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Thousands of Jewish pilgrims pray in Morocco
Published: 16.05.12, 15:11
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1. Morocco; Land of Co-existence
Joshua ,   Morocco   (05.16.12)
Morocco; Land of co-existence and peace. land with diferent ethnic origins. although moroccans hate sionism, yet they love jews, christians and others. Israel is supposed to be a friend of morocco, yet, the regional problems, mainly with Algeria on the issue of Western Sahara keeps this country hesitating.
2. To hate Zionism and "love" jews is PATHETIC NONSENSE!!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (05.17.12)
3. @1 you are a typical galut fool I would say golus but you
Al   (05.17.12)
wouldnt understand. Read history and get a clue, however I'm afraid should you stay in Morocco Shmorocco you may end up being history.
4. may they stay there forever
alex   (05.18.12)
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