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S. Africa to enforce special labeling of settlement products
Elior Levy
Published: 19.05.12, 20:14
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1. Savages, Communists and syncho
Gideon Reader   (05.19.12)
...Islamicsts. EFF EMM! I now refuse to purchase and product made in the "original Apartheid" nation. You deserve all the crime and incompetence and steamroller towards economic destruction. I will carefully check each and every product and do a computer search for a list of South African exports to insure I do not purchase one in error.
2. In retaliation Israel should stop selling them medical......
Mike   (05.19.12)
instruments, supplies or anything else.
3. Ship material to Tel Aviv and invoice from there
GZLives   (05.19.12)
Lawyers need to examine legal definition of "originate" and make the products conform. That may be as simple as packaging somewhere other then current location. Come on lawyers you should be able to counter this or at least start making it costly for BDS and friends to play this game. And BDS ought be examined country by country to see if they are violating law there and then sued. You can be sure we will be beaten if we just let them do this without any response
4. My buddy Henk from Capetown isn't going to like this one bit
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (05.19.12)
Henk just happens to be a non-Jew who knows the truth about the situation (occupied Palestine his behind) and on which side his bread is buttered.
6. #2
Harold ,   USA   (05.19.12)
You mean the South Africans die if they have no Israeli medicine. They have the money and can buy it from all medicine producing countries such as India, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, Cuba and other countries. Wake-up and wise-up.
7. This week Deputy Foreign Minister EBRAHIM EBRAHIM
Doosdief ,   SA   (05.19.12)
wrote to Western Cape Minister of Agriculture,Mr Gerrit Van Rensburg, trying to discourage him from attending a conference on Drought Resistant Crops in Israel.The W. Cape is a Province NOT controled by the Ruling ANC. Its about the only one functioning Province we have controled by the Democratic Alliance. There are many Muslims in ANC and in the Government Ministries..There are no Jews in Government, to best of my knowledge ... despite the large number of them who were part of the "struggle".If there ever is, they are of the Kasrils types.The self haters.The Muslims therefore exert a big influence in SA Israel relations. The Black Population are screaming out for proper service delivery and jobs and advice on agriculture..Israel could really help in all three apart from many other needs they have(.SA POPULATION 50 Million )but the ANC government wont take advantage of the help that Israel can render Mr Rob Davies is from the Communist Wing of the ANC
8. Give them same treatment.
AfCan ,   Pretoria   (05.19.12)
This is not the old country, that respected Israel. A lot of SA products now have partners from arab countries. So yes those goods should be treated the same way.
9. #6 Israel is a giant in the medical industry - drugs & tech
Yaniv ,   Israel   (05.19.12)
Not that I recommend stooping to ythe low level of S. Africa, but a complete end of Israeli imports of any kind, would impact S. Africa temendously, as Israel is the largest high-tech giant after Silicon Valley and have the most start-up companies represented in the Nasdaq after the U.S. Also the leading nation on scientific papers counted per capita. So yeah, unless S. Africa would cheat, like all Israel-boycotters do, refusing anything that originated in Israel would hit S. Africa extremely hard and set them back years in development.
10. The borders delineated by the United Nations in 1948 never
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (05.19.12)
The borders delineated by the United Nations in 1948 never were implemented- the Arabs refused. Thus this law is ridiculous the UN partition had no place in the modern world, and defining Israel by the armistice lines after it was attacked by 6 Arab countries makes no moral or legal sense.
11. Africa is Africa .If you have happend too
Dyslexic........ ,   Israel........   (05.19.12)
be born in SA you understand the mentality of the Africans that run the country too day.First they have no idea how too run a country,second they have killed in the last few years over 3000 of there best farmers,the murder rate is the highest in the world.Now there biggest problem is to ban Israeli products.You go into a shop to buy a box of kelloggs corn flakes the guy tries too sell you carrots they havent a clue.SA is on its way to become like the rest of Africa,a pity..........
12. I already boycott the racist regime of SA
DAVID KAPLAN ,   United States   (05.19.12)
Nor do I permit any if their products in my houe not theri wine at any events I put together. I do not deal with flat out racist regimes,wether black or white run.
13. Ironic That Africa Is Enforcing Apahrtied Policy
emanon ,   USA   (05.19.12)
No one would support a label that says "Made by Non-Whites" but here is Africa calling for labeling goods made by a non-existant people in a non-existant country totally denying the very real country of Israel. On the other hand, it would make it easier to boycot such goods. BDS can be made to work in both directions.
14. Boycotting by SA of products from disputed territories
Rhonda Blender ,   Chicago, USA   (05.19.12)
This is total madness. I will be in Israel in 10 days and will do everything I can with my limited resources to support the economy of Israel including anything I can purchase from the disputed territories.They are trying to destroy Israel and we know it. There are plenty of us in the diaspora that love Israel, love the people and won't LET THEM DOWN.
15. Ship Material to TA and invoice from there
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (05.19.12)
Brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope the Israelis can make this work.
16. Palestinian propaganda reaches South Africa...
Alex   (05.19.12)
Sad... That the South Africans can't see thorugh their lies. If they would have known the reality of Israel, the South Africans would be offended by the Apartheid comparison. We need to fight these lies by our strongest weapon: truth and reality.
17. noodles you forgot your xanax again?
Eitan   (05.19.12)
18. We need to boycott South African Diamonds and gold
Magpie 101   (05.19.12)
in retailiation, we should buy from Russia instead
19. #9
Harold ,   USA   (05.19.12)
Your statement cannot be bought by anyone. Try to learn more about what ithere is on this planet.
20. BDS
Mary Snow ,   USA   (05.19.12)
Israel as a policy needs to take off the Gloves and go after these BDS people period. They are the enemy treat them as such. The Jewish Community and pro Zionist Christian Americans are a powerful counter force also to boycott South African products.
21. How can Israel LOVERS know if product is from Jews or Arabs?
We LOOOVE ISRAEL ,   USA   (05.19.12)
Millions of peoplw will buy these products if they are clearly labled made by Jews in Judea or Samaria. They will NOT buy them if they are Arab products.
22. Who Cares
Errol ,   Johannesburg   (05.19.12)
Who cares, those who know the quality of the product will buy it. Don't worry about the actions of a government run by fools who have trashed the country through stupidity and dishonesty. When they wake up they will find that apartheid has been replaced islamism. They are too stupid to see that the muslims are taking over the country quietly.
23. To 22#.Pal are you wright in what you have
Dyslexic............ ,   Israel......   (05.19.12)
written.Every second corner in JHB there is a mosque been built.I think you should leave SA,when Mandele (the wise one) leaves this plant SA is going too go the same way as rest of Africa.The white people dont stand a chance.There will be a ban on white people......
24. Interesting. Those who fought apartheid are racists
themselves. Which proves that you can never trust any of those "anti-racism activists" Racism corrupts - South Africa is still racist!
25. I was planning a vacation in SA
Brad ,   New York, USA   (05.19.12)
now I'll spend my $ elsewhere, preferably where I won't meet racist demagogues like in South Africa.
26. South Africa is still racist! Obnoxious!
27. South Africa: blacks and Muslim racists
They don't deserve a country since they didn't learn anything from history. Now they are worse than the white racists. South Africa DISGUSTS me!
28. South Africa
geekay ,   Canada   (05.19.12)
Don't mind South Africa. They are led by corrupt and foolish politicians (..and do not forget Rev Desmond 2 2, the anti-Semite). If no action is taken, it will soon become the next Zimbabwe.
29. #25
Sean ,   Montreal, Quebec   (05.19.12)
How is it racist to have products labelled as to their place of origin? Methinks...if you look in the mirror like many posters here, you will find the racist. Your statement was absurd. You're not the same guy who threatened to sue NBC for antisemitism because one of their reporters referred to Bernie Madoff as con artist are you? FYI...Judaism is an ideology, not a race.
30. I think we shouldn't get upset, we should get even.
leo ,   usa   (05.19.12)
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