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NGOs: EU's PA aid projects razed by Israel
Published: 14.05.12, 07:57
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1. The interesting thing is
Gerhardt ,   Berlin   (05.14.12)
that the Palestinian Authority does not represent a sovereign, internationally recognized nation. The EU has NO business building ANYTHING in the West Bank without Israel's expressed permission as it is the ONLY legitimate government of a sovereign, internationally recognized nation that exists between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean sea. Get over it!
2. "Up to two years... just to get a refusal"
M. Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (05.14.12)
Ms. Heske should try to get a permit to build an addition to an exisitng house in Tel Aviv. Just getting the notice that the submitted plan was received can take more than a year! Building without permits means that the structure could be unsafe, a menace to residents (if a dwelling) and to anyone passing nearby. Dozens of Jewish-owned building violations are destroyed by court order every month--and the arguments don't drag on in the courts for years, as it often does when the property owner is an Arab...
3. Does EU taxpayer know how the millions flow to "Palestine"?
While the EU economy goes south.?
4. How much EU funding goes to genuine starving victims
of Islamist terror.?The EU has gone completely mad.
5. I defy any country who is complaining ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.14.12)
.... to tell me if it is possible to build without the appropriate permits in their country. I wager the answer is "No." And there is no racism involved in acquiring the necessary building permits in Israel. It tends to be difficult for everyone, but that does not mean that it can be circumvented. I echo the astute poster at No. 1: Israel is a sovereign state. The ersatz "Palestine" Authority is not. Israel is the appropriate entity for the issuance of construction permits. The Europeans may not like it, but that's okay. Most of us really do not care what the Europeans do or do not like, and why are they interfering in Israeli internal affairs, anyway?
6. Yes, but...
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.14.12)
Demolition of illegally built structures is legal - - - BUT - - - making it almost impossible to get a building permit is nothing less than Obstructionist Bigotry.
7. OCHA/DWA Buffoonery
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (05.14.12)
Maybe NGOs/Oxfam et al. should make sure their benefactors have the required permits first....before parting with their dosh?!? Why should Gaza/Hamas be part of this equation when they are at war with us? How ridiculous is that? Israel has to "systematically monitor" - to whom and where the aid money would be going. That's why it takes longer to get a permit.... we don't want that money to be used against us now, do we?
8. Ignoring Israeli administration,trying to create borders
through the back door,then crying victim, when it fails.
9. One can only assume that when "projects" are set up
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (05.14.12)
contrary to the September 1995 Interim Agreement between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization's Palestinian Authority - the agreement that governs relationships between Israel and the Arabs of Samaria, Judea, the Jordan Valley and Gaza - Israel will enforce the law. Why shouldn't it....??!!
10. 5 Sarah B - Reconstructing Gaza Multiple Times
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (05.14.12)
Sarah B claims to be a US taxpayer. The US school in Gaza and the power plant in Gaza have been destroyed multiple times and have been rebuilt many times by US tax funds. The Bush Admin issued war risk insurance on both. The Israeli gov again refused to incorporate the West Bank into Israel's civilian structure of laws and still rules it under military occupation law. The permit regime is discriminatory.
11. demolishing, demolishing & more demolishing
tiki ,   belgium   (05.14.12)
Maybe the Israeli's are doing the EU-taxpayer a favour by stopping these Humanitarian bozo's of waisting anymore of their money on these corrupt Arab Palestinian leaders (because that's where 90% of their money is going to).
12. They are saying they built them illegally
rebecca ,   Modiin   (05.14.12)
and then complaining only when they get torn down. Why not do all this complaining about not getting the permits, putting pressure on to get the permits, instead of just trying to make Israel look bad. EU, please prove you actually put in requests for these developments, and not after building them. Also prove that they are being used only for peaceful things.
13. One must ask: Why does Europe allow its funds to be
JBI   (05.14.12)
used in illegal ways, contrary to the September 1995 Interim Agreement between Israel and the PLO's Palestinian Authority...??
14. Boycott, Disinvest, Sanctions. BDS!
LOL   (05.14.12)
It Works!!!
15. EU should pay to resettle them
nadav ,   tlv   (05.14.12)
The EU and the rest of the world would do the world a favor if they resettled the disenfranchised "West Jordanians"- aka "palestinians" in Jordan where they are already a majority! Jordan=palestine!
16. To: No. 10
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.14.12)
Perhaps the denizens of Gaza should contemplate cessation of all terror acts against Israel. And the Bush government never issued war risk insurance on anything. You had better look into war risk insurance before you make such ridiculous statements. Those must, by law, be issued by private insurance carriers. You seem intent upon making a complete fool of yourself. It's working. Hamas has been defined as a terrorist organization for a VERY long time, and the United States is prohibited from funding and supporting terrorist organizations, as are private companies -- which would include insurance carriers. Bush took that dictum rather seriously. Obama has not, but that's a story for a different thread, isn't it? Judea and Samaria -- non-sovereign territory -- were acquired by Israel in the course of fighting a DEFENSIVE war against Jordan. We get to keep it, retain it and -- if we so choose -- annex it. We run the show. That's how it works when you win wars that someone else starts.
17. #14 agreed
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (05.14.12)
Just this week, Israeli scientists at Pluristem saved the life of a girl using stem cells they invented. Please make sure that you and your fellow Arab-firsters never make use of this kind of Israeli technology
18. MBJ Dont fire from Gaza schools at Israeli civillians
and dont complain at the outcome when Hamas do so. Electricity is used to manufacture Qassams etc to target Israeli civillians. The Qassams Hamas used to barrage Israeli civillians on the very day the last Israeli left Gaza. Was that the Hamas way of encourageing the vast majority of Israelis who want peaceful seperation or the vast majority of Arabs who want no Israel?
19. Perfidious Brits complain it takes"2 years to get permit" ?
ab   (05.14.12)
BBC program Grand Designs (about Brits building unusual homes in Britain) often mentions years lon delays in obtaining permits ... But the BBC is a Zionist TV and Grand Designs is constructed purposefully to obfuscate the Real Issue : the pals
20. Good,was my money and did not want to use it that way
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome   (05.14.12)
21. arabs have no reasons to remain in zone C.
trump   (05.14.12)
22. Who do you think built the infrastructure in Judea, Samaria?
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (05.14.12)
It sure as hell wasn't Iran or Saudi Arabia. Israel built all the highways, roads, schools, hospitals, colleges & other infrastructure. The projects mentioned are most likely projects in area C under Israeli control with small Arab populations done without Israeli approval as a land grab for the Arabs.
23. 16 Check Boston Globe for 2006
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (05.14.12)
You should be more broadly read.
24. EU should help thier own citizens!
Anshel ,   Toronto, Canada   (05.14.12)
EU countries are bleeding red and yet they can waste money on the Palestinians, where at the same time their filthy rich "oil" cousins do not contribute their share. EU would be better off to help to improve third world living condition of their Roma citizens living in settlements, many times without running water. Have anyone from EU visited lately Eastern Slovakia, Hungary, Romania?
25. #14 - sanctions against who?
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (05.14.12)
They definitely haven't worked against Israel which has a far better economy than Europe. Do you want to use them against the Arabs in the WB? BDS The above abbreviation has at least thirty meanings. Which one are you referring to? Bit of a lax post all in all as it just left everybody wondering what you're talking about.
26. To: No. 23
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.14.12)
My, my, my! Isn't THAT a specific reference. You should check the law governing insurance. The United States does not underwrite insurance for terrorist organizations. In fact, the United States is severely limited in that for which it CAN underwrite insurance. That would be limited to the United States armed forces, foreign embassies and consulates abroad. You should be more broadly apprised. But I would like you to stick with the specifics. Please cite where the United States flouted American law concerning dealings with terrorist organizations (among other U.S. statutes) and underwrote ANYTHING involving terrorist organizations.
27. A failing of the EU
William ,   Israel   (05.14.12)
is NOT demanding requirements of the "Palestinians" to NOT use any EU-funded infrastructure for terror or any other militant activity, even if just as a meeting center. Infact, the EU doesn't put any requirements on any of the aid they give "Palestinians" which is why the "govt" is so corrupt and violence goes on un-abated.
28. #6 - it's not at all bigotry, except in your own mind
William ,   Israel   (05.14.12)
making a building permit hard to get is very common in Israel just by the nature of the ME bureaucracy. It's underscored by the tenuous situation in the region where negotiations on actual ownership are still on-going and any decision in granting a permit can prejudice future outcomes. In Jerusalem, if the person is a citizen of Israel, then they must adhere to legal requirements and go through the proper channels. If they are not a citizen of Israel, either officially annex the neighborhoods into Jerusalem and make them citizens, or put everything on hold until future talks conclude. Israel is NOT obligated to provide permits to build, but ARE obligated to take down illegal dwellings that create an unsafe situation which per law makes Israel responsible for. Again, there is NOT bigotry here, just several layers of very complicated laws and multiple stakeholders.
29. Notice same NGOs not concerned at Gazan projects
William ,   Israel   (05.14.12)
that were either taken over by Hamas or destroyed by Gazan Islamists.
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (05.14.12)
It takes 5 years to get a building permit here and that's with it being legal.
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