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Thousands of residential units to replace IDF bases
Ofer Petersburg
Published: 14.06.12, 16:46
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1. Very good, but
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (06.14.12)
do something with the Tel Aviv mixed-picles seashore promenade hotels. The world's most beautiful place could be, if new hotels are build in a huge park area. ( instead of the many huts behind the hotels )
2. I predict a new slum
Dan ,   Kefar Saba   (06.14.12)
I predict that a new slum will be created in the center of the country as the jobs and PEOPLE move south. The homes owned by processional soldiers will also be sold, and the spouses will need to find work in the south also. As these people move south - so will the jobs they and their SPOUSES fill. The financial sector will attempt to stay in Tel Aviv, but their employees will be moving with the rest of their families. This will not happen over night, but as the bases move and houses in Gush Dan are sold to buy housing in the south, the real estate market will collapse in the center. Anyone who thinks entertainment centers and cinama city's will stay when all the youngsters are in Beer Sheva is wrong. This is a short term solution to today's problem but will have consequences in the next 15-30 years.
3. Wheras Jerusalem attracks many foreign families
Al   (06.15.12)
to buy apartments as 2nd homes, TA attracks the illegals druggies and the useless. TA will become a slum once the professional class leave to areas where their services will be need. Pulblic social housing is best to be build in former industrial areas. Reclaimed industrial land is best for these future slums. Nonpayers and mocchers should not be offered prime real estate land. You are doing yourselves a great disservice. #2 is bang on right. You will end up building future harlems and watts.
4. "Affordable houseing" will be bought up by profeteers
rebecca ,   Modiin   (06.15.12)
who will buy it for a song and sell it off at a huge profit - as has happened in other areas. Somehow the government has to prevent this happening.
5. To 2
Dani ,   Raanana   (06.16.12)
Great news in it really develops the South. The key here is mass public transport. With good train you can decide where to work and where to leave and study.
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