Police clash with Arab gangsters; 1 killed
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 16.05.12, 17:04
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1. Well done Israeli police.
rebecca ,   Modiin   (05.16.12)
2. EU is going to include it as "persecution of arabs by Israel
ab   (05.16.12)
3. Fighting my own prejudice in vain
Yael Schlichting ,   Qiryat Motzkin   (05.16.12)
> > Tayibe residents were conflicted over > the incident: "The police have to > leave Tayibe immediately so things > can calm down," one resident told > Ynet. "Their presence provokes the > clan and causes panic." > I must say, that I don't have prejudices. Never had! What I always fought was to speak out about reality. What if I stop fighting reality? Will I then be a racist?
4. Organized crime - Jew or Arab
Arie   (05.16.12)
Should be treated as an act of terrorism. Add the death penalty and provide military backup. To have a city so afraid that they beg the police to leave "so things will get back to normal" is unacceptable in our society.
5. Taybe is not an Arab city ! It's a israeli city with arabs
6. Live from the city
Taibe ,   Israel   (05.16.12)
Police men fighting an Israeli Arabs within 1967 borders . We are Israeli citizens but Arabs so we are paid the price to be Arabs who stayed at our lands. Thank you Israel thank you for killing us and doing more "foramens" between the relations by Arabs and jews in the Sharon zone
7. Taybe is begginning to...
Rob ,   Orangevale, U.S.A.   (05.16.12)
sound alot like Mexican cities like Sinaloa. Strange the Arabs can intimidate the Israeli forces in such a manner. Why not a permanent outpost for the SWAT teams that will obviously have to constantly return. Slam the clan with tax evasion or terrorist activities. Break that mob up before you end up with good cops in a bag. There are no such places here, and we make sure of it. Shin bet, do something more than react. Shalom Israel, Rob
8. "..provokes the clan.."? OUT! Send them packing!!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (05.16.12)
9. Well, when you serve arab terrorists caviar in prison.......
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (05.16.12)
10. To #6 Take some responsibility
Alon ,   Israel   (05.16.12)
I was in Taybe this morning until about 1230 and didn't see anything so I don't know went it started. Yes some Israeli Jews do work in Taybe The problem in Taybe is a few families controlling the town, corruption in city hall with the mayor giving all the jobs to his relations, and that is why recently Jewish mayors have been brought in to improve the place. To try and make out that all the problems in Taybe are due to the Jews and the State is far from the truth.
11. To: No. 6
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.16.12)
Are you a member of the Abd al-Kader crime family? If not, why are you defending criminals? Do you think they should be allowed to run roughshod over your community just because you are afraid of them? Doesn't it bother you that they initiated a gunfight with police in such close proximity to a school? And the police officers weren't "masked." They were helmeted. Arab terrorists are masked, not Israeli police officers. Moreover, the police do not take orders from the residents of Tayibe who wish to keep the criminal al-Kader clan happy and content. That's something to keep in mind. Here's another thing: if you don't like our laws, you are free to leave our country. No one is forcing you to stay.
12. Police clashes with arab gangsters
mefaresh 01 ,   france   (05.16.12)
All of these gangsters should be expelled from Israel with a no-return ticket
13. #6, #10 a question
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (05.16.12)
My feeling is that the police, courts and government have always encouraged the criminals in the Arab and Bedouin sector and abandoned the good people. The good people are fools if they follow the law, and have no choice but to bow to the criminals. Why is that? The only reason I can think is that the police, courts and government want anarchy and crime in the Arab sector instead of treating them like equal citizens.
14. Sounds like Yayibe needs a lock-down and a curfew...
Harry Wright ,   UK   (05.16.12)
and a thorough search of all the criminals' homes by both the police and the IDF. As fast as they put up illegal barriers and cameras they should be confiscated. Let them buy more and keep confiscating them. No city in Israel should be allowed to become the "private property" of gansters. Leave that wild situation to Britain, France, Mexico and Columbia. Clean it out and re-establish control.
15. These bloody Arab gansgters
Maxim ,   ISRAEL FOREVER!   (05.16.12)
Should not exist in Israel. Wipe them out or send them to Gaza where they can compete with Hamas.
16. LIKE: Tayibeis not an Arab city ! It's a israeli city
Dovid ,   Modiin   (05.16.12)
LIKE: Tayibe is not an Arab city ! It's a israeli city with arabs.
17. #6 Get the hell out of Israel and move to Gaza!
Maxim ,   ISRAEL FOREVER!   (05.16.12)
18. #13, What the crap! you are talking about?
Maxim ,   ISRAEL FOREVER!   (05.16.12)
19. 13
j.ALLON ,   cairns-Austraalia   (05.17.12)
Arabs wil never be equal citizens because they don't recognize Israel.
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