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Stolen Torah scrolls discovered in Safed
Maor Buchnik
Published: 17.05.12, 07:51
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1. well done boys!! (shul should give them a reward)
2. Chabadniks have bad breath
Zabbaddya ,   Israel   (05.17.12)
Chabad is a basically messianic sect, very similar to christians. They must be kept away from children! They cooperate with Scientology and other business oriented sects.
3. 2 Give your sources please.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (05.17.12)
4. 2+3
dorothy friend ,   tel aviv   (05.17.12)
Don't think they co-operate with Scientology. All Scientologists (as much as I don't care for them) WORK! Wondering if it is an inside job. I think many thefts of religious articles (of all faiths) have been.
5. to No.2,3and 4 Lashon Haraa
For two things you are not entitle to the Olam Habaa. For killing a person or for uttering or listening to Lashon Haraa. As mosta Hasidim Habad is also expecting the comming of Meshiach. Some Habadniks think the Rebbe was the Meshiach, but most of them don't.....It is a fact you can verify. Pick your choise
6. # 5, nebbich
Zabbaddya ,   Israel   (05.17.12)
Is it lashon hara if a horse is called a "horse" or a thief a "thief"? I insist on my words in #2! My personal experiences are unbeatable.
7. 5 I asked the sources because ..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (05.17.12)
i didn t believe his allegations.
8. Well done, yingelech!
Zabbadya ,   Israel   (05.17.12)
I just wonder if its not a hoax from Chabad to attract attention? I simply cannot trust them anymore.
9. chabadniks are jewish are you?
dave ,   safet-phila   (05.17.12)
10. #2
daniela ,   panama   (05.18.12)
I do not understand your point. What have your opinion on Chabad have anything to do with the news that some Torah Scrolls from a Chabad shul were found? If you have an opinion on Chabad you should write an article and explain your point of view, but i do not think tit is right to use this space just to trow some words without explanations on something that is not related to the article. Good shabes
11. # 10
Zabbaddya ,   Israel   (05.18.12)
Thank you for your attention to my comments. I consider Chabad as a dangerous messianic sect. Since I have personally very bad experiences with them I feel free to comment on them as I like and wherever possible. Shabbat Shalom
12. Reply to Number 2
Joseph ,   London UK   (05.18.12)
The mainstream of Chabad carry on the work and ideals of the Rebbe ztl. The messianics are a small group who do not speak for Chabad. Although I am not a member of Chabad I have many years of association and can say they do a great deal of good work world-wide, more than most other Jewish groups.
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