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Israeli artist to present Pope with 'Illuminated Book of Genesis'
Published: 15.05.12, 15:09
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BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (05.15.12)
These are genocidal premises with the goal of negating Israel's history. The Pope being a Holy man must stand for truth and not follow a corrupt multitude. Britain's corruption of the Balfour is the worst Post-W.W.II crime, perpetrated when the Jews were totally helpless. The silence invited serial 2-states in the same land, always accounted as a 2-state. The Pope knows the name Palestinians was applied exclusively to Jews by Rome and the Pre-Islamic Arabs were in the front rows destroying Jerusalem's temple, which is denied by Muslims: this denial also negates the Gospels which says Jesus visited a mythical temple..
2. What an utter nonsense...
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (05.15.12)
Vatican's collection includes thousands of artifacts stolen from all over the world.. Why not start with the treasuries from the Temple? Rabid antisemite - hitler jugend - that's who this pope is. Will Mr. Moriah bow down to the pope? Just curious...
3. Nothing personal
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (05.16.12)
Glad his works are in NY, Harvard and Yale and the Vatican. Nothing personal, but has he given anything to the National Library of Israel? Will there be a published edition for those who can't afford an original?
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