no right to live in my country and 8) the article is about crime and not about the Arab-Israeli conflict, 9) you are not Jewish, you are not an Israeli, you are no Israeli citizen, you don't live in Israel, so show more respect for my country when debating in an Israeli newspaper and 10) mind your own business - preferably in the Czech Republic.
20. Increase police presence on the streets..
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.12.12)
...and punish people even for minor crimes such as speeding, violating traffic rules, displaying emotionally brutal, loud, arrogant or drunk behavior on the streets. Place hidden cameras on the streets, patrol the streets, introduce capital punishment in Israel (capital punishment, for murder and terrorism that is) and harsh punishments for drugs, corruption, bribery, rape, prostitution, abuse, battery or maltreatment and so on. Israeli laws need to get a lot tougher - and the police should be given more funds and more resources and more legal rights to catch the bad guys. In general: make the public understand that it pays off to be a law obedient citizen and it doesn't pay off when you are a criminal, and as long as the state is corrupt, meek and soft and doesn't deal with crime and as long as the police is not given the right and privilege to deal properly with criminals and as long as punishments/laws/regulations are meek and soft, these things will go on. Also encourage Rabbis and synagogues to speak out to the community about morality and ethics. The government and the Knesset should make statements about it as well. The police should reach out to the ordinary citizens and encourage them to cooperate with the police whenever such things happen. The police should offer or recommend self defense courses. Psychologists at schools and senior high schools should talk to violent students that could potentially become future criminals. The way I see it, these things go on because the people of Israel allow them to go on.
21. Why?
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.12.12)
To my great regret the reason that so many people are becoming violent and behaving like criminals is blatant. When the government itself refuses to obey the law, then some individuals will see no reason to do so themselves. Our government to my great sadness is setting the example to these people...
22. #19
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (05.12.12)
1) And...? 2) See analysis of land ownership prepared by UN in 1947 3)Do you know what does mean "causality"? 4) Most of Zionists were born in Eastern Europe 5) And...? 6) How do you call a violent occupation of another's property? 7)Arabs are at home, Zionists are intruders 8) So why do you write about that? 9) My grandpa was Jew but I can't show any respect to people, who praised murders of Arabs as "historical justice" 10) Experience from communism. Suffering people needs help from outside. And Arabs are suffering from intruders.
23. Jarda #7.
Steven ,   Rockville, MD. USA   (05.12.12)
Jarda is not a Czech but an ersatz one, According to her frequent talk-backs she is a real sone' jisrael, It is pointless to argue with her. Most of the real Czechs are fine and cultured, she represents the minority, and she is doing it very well.
24. #23
Jarda ,   Czech Republic   (05.12.12)
How can you know it if you don't know that Jarda is a Czech male name
25. To 19-20 Alexander
Ariel ,   Netanya   (05.12.12)
Alexander you are the one that understand that the thin line between order and anarchy is “law enforcement”. They are telling us that we are the people that who survived the “Shoah” and that we have to be tolerant. My great father was in a nazi camp too… But I am living here now and my children can’t sleep during the night due to the “normal” activities on the street. And you know what; I stopped to call the police long years ago… I don’t need them 40 minutes later. We need them to maintain order which is missing. After, all these incidents, and unknown cases or the ones closed before prosecution because there is no "public interest", why the prime minister is not taking the necessary steps ? Including appointing a new police chief and ordering also the commanders to patrol (again not volunteers without any power). Then prosecute even the minors of 15-16… No mercy to whom that is not respecting the others and making fun of the law enforcement. We need “Rudy Giuliani”. Will he accept to make a little bit order in this country? Or is it too late?
26. Who said the assailants were Arabs?
sheesh.... ,   Israel   (05.12.12)
No far.... And, #1, you must be living in a dream world. So our Israel doesn't live up to your little "fantacy Israel"? Poor you. Go get a life.
27. Jarda #7 and 24.
Steven ,   Rockville, MD. USA   (05.12.12)
The name is meaningless, everybody can take up any name. If this is your only contention to claim that you are not an ersatz Czech, it is a rather weak one. Consequently, it confirms that you are not a real Czech. Learn a little decency from your host folks if you have the mental capacity, which, based on your silly but hateful talkbacks, I honestly doubt.
28. 27
john Darren ,   cairns-Austraalia   (05.13.12)
Excellent reply to an ignorant person.
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