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Construction boom hits Beersheba
Ilana Curiel
Published: 24.05.12, 07:48
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1. Beersheba
Tim ,   Brighton   (05.24.12)
The historical centre of the Kingdom of King David The gateway and bridge between North and South Israel A City with plenty of room to grow A future Railway Hub that connects North and South Part of the vibrant Beersheba Ashkelon Ashdod Triangle that is a new epicentre for innovation research and manufacturing BUT BUT BUT To realise Beershebas true potential and attract greater inward investment we need 1. Beersheba International Airport 2. Beersheba Ring Road 3. Beersheba Metro 4. Freight Railway to Ashdod In addition we need to develop good leisure amenities such as a series of suburban Lidos and Parks and Playgrounds etc And ensure that Central Beershebas character and architecture remain true to that unique combination of European and Israeli influence Rubik Danilovich is doing a great job. We need to urge him to press hard to get the Airport and other vital infrastructure and amenities under way
2. JEWI$H ANTICHRI$T$ BABEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ME   (05.24.12)
3. My problem with this
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (05.24.12)
Is the "50% of the property sold in Beersheba is purchased by investors from outside the city," I'm tired of seeing "outside INVESTORS" buying up property in Israel to exploit the lower class. I'm almost ready to see a law enacted that basically says "if you're not buying privately zoned property to dwell in yourself, you either can't buy it or you'll have to pay exorbitant taxes on it & not be allowed to sublet it in excess of XX amount of shekels." Investing in business is one thing, buying up all the land to artificially increase property values & exploit the native citizens is quite another.
4. Ruvik Danilovitch Just go on for this
Reuven ,   Be'er Sheva   (05.25.12)
Sir, go on and on and on! Your results are surprising as well as impressive. I have a worry though. Somehow I'm affraid Nachal Be'er Sheva is the crown and "the give up".: plz donot disappear into politics to soon. First finish your job here, donot stop at this point. B"Sh can be a giant city with your help.
5. Re # 3
Tenants & Landlords ,   Beer Sheva   (05.25.12)
from our research you are incorrect fact just the opposite is true
6. Beersheva
princessofclowns ,   London, England   (05.25.12)
I would love to see A rail service that always runs and never goes on strike and with direct connections from/to the airport. Whenever I visit Beersheva there is always a train strike. Not good at all if you want to attract tourists, etc.
7. Re #5
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (05.25.12)
I'm interested here, but your statement is a little unclear to me. Your research indicates that outside investors that come in and buy up private, residential zoned property actually suppress the inflation of property values? The article states that "real estate in the city is predicted to increase by 30%. " I'm assuming they mean real estate prices. Are you saying this is incorrect? Not seeking an argument here, just a clarification. If it's an opportunity for me to learn, then I will take it.
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