Beersheba stabber charged with murder
Neri Brenner
Published: 17.05.12, 13:07
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1. Murder definitely
Ros ,   Tel Aviv   (05.17.12)
When a person carries a knife to go out at night, he is expecting to use it - and if he kills someone - that is premeditated murder - he must be locked up for a very long time!!!!!!
2. this punk should be put away for life
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (05.17.12)
What's he doing carrying a kitchen knife? Kind of ironic that he's a religious Jew & violates the most important commandment of all. Maybe if he were in the IDF they would've taught him some morals.
3. Hang this little punk!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (05.17.12)
These punk-arse kids need to be taught a lesson: there are consequences to ones actions.
4. killing
mike ,   uk   (05.17.12)
Nice photo of boy with a cupple on his head. Obviously a deeply religious young man that carries a knife.
5. Barbarick act for a religious boy ?
Haim ,   TA   (05.17.12)
From the picture we see the murderer is donning a black Kippah. Strange for a so called religious person to carry a kitchen knife where ever he goes. Guess the old black book didnt help this guy from going off the rails and murdering someone in cold blood>
6. His parents must be very proud! Give him live in prison!
7. If his family were my neighbors, I'd make the impossible to
move as far away from the family which raised and "educated" a murderer and an inhuman!
8. M U R D E R E R! May he rot in jail and never see light
9. I curse him and his family!
10. What an ugly criminal! He should be hanged!
11. How comes that we see here...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (05.17.12)
only criminals with Kipot? Are all secular people Zadikim?
12. Of course - murder!
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (05.17.12)
Wearing cupple on his head does not make him religious. And no religious is allowed to topple the law of this country. So wearing cupple or not, murderer is a murderer and if he did not had any intention of hurting anyone then why was he carrying a knife? This is definitely a murder. In Israel, we need to toughen the laws a bit. Who ever is found carrying a knife, lock him up atleast for 2 years and see what difference we see on streets.
13. Advice from a good Tel Aviv solicitor
ky   (05.17.12)
"How can someone wearing a kippah be guilty of anything?"
14. This scum is no "teen". He is an 18 y/o ADULT!
and as such, 100% responsible for his actions. I hope he gets death penalty. Sadly Israel has traditionally been commuting death penalties to "life" as any civilized nation should do, but there should be exceptions too. There is no logic in us, the taxpayers, paying for this scum life - even if he is in prison. In these cases, "eye for an eye" should be applied. Nobody will mourn this criminal, except for the failed parents and relatives who nurtured such a bloodthirsty criminal. Now I care more for the victim's parents and family. I don't give a rat's shit for what the criminal's family feel or think because this criminal is the result of his upbringing. If it is so easy to commit a murder, it should be equally easy to make the criminal disappear from our society.
15. Reply # 11 ORA, No but...
Haim ,   TA   (05.17.12)
I agree but if your going to go around with a black Kippah claiming to be a religious person, which apparently carries some kind or religious morality , preaching "i am hollier than thou" you dont go stabbing your fellow jew to death in an unprovoked attack. Maybe hes just decided to wear a kippah in a pathetic attempt to score a few points with the judge? Funny that i am secular and apart from one speeding ticket thats the only occassion i ever broke the law. I belive " do not murder" is both part of religious law and secular law.
16. First time since his bar mitzva...
Patrick ,   Haifa   (05.17.12)
.. that he's worn a kippa. I'm sure. This is a disgusting and cynical trick that vomit inducing lawyer scum have their stinking clients play in court to have the judges soften up, feel that the filthy bastard is really a good person who made a spur of the moment mistake. I hope that it doesn't actually work. Almost every picture you see of 'the accused' in Israeli news you see the same thing. Anyone showing up at court with a kippa should have to prove that they always wore it or their sentence should be doubled and their lawyers jailed for contempt.
17. Wearing a YARMULKE and carrying a KITCHEN KNIFE?!
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (05.17.12)
18. Armed To Kill
The Prophetess ,   SC, USA   (05.17.12)
"Ohayon regularly carried a kitchen knife with him." Ohayon consciously armed himself every day with a knife. Looking for a reason to use it, perhaps? Death Penalty. Case closed.
19. Wearing a kippa in the courtroom
NYC Girl   (05.17.12)
I'll bet anything this guy never wears a kippa. This is a bullshit tactic often used by those accused of a violent crime...sometimes on the advice of their attorneys. It's no different than when some thug, who looks like a neanderthal, appears in court all cleaned up and wearing a suit and tie in an effort to keep the jury from making a judgment based on what might be the defendant's otherwise intimidating appearance.
20. Haim: even a pig in a kipa looks religious
Ilan   (05.17.12)
Get a kipa and look in the mirror
21. crimes will go on unless punishment match the crimes
22. very sad story
alsky ,   Toronto   (05.17.12)
I hope the many arrogant obnoxious youth (and others) in Israel learn from this experience The Kippa fools nobody ! Maybe Im not the only 'fish out of water' every time I travel to Israel and leave disappointed !
23. Um... How about a trial first?
Eldar ,   Haifa   (05.17.12)
Its a good thing talkbackers aren't the ultimate dispensers of justice, or we would have serious lynch mobs running Israel. I was as horrified from this murder as everyone. But can we all please put away the nooses and allow the justice system to give the boy a fair trial. He is innocent until the court decides otherwise.
24. 20 Ilan
psyhc   (05.17.12)
you've got a serious problem.
25. a fine example of Lombrosian type!
the kippah cannot hide his criminal physionomy
26. Come on give him a break - he's religious
Charles   (05.17.12)
Being religious should count for something in this country.
27. we must know if he wore a kippa before..not sure !
28. When will the Media aknowledge its pt?
HumanIndifferance ,   Jerusalem Israel   (05.17.12)
How many lives will be ruined befiore the world acknowledges the major part the media tv film press and music contribute to the chaos of todays society ?. When will they begin to act responsibly and help to build a postive future for our youth Freedom of speech need not include pornography or mindless violence on a massive scale. By not owning up to the major part they play they and the politicians and the parents are trulely criminal
29. He looks like a murderer
Yoram Cohen ,   Paris France   (05.17.12)
and is a murderer even with his kippa on his head. Just one more hyppocrit who deserves a life sentence , thrown into a cell and the key given to Michal Levy. This jerk should be isolated and left to himself to think all his remaining life. No parole.
30. NOTE: criminals in israel put kippot on head after crime.
uri ,   il   (05.17.12)
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