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Descendants of Templar sect visit Israel
Noah Klieger
Published: 16.05.12, 06:58
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1. this artical is parcial like swiss cheez
ghostq   (05.16.12)
cause not all Templars were Nazis and Wagner the rotten apple among them was murdered by Israelis officials, Wagner also had ties with arabs, they did his dirty work, so he had to go down, but most of the Templars were Farmeres who just wanted to live in Israel, after interviews, many of the older generation was oppose to Nazism back than and were big supporters of Biismark who hated the idea of Nazism. Bismark was the Nobel one.
2. Nazis are not Templars !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (05.16.12)
3. Some 300 palestinian born young Germans
Raphael ,   Netanya   (05.16.12)
Enlisted into the Waffen SS. Due to their knowledge of Arabic, they were gathered and trained on cape Sunion, in Greece. They were programmed to be parachuted over the Middle East, and organize Einsatzgruppen to delete the jewish communities, an action supposed to bolster the pro nazi enthusiasm of arab peoples.
4. 1ghostq Things are never black or..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (05.16.12)
white.What counts is,what are their intentions now.
5. 2Arn Indeed. Everything that has 4 ..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (05.16.12)
feet are not cows.
6. Of course black is black and white is white
Moshe ,   Obamafree zone   (05.16.12)
Only those who are unable to judge and are wishy washy see shades everywhere, "nothing is right and nothing is wrong".
7. #6 moshe - of course not
solomon ,   bklyn   (05.16.12)
Most things are shades of grey, going from very, very dark to very, very light. That leaves a lot of room for people not to be wishy-washy. People can and do judge; erego many of the world’s problems.
8. @#1 - you're kidding right?
Arie   (05.16.12)
ALL the nazis, years later, claimed they "weren't really supporters, just following orders." INCLUDING the current pope! I guess they feel claiming that will clean their conscious and keep them from going to hell
9. Templars
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (05.16.12)
These nazi germans were expelled in two phase from Israel. The first by british, the second in 1951 by new israeli authorities. What problems happened with them, nothing.They found their new homeland and live happily in Germany. A good example for other treacherous minorities !
10. Wise Solomon
moshe ,   Obamafreezone   (05.16.12)
Not so wise here. Refusal to weigh and judge is the problem. Witness gay marriage, abortion. Mind you it is not the you and I who refuse to see black when it clearly is, it is elite in power. After all, our judgements mean little.
11. It will take righteousnes & prayer to bring the messiah & no
Moshe ,   Usa   (05.17.12)
devotion to nutsyism as was their previous devotion. How is it that they thought that incarcerating Jews, stealing Jewish property & murdering our men, women & children was good to bring their messiah. Did they apologize for their ancestors ?
12. #10 moshe
solomon ,   bklyn   (05.17.12)
I would add therefore, that many things are shades of grey for people who can and do judge, as I have said. They can also judge in black and white, but this is not the only way to judge. Either way (grey, or black & white) can be in error.
13. #10 Moshe's judgements
k   (05.17.12)
do mean little, thankfully due to the power elites who manage to maintain some sort of civilisation
14. 12solomon I agree with you.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (05.17.12)
Indeed,those who judge black or white have not the faculty to see the whole picture,and reject people acting badly, without seeing their sometimes, great qualities. On the other hand, those who are able to see the qualities of bad people,are apt to try ,with lots of love, to make them correct their mistakes. And doing so, they contribue to PEACE in our shaky world,which is in my eyes,the greatest contribution one can do.
Israeli in Florida ,   Orlando   (05.17.12)
No matter what their forefathers did or believed, WELCOME the Templars to Israel. We need all the tourists that will visit Israel. Spread goodwill and friendship and peace to all mankind!
16. ambigious history of the templers
historian ,   nowhere   (05.18.12)
Don't put all Templers in one basket. The last generation was partly (maybe even a majority) in support of Nazigermany. Still the first generation did a lot to settle the land of Israel and was a great inspiration for the Zionists. In fact the templers outdid early Zionists in agriculture and building infrastructure.
17. # 1,Bismark was long dead when
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (05.19.12)
National socialism took over Germany,the original Templars were friendly to Jews,they thought the Halutzim how to farm,in ww, 1 as Germans,they were expelled by the British to Egypt,the yishuv intervened with the governement on their behalf,to let them back,in ww 2,like many Germans they supported hitler,and were expelled to Australia.
18. Hitler supporters
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (05.23.12)
Pray tell, why did the Shechter Institute of Conservative Judaism host a group that supported Hitler's plans for the Middle East -- namely the extermination of all Jews? Is this ecumenism?
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