'Minister Yishai is inciting racism'
Omri Efraim
Published: 16.05.12, 15:23
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1. Deport Eli Yishai more to the point
Haim ,   TA   (05.16.12)
The hypocracy of Eli Yishai never ceases to amaze me. Have people forgotten it was $h-ass who brought the immigrants to Israel in the first place in a shady deal involving Ben Izri who served jail time for his part in the criminal act. Still it makes a change from deporting children and dodging responsibility for the Carmel fire disasor. The man is truely dispicable.
2. More of the same........
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (05.16.12)
Is anyone really surprised by his outbursts? He lost all credibility a long time ago.
3. Ridiculous to claim all or even majority of them are crimina
Alex   (05.16.12)
But all ILLEGAL immigrants should still be deported. It's not up to Israel to deal with them.
4. Absoption
Ron M ,   South TA / Zion   (05.16.12)
I don't understand. We are supposed to absorp these illegal immigrants + refugees? Why on earth would we do that? A deal needs to be made with South Sudan, the assistance of intl groups and the UN needs to be sought, and these people need to go home. Everyone is talking a big game, meanwhile my area has had 40,000 African immigrants who have come here illegally dumped into it. If you want to absorp them all, open your home in North Tel Aviv to some African migrants - Not in my area, I have enough here. I am entitled to a quality of living for my taxes as much as any other Israeli. South Tel Aviv is not the dumpng ground for ALL Israelis problems. Sorry.
5. Yshai is RIGHT ! Illegals go home !
6. F*** the leftist politically correctness ! Yshai is right !
7. He is saynig what many think...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (05.16.12)
mainly, those who have to live in such neighbourhood.Elderly persons are afraid to get out of their homes. Shouldn t we keep our pity to our people? I don t say we should get rid of all the Africans.They have like all societies good and excellent elements. However the State must ensure, through establishing ZERO tolerance that the bad elements can not harm anymore. Plain and simple.
8. When people say all Haredim dont work that's ok?
rebecca ,   Modiin   (05.16.12)
I happen to think Yeshai is way out of line. I'd like to see how he came by his comment. But I'm tired of one sided racism. When these organisations shout as loudly about someone like Lapid, I'd have some time for them.
9. Leaving off words
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (05.16.12)
Please put the proper words back into the mix. ILLEGAL immigrants. The term illegal means against the law. Acting against the law is called a CRIME. So illegal immigrants by definition are CRIMINALS. So tell us how is that racist again?
10. illegals are criminals...
nadav ,   tlv   (05.16.12)
without ANY screening process whatsoever of these people illegally crossing our border from mainly enemy Muslim countries (Sudan), how do we know if these people are asylum seekers or actual criminals fleeing justice in their homelands?! It's amazing that the governments buses these illegals to Tel Aviv for FREE! What country in the WORLD does that? Even European leftist government send illegal immigrants to detention centers!
11. It's only history repeating
Yael Schlichting ,   Qiryat Motzkin   (05.16.12)
I remember the same problem in Germany of the 80s-90s. Refugees (Asylbewerber) weren't permitted to work, so they got involved in crimes. The German solution back then was to get an even tighter grip on the refugees. The result of this was, that the refugees are living in poverty. They have everything, they don't starve, but a life is something different. I would love to see a creative solution to this problem.
12. I dont like Yishai or his party .But one
Dyslexic..... ,   Israel...   (05.16.12)
thing for sure these people are criminals they have no other options.they sleep in the streets in the parks,they have no food no money,if I was in there situation I would steal rob do anything to survive.These refugees need too be sent back too were they come from.Let the UN take care of them,we have enough problems of our own.The Government of Israel should take full responsibility in solving this catastrophe.
13. Illegals
Alice   (05.16.12)
How about the LEFT, taking-in, in their own homes, these poor refugees and asylum seekers.
14. Not racist just dumb
peter ,   tel aviv israel   (05.16.12)
Minister Yishay is not a racist per se. At least in his own nimble mind. He knows only a few facts of life (at least as he sees them in his nimble mind). Only sepharadic haredi Jews are people. Ashkenazi haredi Jews are unfortunately their but tolerable. Secular Israelis are there to pay and bear the former two groups. And anyone else is a mistake by nature. So in his nimble mind he meant no harm in his comments. As long as we allow a nimble mind like that to be a minister of the state of Israel we are bound to ask ourselves what is wrong with our minds. Have they turned soft too?
15. Israel is Much Too Tiny to Take in these People!
Linda Rivera ,   New York, USA   (05.16.12)
Israel is so tiny, it is hard to find on a map. If they are Muslims, there are 56 Muslim nations they can be deported to. Little Israel is much too tiny and does NOT have the money to take in these people. They will NOT stop coming and in a few short years, they will become the majority in Israel!
16. they r all criminals they illegally entered Israel
Sober Leftist ,   Israel   (05.16.12)
there is nothing to be done about it except to send them all back to their home countries NOW!
17. How are they better than Hareidim
Ilan   (05.16.12)
Need to pass out those newspeak guides comrades
18. #15: Of course in New York you know everything!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (05.16.12)
So let's throw tem out! Illegals an refugees just like many countries did to Jews EVEN before the Holocaust! Americans must decide what is good for America and let us, who live in Israel and not in an armchair, decide what is best for US!
19. Math and history
peter ,   tel aviv israel   (05.16.12)
Linda, do your maths please they can not become a majority. As to your history we were once also looking desperately for a safe haven and people argued the same way. Those people need help even if we only feed them for a while and look for another place for them to shelter.
20. #1
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (05.16.12)
Aren't you the one calling for extermination of Haredim and supporting Jihad? Since you think they should all be dead anyway, why do you fake "reasons"? Just admit what kind of person you really are.
21. Double Standards Of The Left
Mitchell Cohen ,   Gush Etzion, Israel   (05.16.12)
I am no fan of Eli Yishai and I don't even believe a majority, let alone all of the African refugees are criminals. However why didn't the bleeding hearts in the left remember the following quote before paint brushing all Jews living in Yesha when the "price tag" attacks occurred: "isolated incidents should not be used as grounds for collective punishment against an entire group."
22. UNHCR and UNRWA's job is to take in refugees
Tracy W   (05.16.12)
Israel, like all other countries, contributes to those two UN refugee agencies. It's only logical that infiltrators who claim persecution should be handed over to the UN. These infiltrators have already resided or transited across Egypt. It makes sense to place them in refugee camps in Egypt until they feel it's safe to go home.
23. Illegal is Illegal-Need to control borders
Don Rosenberg ,   Palatine USA   (05.16.12)
Every country must control their borders. The illegal people should be given help, but they must leave at a certain time. Israel is small and a problem like this is very serious. Unemployed illegals will cause trouble and do illegal things. Stop them now !!!!!!!!!!!
24. You want to become like Europe too?
Daniel Teeboom ,   Netherlands   (05.16.12)
Israel has enough difficulties. It doesnt need a whole new disgruntled angry population. There is a reason a country has borders: survival. Leave the suicide to Europe.
25. #18 Why don't you take them into your home and pay for them?
Alex   (05.16.12)
There are 100s of millions, if not billions of people who'd gladly seek asylum/illegally enter western countries to get a better life. But it's not up to Israel to take care of luck seekers. You're free to do so at your own cost if you want to, but I wont pay a shekel.
26. deport the parasite Yishai
Ooga Booga ,   Monkeytown   (05.16.12)
send that tool to South Sudan
27. BLAMING the whole community 4 the CRIME of 1 person is NOT
hot snow ,   tlv   (05.16.12)
done in a rule of law.Are ALL politicians JAILED with KATZAV ??
28. All those against Yishai are RACISTS!
Israeli 2   (05.16.12)
Besides, who asks anyone for any comments about Israel's INTERNAL affairs? Who cares? ISRAEL remains forever.
29. racist state
unit ,   heaven   (05.16.12)
Israel is a racist country its better for Iran to build nulear to killed another 6 millions jews similar to what german did
30. African illegals
moshe ,   obamafree zone   (05.16.12)
don't belong in Israel. Send them anywhere else. It is not impossible to deport them all. That is what those who wish to weaken Israel from within will tell you. 50000 are easy to deport. Wait until you have a mllion. Act now or lose your country to the left wing! All the grand dreams of zionism, a home for jews, and the blood of the IDF-all for nothing!
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