Academia’s Jew haters
Asaf Romirowsky
Published: 15.05.12, 18:00
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1. Join the sane group of Norwegian people:
Rotem   (05.15.12)
look for a group called: Boycott VITA support Israel You're going to be surprised how deep and common the anti sematism is in Norway. Europe definitely hasn't learnt the lesson of WW2. Luckily, there are people there who are very upset and concerned about this.
2. Shame On Them
Dan ,   USA   (05.15.12)
In the U.S., many of academias Jew haters are in fact Jews themselves. But their real religion is not Judaism, it is the religion of far left liberal politics. They liked it better before Jews had any political muscle and before Israel became strong.
3. educated bigot
Phil ,   USA   (05.15.12)
As a former college teacher, I quickly learned that being highly educated doesn't make you smart or decent. Some of the most fervent nazi sadists were doctors, lawyers, and university professors and recent history also is full of treasonous university professors who gave away vital US secrets to our enemies. In some universities, a candidate for tenure, no matter how brilliant and how much he/she has contriuted to the university, will not succeed if they don't follow the accepted opinions of the department. Our leading universities such as Harvard proudly announced the setting of quotas against Jews even after the war.
4. Led by "Jewish Academics"..
Mitchell ,   Miami,FL   (05.15.12)
Amy Goodman - Naomi Klein - Medea Banjamin - Norman Finkelstien - Thomas Friedman - and so many many jews... When jews validate bad academics - it makes it ok for everyone else
5. Anybody from Norway here to defend
David ,   USA   (05.15.12)
Do most Norway people really hate Israel and JEwish peoples. OR is this just blown out of proportion based on a few left wing radicals and Muslims. Please explain.
6. Academics and Jew hatred is profitable
deborah lurya ,   irvine   (05.15.12)
its lucrative to espouse Jew hatred- billions of dollars from US and Europe have funded the anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism propaganda war that is saturated media and college campuses. Middle eastern chairs are set up in most college campuses, and professors if they sign up for the program, bashing Israel, there are university posts, publications, lecture series, expensive travel, soirees, the notariety, fame, is appealing and hard to refuse. And if your a Jewish prof like Chomsky or FInkelstein or Beinert, then you really have added value for the cause. Anti-Semitism is global and there is money to be made if you hop on the band wagon soon.
7. Sadly, many in Israel's academies are just as bad
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (05.15.12)
Galtung should be dismissed, but after 40 years of spewing such nonsense, that's not likely to happen. No more likely is that anti-Israel leftists - some holding tenured positions - at TAU, BGU or Hebrew U will be fired. I was chatting with a fellow who edits a journal of Israeli military matters who noted how many "peace studies" programs there are around the US, but how few teach military history or strategy. Peace Studies are just another means of pushing a particular ideology. Its bitter fruit is on display in Oslo.
8. I don't see the difference
Benjamin ,   Ramat HaSharon   (05.15.12)
between self-hating secular Jewish left anti-Zionists in Israel and Norwegians or other anti-Semites. If Jews can hate other Jews as much as the secular left hate religious Jews and haredim, can you blame non-Jews for their animosity towards Jews in general, including secular?
9. if & when
tiki ,   belgium   (05.15.12)
If Anti-semitism becomes more accepteable is not a question anymore. It's not 'more acceptable, but has become the 'new normal! There are the dedicated 'followers of fashion & the dedicated 'followers of forgeries. The Lefties Fascists are the latter, ''intelligent as they are. "Israel was conceived, born & grew up in sinn". Norway was conceived, born & grew up in what? A complete unsignificant country, except their Viking history and If not the gas/petrol finds, they still would be.
10. That's okay
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.15.12)
Most of us haven't forgotten about Vidkun Quisling, and that is about what anyone can expect from the Norwegians. Without the North Sea oil, Norway will revert to its status as one of the poorest nations in Europe. That is precisely what will happen when the oil runs out, as is expected to happen sometime within the next two decades.
11. A product of a corrupt, alcoholic culture of Norway
dexter ,   Poland   (05.15.12)
A country which collaborated with hitler during WW2 and nowadays is flooded with muslim immigrants...
12. Can u say: "Militant Sanctimonious Fascist Hippie"?
I knew you could! ,   Israel   (05.15.12)
13. In Australia its a way of sucking up to fellow leftists & a
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (05.15.12)
carreer path
14. Change the record Ynet.
Sarah Biser   (05.16.12)
15. To #5
Beary White ,   Norway   (05.16.12)
Actually, the state controlled media and leftist newspapers in Norway are spewing out hate against Israel. The main labour organization is controlled by leftist and the labour party in Norway, then whatever is leaked from this beautiful country has been destroyed, twisted and become dirty by these braindead leftist and our leftist government. Still we have more than 50% whom are pro-israel, christians and conservatives. Our job is to keep this country together , while the leftist governments and its followers are sucking the islamic cult by their hearts, and producing liars in the newspapers.
16. Oxford was founded by catholic monks
ghostq   (05.16.12)
who hated jews and women, and wanted full segregation, what did you expect from british education they can't claim it's immigrants.
17. No. 14 Sarah Biser
NYC Girl   (05.16.12)
That's a rather flippant response to a very troubling situation. Changing the record won't change the reality. It's best you wake up and face what's going on in the world. And if you're a non-Jew, I suppose it's easy to be cavalier. But if, by any chance, you are a Jew...I suggest you get your head out of your ass.
18. Zionism is the biggest enemy of the jewish people
christianpalestinian ,   las vegas   (05.16.12)
19. Don't Disgrace Franklin!
Mychal ,   TN, USA   (05.16.12)
It is downright criminal for anyone to say Benjamin Franklin was against Jews in America. Franklin donated money to every church in Philadelphia AND THE SYNAGOGUE. When he died, every pastor and priest AND RABBI in the city marched in his funeral procession.
20. If he had a brain it would be lonely
Morrie ,   USA   (05.16.12)
If T had his address I would sed him a "Get Well" card with a stinky Rose
21. It is only a question of time
Avishai ,   Tel Aviv   (05.16.12)
It is only a question of time until their students become the new "shakers and movers". I do not want to think about what that will bring, but I guess I must.
22. Anti-semitism andanti-Zionism
Bertram ,   London, UK   (05.16.12)
Is anti-Zionism frequently a mask for anti-semitism? Of course it is. Are there anti-semitic academics? Of course. And Galtung appears, by his statements, to revealed himself as one. Does this mean that all those whose views are critical of Israeli policies and actions, or indeed anti-Zionist, are anti-semitic? Of course not and it is a foolish position to adopt since it hinders genuine discussion of the problems of the Middle East and may even divert attention from real anti-semitism when it occurs. No doubt the response to this will be the conditioned reflex of 'self-hating Jew' from the usual suspects - a mindless, insulting label. However, it might be more helpful if there was some rational discussion of such important issues - from all political quarters, as well as academics.
23. Galtung is a person with no credibility...
Beary White ,   Norway   (05.16.12)
The academics says he is outdated today. He was important when the leftist established the "hate for Israel" and Galtung delivered his shit. Today, mr Galtun is a person with no respect or integrity, spreading his shit where-ever he can.
24. Op-ed section here gets a kind of section for broken records
berlonski ,   berlin   (05.16.12)
25. #22 Bertram
carlos ,   San Diego U.S.A.   (05.16.12)
Antizionism is antisemitism in disguise. Also, the so called distinction between both, is an interference of Israel's sovereignty. When have you heard israel critizicing any other country?. It is not anybody's business to say anything about Israel. Israel has achieved and contributed what nobody has in 63 years. That is one of the reasons for the EU BS against Israel. With the record of anti-semitism, racism and colonial cruelty by the Europeans, what moral authority do they have to say anything?
26. #19 Mychal
Maurice ,   Montreal   (05.16.12)
The writer is not disgracing Benjamin Franklin. The article clearly states that the alleged speech is a total fabrication.
27. Norwegian anti-Semitism
Caroline ,   Oslo   (05.16.12)
There is an ongoing debate in Norway whether we are anti-Semitic or not. Politicians and academics would say that Norway is not anti-Semitic; they say that they must be allowed to criticize Israel without being called anti-Semitic. But that is the problem; the political Norway is very, very critical towards Israel, and since Israel is a Jewish state, the criticism is affecting the Jewish population in Norway (which only counts about 1500 with two synagogues), whether we want it or not. The criticism towards Israel nurtures the ancient anti-Semitic ideas that have never really died out, and it gives us a situation where Israel and Jews are demonized. “Jew” is used as a word of abuse in Norwegian schools, Jewish children in Norway say that they are afraid to go to school and that they have been mocked or harassed because they are Jews, I’ve heard about Jews that don’t wear the Star of David or Kipa in public and Jewish parents even that give their kids non-Jewish names to hide their Jewish identity. I personally believe that Norway’s view on Israel has to change in order to stop the increasing anti-Semitic attitudes.
28. Since classic, academic mind is "open" to everything, it'll
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.16.12)
swallow each and every piece of garbage thrown at it. That's why it sometimes is so frustraiting, to acknowledge the debilitating ability of the Learned Person, to espouse ideas that any taxi-driver would be deeply embarrased by!
29. Anti-Semitic Academia
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (05.16.12)
I am an 82 year old American Jew. I recall, at age 17, making application to various universities for admission, only to be told repeatedly that they already had their quota of Jews. The by-laws of national fraternities and sororities prohibited admission of Jews. When I returned to school after military service during the Korean War, every class that I attended included a 15 minute instruction on taking and passing a test that would qualify students to be exempted from the military service draft. The instructions stressed that students were the cream of society, and should not be wasted on military service, which should be reserved for farmers and laborers, and other lesser beings. Academia has not changed much from the days when I was a student. The principal difference today is that major universities have large contingents of Muslim students, whose countries have given universities endowments to establish Muslim studies curricula, whereas all the Jews have done is provide people like Albert Einstein and Jonas Salk. Einstein and Salk would have a hard time at American universities today. They would be harassed, cursed, and shouted down if they tried to speak. This is not a reflection of America. Academia hates America as much as it hates Jews.
30. Norway's Jew hatred
David ,   Montreal, Canada   (05.16.12)
Norway has gotten away with its notorious Jew hatred for far too long. The anti Israeli rhetoric of Its socialist ruling party has national socialist overtones period. The shameful official anti Israeli policy of socialist Norway must be exposed at every opportunity. Norwegians should be confronted about their country's policy wherever they go. They have been treated with kid gloves for far too long.
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