Say no to Nakba on campus
Hagai Segal
Published: 16.05.12, 18:51
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1. freedom and nakba
alexi   (05.16.12)
either you stand for a state of israel or you defer to wide ranging freedoms to express nakba support, to delegitimize the state like sternhall,berg, oz and olmert do, or take idf soldiers to court for defending themselves to which barak and ben eliezer wanted toapologize to the congenital liar erdogan. if so, the fold up israel and go back to poland. Six million jews died in part because of this indecisive , pacifistic overly democratic fixation. There is no chance bibi and barak, so long as they are together will attack iran, no chance whatsoever.
2. Say "yes" to concrete transfer plans.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.16.12)
It is lunatic to grant all the rights and priviledges of Israeli citizenship to those who want to see Israel destroyed. Say "No" to Nakba on campus. Say "Yes" to concrete transfer plans to compensate our enemies to leave.
3. Find a way to hist Amos Schocken&Co where it hurts them mosi
ab   (05.16.12)
at their pockets.So support for the "pans of conscience" won't be financed so lavishly
4. Commemorating the Nakba every year
with pitas & steaks   (05.16.12)
5. Cleanout all leftist elements from the colleges!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (05.16.12)
If Israel doesn't stop this cancer, now...it will continue to grow until it distorts and then changes the truth into a lie. Tell anyone something (a lie) long enough...they'll start to believe it (the Palestinian contrived strory).
6. It should be illegal and participants should be expelled....
Israel's SICKNESS ,   Tel Aviv   (05.16.12)
if they are Israeli citizens. If they are from PA territories. Do not let them back into Israel They benefit only because Israel is a state. It is INSANR that the state allows them to do this. And all institutions that allow it should loose all state funding. STOP playing games with these people.
7. Just say NO!
tiki ,   belgium   (05.16.12)
This is a 'non-negotiable, non- debatable & non-issue as of NOW! On ISRAELI UNIVERSITIES & institutions there is NO place for Nakba Nonsense! End of discussion!
8. I am of 2 minds on this
zionist forever   (05.16.12)
On one side it is immoral for the university to allow nakba events to take place on campus and should stop it. The flip side is freedom of speech and freedom of right to protest. If the university forbids the right to hold nakba events then they are denying the students those rights and as this is not a university sponsored event its unlikely they are breaking any laws by allowing nakba protests. What we really need to do is educate the arabs ask them why are you holding these protests? Your Garden of Eden like villages were destroyed 64 years ago. The majority of the refugees are dead and the children & grandchildren cannot inherit refugee status and you have your own modern homes now. You constantly say you want to be Israeli citizens but you mourn the countries right to exist and you can't have it both ways. You moan abut the way the Jews treat arabs but you make yourself hated because of these events when you act like a fifth column.
9. #8: Don't be! We've tried (I guess hoped) that we could some
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.17.12)
how educate, & bring about change in the Arab mind-set during all these years, that Israeli Arabs had access to higher education. Nope, all they did was get an engeneering degree so they could make more efficient bombs and explosive belts for shahids! Don't fall for their main weapon: usage of democratic principles to destroy from within. You're a Zionist, which means you can think for yourself.
10. #8 this ban has nothing to do with freedom of speech...
if universities in Israel give permission to Arabs to make ceremonies and mourn the existance of Israel and the fact that Jewish people are living in Israel, which emphasis on their hope for the day when they can celebrate the death of the Jewish state and its people, Jewish people will start feeling more and more hatred of these racist Arabs and as a result they too will want to demonstrate on the campuses, and show their anger by the same kind of hateful speeches that Arabs use regarding Israel. why should they be happy that their country is full of Arabs who wish only to destroy the country?
11. Say "Yes" to concrete transfer plans! (#2)
Israeli 2   (05.17.12)
We should implement Chaim of Israel's plans immediately.
12. No Conincidence
Adam ,   Los Angeles   (05.17.12)
Why does Nakba day follow Israel's independence day by a mere day? It could be on any other day of the year but it is not. We know this is not a coincidence, just another reference in their denial of Israel as a state. If they cannot live in acceptance of us, why must we accept them. Does the United States accept Al-Quaida? Does it allow Al-Quaida freedom to operate in the United States?
13. NO nakba day,YES Israel and Jerusalem for Jews DAY!!!
Anna M Sedda ,   rome_Italy   (05.17.12)
Israeli in Florida ,   Orlando   (05.17.12)
Millions of Hindus and Sikhs and Buddhists were ethnically cleansed from Pakistan in 1947. Almost all the Jews from Islamic nations had to leave their homes, properties, and businesses after 1948. Christians, Bahais, Yezdis and other minorities have been fleeing Islamic nations. WHAT ABOUT MARKING THESE NAKBAS?
15. get these murdering 7th century invaders out of my country.
ralph   (05.17.12)
16. This must be done.
Reuven   (05.18.12)
We hsave a 5th Column of about 19% of our population. Get them out of Israel.
17. We must take transfer from a concept to a reality..
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.18.12)
Many posters agree with my proposition that we can't continue to allow a huge fifth column to remain in Israel and plot our doom. In fact, I believe the number of Israelis who realize this is approaching critical mass. The point where it will become a hot, inescapable political issue that can't be swept under the rug. Now is the time to draw up real doable concrete transfer plans to compensate our enemies to leave our land forever. Plans with real numbers, goals etc. We must take transfer from a concept to a reality.
18. I agree with Hagai Segal.
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.18.12)
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