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Iran hangs man for killing nuclear scientist
Associated Press
Published: 15.05.12, 08:40
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1. Two victims of the Regime
Cynthia ,   USA   (05.15.12)
At the time of his death, Dr. Mohammadi was encouraging his students to participate in street protests. Majid Jamili was a kickbox champion and martial arts expert who refused to use his expertise in martial arts against protesters. He fled to Turkey hoping to obtain a visa to the US but did not succeed in obtaining a visa and had to return to Iran where he was arrested.
2. Was he raped first? No doubt he "confessed" to anything
they wanted him to say . Strange how quickly the death penalties are carried out in the so called justice system there
3. Cynthia #1 you should be an
meghan ,   israel   (05.15.12)
investigative reporter for least you tell more of the background of these people and seems a more accurate report. Why do we have to bring Mossad into everything, wheres the "hush hush" ! Its a sick regime and they have to find their scapegoats and a way to blame Israel for whatever they can.
4. I am sorry to hear that. My condolences.
Israeli 2   (05.15.12)
5. Executing "spies"is routine for dictatorships.It gets rid
of people whom the regime do not want. Poor man, the Mullahs had him" tried" & executed very quickly, same as the other dictatorships
6. meghan #3
SCB ,   USA   (05.15.12)
And you should not be so gullible. The article and any oh-so-convenient posts on here will be lies to cover lies and lies to cover again... Believe nothing the media puts out and use it as great entertainment for the upcoming NWO WWIII, economic collapse show they are going to put on for us to make us want to give up all our rights...
7. "Synthia", and your source(s) are????
Persian CAT   (05.15.12)
8. to SCB #6
meghan   (05.15.12)
I take you and all this with a pinch of salt, we all know the media is out for headlines, if you believe it all best to get a life.
9. One Million Jews/Christians Are Ready
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (05.15.12)
10,000 plus innocent Syrians have been killed by Assad..countless wounded and tortured, including children(killed in front of their parents, NAZI style). Thousands of Iranian protestors were killed, same scenario as in Syria for protesting a corrupt regime. In Egypt, candidates not approved by Islamists and the military are denied. Libyra is going Islamist...with a regime worse than Moammar. The Sudan/So. Sudan are fighting over oill royalties and fields. Same old story. Israel is considered a racist regime..occupying the poor Pales, even though it won 5 wars started by the Arabs (losing one and its all over). Neither the US, EU, Arab League, US, can stop the Syrian slaughter. No guts when it comes to a fellow Muslim country..but oh that Israel "The enemy of Egypt" according to a candidate. Funny, but Jews are NOT killing Egyptians or anyone else, except terrorists. And the farce goes on and on and on. To Israel:stop your infighting..mobilize..your resources. entice more immigration. 1million Diaspora Jews/Christians are ready, willing and able to help defend your little country. Just ask. Give us the weapons.
10. If so, very brave! May his soul rest in peace. FREE PERSIA.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (05.15.12)
11. #3 Thank you, Meghan
Cynthia ,   USA   (05.15.12)
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