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Baghdad talks: US mulls Iran incentives
Published: 19.05.12, 09:53
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1. For crying out loud
Devorah   (05.19.12)
Now, the latest stall is incentives. Then it will be something else, and something else after that. Let's at least offer Iran an ultimatum: Open your entire nuclear infrastructure for inspection, and divest yourselves of ALL enriched uranium by (date). Otherwise, we're going in sans further negotiations. Take it or leave it.
2. Iran is cheating, it will NEVER EVER give
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.19.12)
up on it's ILLEGAL and CRIMINAL nuke program...only strong military action will make the difference ! FINALLY GO FOR IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
3. Feeding the Wolf ?
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (05.19.12)
They intend to Wipe Israel from the Map and Chew Her up, and You are offering Snacks untill then ? Amazing what kind of selfdeceiving Chamberlainers there is. Arn.Sweden.
4. What illegal program?
joekanuck   (05.19.12)
Iran has IAEA inspectors at every nuclear site....does Israel? Every gram of Iranian nuclear material is under lock and seal and controlled by the IAEA...can Israel say the same? US and even Israeli intel admits Iran is NOT working on a bomb...We all know Israel has them. Maybe get your own house in order before calling for the murder of more civilians.
5. This is beyond ridiculous...
Malone ,   Hx   (05.19.12)
How many more months of Obama are left? Too many!!
6. ALL nuke mullahs MUST be taken down !
Ash ,   the dark side   (05.19.12)
7. Don't trust the anti-semitic
Amir Yallon   (05.19.12)
Don't trust the anti-semitic pro-muslim Obama & Europeans or their cunning stooge Catherine Ashton a bit. Who slaughtered 6 million Jews during WWII ? - the Europeans, while their American cousins stood by watching and did nothing. They only entered the war after Japan attacked them. Now they are more concerned about saving their economy by delaying an Israeli attack with prolonged time-wasting talks with Iran, which enables Iran to facilitate the 2nd Holocaust easily. Its clear Israel has to help itself, not trust others, attack NOW !
8. #6 Dearest Mr. Ash, all the way down to Hell, my love !!
Annie Sprinkle   (05.19.12)
9. This will never fly without Isreal's approval...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (05.19.12)
and without the consent of it's Three Stooges : Netanyahu (Moe), Mofaz (Larry), and Barak (Curly). I can already see tomorrow's headlines : "Three Stooges Destroy Iran's Nuclear Program". Hello, hello, hello...HELLO !!!
10. noodles you forgot your xanax again?
ovadia   (05.19.12)
11. The children are certainly upset today!
TaylorT ,   Earth   (05.19.12)
I suppose it's understandable those like devorah have such anger (given how helpless and impotent Israel is to stop Iran's nuclear program.) If only Israel had a more competent air force they could take on Iran themselves. Instead, they have to rely on the adult nations to find a solution. Perhaps Obama and others will find a way to make Iran back down, perhaps they won't. It really isn't the world's problem, now is it? And if any of you brave Internet warriors is going to tell me that Israel will one day attack Iran, please be sure to include a date (or range of dates, or approximation) on when Israel will do this. I just want to laugh when this date passes and no attack has happened.
12. Iran is as serious
James ,   Canada   (05.19.12)
Iran is as serious about ending its enrichment activities as Israel is about genuine peace with the Palestinians. That is not very much.
13. More proof Obama is on Iran's side.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.19.12)
With his first (and hopefully only) term almost completed, Obama is still a mystery to Americans. Nobody is certain of where he was born. Nobody knows about his university activities. All his records have been sealed tighter than a drum. Most frightening of all; nobody knows Obama's real agenda. Is Obama destroying America, due to incompetence? Or is Obama destroying America on purpose? Obama's offer to Iran is yet more proof that he is really on Iran's side.
14. Inducements
ronnie ,   phladelphia USA   (05.19.12)
Ridiculous to even think Iran will accept this. They just talk in order to continue toward the nuke.
15. #11 Ms Taylor, you're not too bright, are you sweetheart?
Warhawk   (05.19.12)
Even my dog knows it will be right before the US elections when Obama will have no choice not only to keep his mouth shut, but be forced into pretending he actually supports it. You know what they say about the the "best laid schemes of mice and men"..... Turns out that you were also wrong about what is considered universally to be the best air force in the world. (or were the Arabs and Iranians just that inept) You were also forgetting about the formidable missile delivery system, not to mention sub-launch capabilities. Another possible sign of your ignorance? Now, are you going to try and convince me that you are smarter than my dog?
16. Enough!
Steve ,   USA   (05.19.12)
Enough already! That the West actually believes that Iran comes to these meetings because it is effected by the sanctions, is naive. Iran agrees to these meetings only to stall for time. Obama knows this and so does the rest of his weak allies. None of Obama's allies wish him to lose the upcoming elections and if the 'talks' can play out till them, it's 'progress' to them. Israel is no concern for any of these so called allies. Israel needs to deal with Iran on it's own. Even if an attack just delays Iran from going nuclear and doesn't stop it entirely, that would be enough for now. Obama and the democrats won't be in office forever. The USA will eventually return to it's super power status (where it should be) and actually do something to help it's best friend (i.e. Israel).
17. Nothing short of an oil embargo ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.19.12)
.... will deter Iran. Israel now has the green light.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (05.19.12)
Make sure you are sure of the colour you see before doing anything stupid!
19. So the sexist 'warhawk' is down for November.
TaylorT ,   Earth   (05.19.12)
Noted. And surely Obama doesn't need to do anything, does he? Why would Israel care about him when confronting this 'existential threat?' I hope you're also claiming that the world's best air force (thanks for the laugh on that, by the way) will be undertaking this attack alone. Please tell me you are. Why on earth would they need anyone's help? Especially since Israel has a 'formidable missile delivery system!' It will be fun laughing at you in November.
20. #18. Iran couldn't defeat Saddam Hussein. Remember?
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.19.12)
#18 Mahmood. Your posts paint an alternate universe in which Iran is a mighty superpower. Iran couldn't defeat Saddam Hussein. Remember? On the other hand, Western Coalition Forces cut through Hussein's elite Republican Guard like a hot knife through whipped butter. Remember that? Israel is more than capable of dealing with Iran on her own.
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (05.19.12)
As very few are ready to admit of collosul support from various countries during the conflict leaving the Iranians on their own to face it.However,more interesting is the fact about a USA envoy's presence in Iraq questioning Saddam as to how long he would take to sort of bring the Iranians to their knees...............the answer to the envoy was that it would take few weeks to a month.Well,well,what happened to that month.In the end,all those countries,having seen the futility of their aspiration,extended the supply of toxic gas and other chemical weapons to Saddam.There are ample of documentation available to know exactly who supplied Saddam with what.So, don't live in the dream world as the surprise will probably awaken you with a jolt.You may tend to disagree but if that was what you rate the Iranians at,you may be in for a shock.Rather than to get that,be aware of your misplaced belief.
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