Turkey suspects bird of being Israeli spy
Amir Ben-David
Published: 15.05.12, 13:03
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1. It isn't just the beeeater it's the bees, fly on the wall
tf ,   herzliya il   (05.15.12)
your neighbour's dog, the cat lady's cats, the eyeys in the ptatos, the tomatoes in the garden and on and on.... Idiots!
2. be carefull, the birds are coming........
tiki ,   belgium   (05.15.12)
Who said that Turks are stupid?
3. Lo nachon, the true Israeli spy bird is
Susya Bar Dror ,   Israel   (05.15.12)
a cross-breed of a parrot and a homer. It has two main functions: to return home to Israel and tell the Mossad exactly everything.
4. This is, how we can drive them mad
Yael Schlichting ,   Qiryat Motzkin   (05.15.12)
Attach some useless electronics to the birds and release them in Turkey and Iran. It will drive them mad, if we manage to keep the purpose of the electronic somehow esoteric! It must be something especially goofy, so that they will be trapped in a brooding-loop! And every week something new! Anything can be put past Jews!
5. Are Turks now as foolish/paranoid as Arabs?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (05.15.12)
Not all Turks, mind you. (And not all Arabs either.) Yet even after the Saudis ended up looking like fools over the "Mossad vulture", and Egypt doing likewise over "Mossad sharks", now Turkey has joined the madness. Hatred of Israel has a way of turning some people stupid.
6. Erdogan has a Mossad transmitter implanted you know where
7. Wait until Turkey sees ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.15.12)
.... Israeli mosquitoes. They're outfitted with GPS tracking devices, helmets and they all carry tiny little Galil rifles capable of firing 190 rounds per second ..... It's official, folks! Turkey is the new complete laughingstock of the world. Well .... maybe not so new.
8. they better not go in the water sammy the shark is there.
ralph   (05.15.12)
9. Brilliant!
Joe ,   Florida, USA   (05.15.12)
What a bunch of dumb Turkish motherf*****s. That's right, people of Turkey, birds are being implanted with spy devices. Hang on, I'm getting a text message from a pigeon, some smoke signals from a canary, and a morse code transmission from a hummingbird. If the Turkish government needs to blame Israel (and it's all about Jew hatred) for yet something else. like spying on a worthless country, then just what the f*** do you have to hide, Turkey?
10. Mossad's latest avian spies
mimi jacques ,   oob.usa   (05.15.12)
In totalitarian (or on the road to totaliarism)paranoia rules. Merops (mer-ops= mossad emigre routing ops) apiaser the latest victims of the Turkey's security svces- large nostrils to whiff the air of Turkish plotters- and communicating with them- the military/journalists/academia/Fills de la Charite/Armenians/Kurds/judiciary-not yet pliant. Ornithologists in Israel should make a real hit of this in Youtube- it is that good of material.
11. There are lots of tits in the world of birds - and politics
Ilya Meyer ,   Gothenburg, Sweden   (05.15.12)
Quick! Contact the UN Animal Rights Commission before the Turkish authorities start interrogating the detainee - after all even birds are entitled to have a lawyer present at their interrogation. May I suggest an owl as legal representation? The owl is a wise creature that will look after the best interests of its feathered client, ensuring it does not fall fowl (groan!) of the law. The Turkish authorities are cock-sure (groan again) of their case, already crowing (double groan) over the success of their counter-surveillance operation. I wouldn't want the bustards (triple groan) to murder the accused without a fair trial. Because if the Turks are anything like the Iranians, they'll hang the accused from a crane (quadruple groan). Everyone wants to bring this sad episode to a swift (multiple groan) conclusion. In order to do that it is likely that Israel will have to swallow (it gets worse and worse) its pride and admit its guilt to Turkey (told you it's getting worse). That's about all the relevant bird-names I could throw into this piece. The Turkish regime now knows which other birds to watch out for in the ongoing case of Zionist avian espionage. Grow up Erdogan, join the real world, a world where ornithologists tag birds in the interests of scientific study!
12. ridiculous
Paul ,   UK/Israel   (05.15.12)
Are we now in Fantasy land? Surely if a thing like a spy bird would be at all possible then israel would put a tag on it. A ring that reads : ' do not touch !!! SPY' ' and if dead send back to israel'. hope they put the mossad address on it too. this paranoia making propaganda is going to far now. shame on you Ynet the sad thing is that many people will just believe what they read without thinking. exactly what arabs are accused for. see the pattern?
13. Turkey must change the name of their country
Logic ,   Israel   (05.15.12)
since birds are zionists, and turkey is a type of bird.
14. At least it's a pretty spy bird.
rebecca ,   Modiin   (05.15.12)
15. lesson of this story - dont pick your nose.
rebecca ,   Modiin   (05.15.12)
You never know what you'll find in it.
H ROSEN ,   PA USA   (05.15.12)
The paranoid and now anti semitic Turks will give the bird a fair trial and then hang him (or her) However the Mossad has now trained spy squirrels who can climb walls and look into Erdogan's and the Ghool's window...What more perfidy will the Jews now release?
17. This may not be as mad as it sounds
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.15.12)
I have seen this before and it is perfectly viable. I would'nt dismiss it completly. Anyway, we want the body back to give it a military funeral with full honours. Thank you
18. Tin Foil Hat Liners Latest Turkish Fashion
emanon ,   USA   (05.15.12)
Mark ,   T.a.Israel   (05.15.12)
20. But wait until Erdogan hears about the tree spy battalion!
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (05.15.12)
Erdogan's discovery of these spy birds is a significant strategic loss for Israel, which was clever enough to hide antenna equipment in the bird's belly, inserted through its nose. If only Israel were clever enough to have remembered not to put an Israeli flag on the spy bird's leg! That almost ruined the stealth of the equipment inside the bird. But no worries. As long as Erdogan does not discover the Israeli battalion of tree spies, I think Israel will be fine.
21. The Turkish Authorities demand
Chelm Wiseman ,   USA   (05.15.12)
...the release of 1000 Palestinian prisoners for the return of the birds remains.
22. Islamists boarded Turkey, on course to sink her.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (05.15.12)
23. Jewish Ingenuity
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (05.15.12)
Actually this is only the tip of the iceberg. Israelis contaminated the Turkish and Iranian air with a substance that once it is breathed the person becomes a Mossad agent passing all secrets to Israel. (PS: Just n case: let me clarify that this was only a sarcastic joke)
24. Confirm this is true
Former Mossad AgentX   (05.15.12)
Turks, it's true, every rat every cockroach, even your wife - they are suspicious and have very likely been implanted with a listening device - the Jews can even hear your thoughts and analyze your dreams. The best thing is for you Turks to move out of Anatolia and back onto the steppes of Central Asia where you belong, I hear Turkmenistan is very nice this time of year.
25. A good one :)
26. Serious Question
LION OF JUDAH   (05.15.12)
Who is training these intelligent bird, and in which language they speak? Any comments please?
27. #5 - see what happens when Islam consumes your mind?
William ,   Israel   (05.15.12)
You become delusional, paranoid, violent, oppressive, and just plain retarded.
28. How does enlarged nostrils relate to a spy device?
William ,   Israel   (05.15.12)
Are the Turks suggesting the Israelis bore the nostril holes of this bird to make them larger in order to implant a spy device?? That's pretty grotesque.
29. Don't forget the Sharks with frickin Laser beams!
David ,   Israel   (05.15.12)
30. 26 Lion of JUDAH
ray ,   z├╝zich/Israel   (05.15.12)
An honest answer LION of Judah... I train the birds ,I also train the Birdsin the Swiss Cuckoo clocks!! I can not inform you of the Lanaguage but you can find it on Twitter (Hee Hee) .I also deposit large sums of money in a seceret Swiss Bank account to pay for their food (seeds) Travel costs etc... Like your Humor .LION ROAR ON !!!! and protect Israel and its People::
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