Police solve murder of 75-year-old Jaffa woman
Eli Senyor
Published: 13.05.12, 13:18
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1. My deepest condolences ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.13.12)
... to the family of Shoshana Levy, z"l. Take note of the perpetrators, if you will. Take careful note. What kind of monsters can willfully murder a kind elderly lady? Do we really need such people in our midst?
2. Article does not explain connection
AllTheFactsPlease ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.13.12)
THe article leaves out a main point what was the Arab woman's connection to the Jewish woman who was murdered I would think that should have been included in the article very strange.i
3. The Arabs and the Jew.
Moshe ,   Israel.   (05.13.12)
For the arabs to murder is allowed in the Koran. We the Jew are forbidden to kill. They even murder their own families for the so call family honor !
4. To SARA B
David ,   Herzlia,Israel   (05.13.12)
last week we had 5 murders cases in Israel , in all of them the victims and the perpetrators where Jewish , what are your comments now? please take note of the perpetrators :-) who need these murderers among us !!!, Do you want them in USA?
5. Sarah B
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (05.13.12)
No we don't. Neither we need people like you.
6. to #2 the victim is jewish, Levy is from
ghostq   (05.13.12)
the Levy Israelite tribe. this is a reakity when arab killed an elderly Israeli woman. you need to be a real low life to do something like that.
7. to #4 they didn't do that based on
ghostq   (05.13.12)
race motive, this case on the other hand based on her religion BG much like Julian Mer, his mother was jewish that is y the palis killed him.
8. @ 3 Family Honor?
Danya ,   Pardes Hanna, Israel   (05.13.12)
Arab society is condemned for so called 'honor killings'. This form of gender-based violence is horrible and should be eradicated, but I don't see how it is different from a Jew or any other person who kills his wife or partner, or children for that matter. We call that 'domestic violence', but it is the same thing.
9. This is strange
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (05.13.12)
We have a couple of days ago an Arab who raped a 17 yr old girl in your paper and others it's still in the paper under 'Police fear TA rapist fled to West Bank ' now we have this murder.It appears that 18% commit 75% of crimes in Israel.The muslims must be kept on a tight leash in Israel.
10. Hang the bastard!!
Talula ,   Israel   (05.13.12)
REALLY make him suffer
11. Rod in Fargo c TB4 & redo ur math....
because I think you've missed the point.
12. #1 is right. Ill add that as long as the court system is led
hippocrates ,   earth   (05.13.12)
by PC rather than justice there will be INUSTICE and a criminal fearlessness about nationalistic crimes like this.
13. @4 David, Her aggression is a disease.
Michael ,   California, USA   (05.13.12)
This disease is shrinkage of frontal lobes in the brain. One of the signs is that the sick person is becoming progressively more aggressive. It is a form of dementia for which there is no known cure. As you correctly noticed, there is no healthy reason for posting such aggressive racist comments as she often does.
14. murderer koran &wife
joel ,   usa   (05.13.12)
hang both of them, "if a man shed blood, by man his blood shall be shed!"
15. Capital punishment
• Goy • ,   USA   (05.13.12)
Last night I watched a show on execution in the US. Various states execute convicted murderers in different ways. I highly recommend gassing—takes about 8 minutes of choking and suffering before the condemned dies; an excellent and fitting end to the evil the murderer caused on his victims. Lethal injection is too easy, hanging, the electric chair and firing squad (Utah) are too quick. Given all the murders in Israel, there MUST come a time when Israel implements the PENALTY of DEATH!
16. or, more likely
br   (05.13.12)
the crimes are just blamed on the Arabs because they're the scapegoat in Israeli society.
17. #13 ProArab commentors are 100 times worse
Rachel   (05.13.12)
They would have said the old lady got what she deserved. Don't believe me? In just the last few weeks,I have seen videos on Youtube about Israeli victims of terrorism,where proArab commentators have said the Fogels deserved to be murdered,the baby Shalhevet Pass deserved to be shot and killed. I asked them how they could defend babies being murdered,to which they replied that no Israeli is innocent. And that all Jews in Israel should be gassed,or blown up on buses.
18. #13 Sadly, Michael.....
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (05.13.12) are projecting how mental you really are....onto Sarah B. Your grasp of the current socio-political challenges that Israel faces is zilch, yet you promote yourself as the opposite. If you don't like Sarah's least read Alexander, Tel Aviv's, do yourself a favour and educate yourself.
19. #18 Mark, very sadly, correct medical information only.
Michael ,   California, USA   (05.13.12)
Why are you accusing me of not liking somebody or someone? Google for Frontal Lobe or read the New York Times of 6 May, 2012, front page article. Really, your accusations are misplaced; kolego dobrze?
20. #5 Sorry, Gregg, it's so sad...
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (05.13.12)
Did you ever stop and ask yourself why you never have a nice word to say to anyone?
21. The Facts
Barberry ,   Centerville, US   (05.13.12)
Take the extra tidbits about religion and ethnicity out of the mix and you are left with people killing people over money. It is unfortunate, but it happens every day in the US and the World. There are many cases (if not a slight majority of) where victims knew their assailants.
22. #2
Barberry ,   Centerville, US   (05.13.12)
It states in the article that the motive behind the killing was money: The couple had known the victim and were in a financial bind.
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