Haifa University bans 'Nakba Day' event
Ahiya Raved
Published: 16.05.12, 21:02
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1. The secret behind funding these "palestinians"
Keren ,   IL-BR   (05.16.12)
Today,I read in a brasilian newspaper that Brasil is also "donating"a certain amount of money to UNWRA because it wants to have a feet in this ME crazyness( they don't say this is a crazyness,of course) Well,if there are countries that want to have a feet in this thing ,it is because this thing must be valuable somehow. Now,I ask: what the heck is valuable in this tragedy?Business? What I know is that Israel should not play in this DIRTY game ,because this game is against us.Israel should change this MAD rethoric about ME and not play with them,because ,besides being humiliating for us,this is a deadly ,dirty game
2. NAAH...K..BAHH!
david ,   Miami, U.S.   (05.16.12)
3. Let these Mo-Fos graduate in Damascus!
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.16.12)
4. Freedom of speech...
Jake Stone ,   USA   (05.16.12)
tiki ,   belgium   (05.16.12)
is taking ABSURDITY to the max. It should end here & now. Let these protesters take their protests to their their Arab home countries if they are so sad about living in Israel.
6. Haifa U has guts and principles
Alfredo ,   Raanana   (05.16.12)
Normal people don't give a platform to people who want to kill them.
7. Freedom of Speech?
Z.Z. Coltrane ,   USA   (05.16.12)
This isn't silencing freedom of speech; it's preventing blatant sedition, undermining of the state. It's about time they do the right thing by choosing to not succumb to the pressures of political correctness. Haifa University officials need to investigate before they commit to anything. These Palestinians, at best, are only guests of the state; therefore, subject to the Israeli goodwill; other than that...they should be afforded nothing else. These Pals and leftist need to be thrown out of the country; they're only using college grounds for fomenting their traitorous acts.
8. Fire all pro-Nakba faculty immediately.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.16.12)
No other nation would allow it's universities to be misused as a forum for those who want to destroy it. It is outrageous for Israeli taxpayers to be forced to pay salaries to seditious university faculty. Fire all pro-Nakba faculty immediately.
9. Spit into Benefactors Face
DAN ,   FLORIDA - TEL AVIV   (05.16.12)
Israel and the University systems gives the opportunity for a first class education and immature and infantile children think they know better protesting against the hand that feeds them. Don't silence them.....THROW THEM THE HELL OUT!!! Let them go to Gaza and protest there. Let them live with what they want to turn Israel into. Let them live in 3rd world sanitation, filth, rubble and medieval tribal reprisals. Oh yes, to those that scream "Freedom of Speech" have no clue what that means. Freedom of speech laws in the United States define GOVERNMENT'S role and limits. Try reading rather than throwing rocks and protesting against what is good and decent.
10. Expecting Israel to allow Nakbah events
Is like expecting Egypt, or Syria to allow Jews there to celebrate their Yom Kippour "victory".
11. Biladi Biladi
Stan ,   Australlia   (05.16.12)
I just looked up this "anthem." Judge for yourself how peaceful and coexisting it is. I can't account for the translation the word for "freedom fighter" is the actual title of the anthem, which is the root for "fedayeen" and I think we know who they are: My country, my country My country, oh my land, oh land of my forefathers Freedom fighter, freedom fighter Freedom fighter, oh my people, Oh people of eternity 1. By my strong will and my inflaming rage, my volcanic revenge By my yearning blood for my land and home I have climbed the mountains and combated struggles I have subdued in the impossible and smashed the shackles Chorus 2. By the storming winds and the firing arms By my people determination, by the land of strife Palestine is my home, Palestine is my fire Palestine is my revenge, and the land of resistance Chorus 3. By vowing the oath beneath the shade of the flag By my land, by my people, by my firing pain Resistor I must survive, revolutionary I must proceed Sacrificer I must end, until I return
12. It won't stop as long as Amos Schocken&Bradley Burston earn
ab   (05.16.12)
money on encouraging destruction of Israel in "Haaretz"
13. Such crap!
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (05.16.12)
If Nabka is so special, celebrate it in Egypt, Iran, Syria or any arab nation that would permit it. It will not fly in Israel.
14. Just get over it!
Nic ,   UK   (05.17.12)
I never saw the Indian and Pakistani students I went to school with fighting over the outcome of partition, and what happened in India was far more traumatic. Yes people have a right to mourn loss of life (if they lost any family at all) but this is getting ridiculous. If students want equality why not also discuss the catastrophe that befell the greater number of Mizrachi Jews who came to Israel as refugees, why not turn a negative into a positive and try to help the refugees currently seeking shelter in Israel. They're living in the past, therefore they have no future.
15. The Nabka garbage
ben Ze'ev ,   Panama City Panama   (05.17.12)
That lyric garbage reminds me of the Anthem of another Anti-Semitic people the Irish. Their anthem is called " The Soldier's' Song" and begins; "So-oldiers are we, We fight for I-re-land....".. etc etc. all blood asnd thunder.
16. The Burston (Burstein) tragedy
Ben Ze'ev ,   Panama City Panama   (05.17.12)
When did "Bradley Burston" change his name from Baruch Burstein??
17. Freedom of Speech
William ,   Israel   (05.17.12)
then I guess these same students wouldn't mind it if other students celebrated the so-called nakba as a victor over racism and genocide, paving the way for the multi-cultural vibrant democracy we have today.
18. Did they sing the full "Palestinian" National anthem?
William ,   Israel   (05.17.12)
It goes "Biladi Biladi Sa-oooudi"
19. Haifa U. Then and Now.
Adam ,   Los Angeles   (05.17.12)
I attended Haifa university in 1986 and again in 2007 for a summer language program. Arabs now represent 30% of the students. They enjoy subsidized food, housing and almost free education. Look at what they are doing with it. Does it violate their free speech to tell them to shup and stop deprecating Jews and the country that feeds, organizes and educates them? Can I organize a rallies against 'niggers' at public financed American universities and get the universities cooperation to do so? Would closing such an organization down at a public campus necessarily violate my free speech. Get the point!
20. Yes, fire the faculty demonstyrators
Reuven   (05.17.12)
& kick the students out of Haifa University. Nakba celebrations=treasom.
21. The "Nakba" events at the Hebrew U, Mt. Scopus campus...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (05.17.12)
consisted of about 15 people (all Arab).
22. ACTIONS speak louder than TEARS
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (05.17.12)
Whose got a bigger Nakba? Whats is this - some sort of game? It makes a mockery of Palestinian Suffering I guarantee you that its those very people going around Nakbaking...DO NOTHING but sit on their behinds WHINING And do you know what the BIGGEST NAKBA IS? Its the WASTED DECADES of us living in limbo If our brothers and sisters spent more time pressing Netanyahu and Abbas to NEGOTIATE this would have much more effect than this annual theatrics... ACTIONS speak louder than TEARS
23. Haifa University bans celebration..
Spencer ,   Israel   (05.17.12)
The ban on the celebration of Nakba Day by the University is to be applauded. Well done.
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