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S. Africa to enforce special labeling of settlement products
Elior Levy
Published: 19.05.12, 20:14
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31. Perhaps people should try to convince
leo ,   usa   (05.19.12)
their respective Wold leaders to sanction South Africa's racist behavior.
32. Did you know that the responsible EU Commissione
Hans-Peter Dollhopf ,   Ludwigshafen/Germany   (05.19.12)
Algirdas Semeta plans to allow the label “Made in Germany” in the future only on products, if at least 45 percent of the share value come from Germany? This would cause an “immense damage” to the German economy, according to German Chamber of Industry and Commerce President Hans Heinrich Driftmann. Mr. Driftmann and also Mrs, Merkel therefore cannot be amused by Denmark's FM Willy Sondal's pushing of a European government disapproval. It simply cannot be in the German interest!
33. Reverse aparteid SA also saved genocidal Al Bashir from
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (05.19.12)
being sent to the Hague. They are busy playing 3rd world politics and sucking up to the Moslem world assisted by radical leftists. Low lives like Kasrils are constant agitators along with Bishop Tutu who seems to have only one problem on life, Israel, very interesting that. Human rights in corrupt cronyism SA is a bad joke.Their world leading daily murder rates speak for themselves
34. #29 Sean - Wrong!
Eric ,   Toronto   (05.19.12)
Jews do form a race. How can you explain otherwise the physical traits that are common to so many Jews, and the DNA characteristics that they share. Israel, Judaism, and Jews are different aspects of the same oneness whether you like it or not.
35. SA Boycotts Israel
K ,   Chicago, USA   (05.20.12)
Then we should boycott SA. Their diamonds are now "Conflict Diamonds", their gold is "Conflict gold". No tourism, no foreign investment. No medicines from Israel, no help with nation building. SA will become Zimbabwe in a decade, install the above and it will become Zimbabwe in a few years.
36. And the palestinian bullying continues...
Ilana   (05.20.12)
37. South Africa marks Settlement Products
Christos ,   Baltimore USA   (05.20.12)
Excellent decision by South Africa to mark settlement products. Delegitimizes the settlements which are illegal in any case, does nothing toward Israel proper. Just excellent. Fervently hope the practice spreads.
38. Good news a step in the right direction
Haim ,   TA   (05.20.12)
More and more people are boycotting products made in the illegal settlments by the settler thugs. C utting off their life line is an effective tool in dealing with these people.
39. #6 and #19
jorge ,   ISREA/USA/ARGENTINA   (05.20.12)
Why do you not go to Al Manar forum with your poison Antisemitism? Why can you not accept the fact that Israel is a power in technology and medical tech? Yes South Africa cannot afford from others countries and most of the will be reseller of Israelis products. You get the facts.
40. leftists
agokoy ,   cebu   (05.20.12)
if they are actively effecting the destruction of Israel through commerce, then this can probably constitute rebellion. Prosecute, jail or exile these undesirables.
41. If these were truly good South Africans interested in human
ChanahS ,   Israel   (05.20.12)
they should be more concerned with the apartheid that is still widespread in their own country, where there are millions of non-whites with no jobs living in squalid conditions with no water or electricity. I viited Cape Town last december and saw miles and miles of shanty towns, tin shacks, where these people live (if you can cll it that). South Africa is a country where the enviroonment minister wasnts to investigate if lighning striekes the underprivileged more than the privilege!!! Wonder what she wwill do if it's true.
42. #12 Racist Regime ??????
Stan ,   Israel   (05.20.12)
1 Explain in which way S.A. has a racist regime. 2. David , do you support Israel's occupation of Territory which the whole world (including USA) condemns. Can you name one country which supports Israel on this?
43. To # 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 22, 36
Stan ,   Israel   (05.20.12)
You Ilana (# 36) are ludicrous, you are typical of all those who support Israel at all costs. ISRAEL UBER ALLES. You support Israel with your heart, but without your head. Before you all start cursing or rideculing me , know this I CAME TO ISRAEL FROM S.A. FIFTY YEARS AGO. SO I KNOW BOTH COUNTRIES WELL. THERE IS NO APARTHEID IN ISRAEL!!!!! This does not mean that 45 years of occupation can be ignored. NAME ONE COUNTRY IN THE WORLD WHICH SUPPORTS ISRAEL'S OCCUPATION. TIME IS NOT ON ISRAEL'S SIDE. ISRAEL MUST NEGOTIATE A PEACE DEAL WITH THE PALS. NOW. ( Not for the good of the Palestinians, but for the survival of the Jewish State ) I, MY CHILDREN, AND GRANDCHILDREN HAVE ONLY ISRAELI CITIZENSHIP. I won't see it in my lifetime, but if Israel does not make a big effort NOW for peace, including withdrawal from 95% of Judea and Samaria, then eventually the Jews in GREATER ISRAEL will become a minority who cannot and will not give voting rights to the Arabs. THE BOYCOTT OF ISRAEL HAS BEGUN. AS WITH S.A. THE BOYCOTT MAY TAKE 20 YEARS TO BRING ABOUT THE COLLAPSE OF THE COUNTRY. Those of you who are "believers" and hope that God will save Israel, forget it. When did he ever "save' us? From the Persians, Greeks, Romans, Muslims, Crusaders, Russians and their sattelites, Germans? South Africa tried to outsmart her critics by forming 7 tribal autonomies. IT DID NOT HELP. Here in Israel there are those who propose that the Pals can vote for the Jordanian Parlement. THIS WON'T WORK! Do your homework, and check how many UN Resolutions condemned SA and then Israel. (These two countries account for the vast majority of condemnations) IF BIBI REFUSES TO MAKE THE EFFORT (that is find a way to get the Pals to the negotiating table) THEN THERE REMAINS ONLY ONE POSSIBLE WAY TO SAVE ISRAEL. APPLY TO BECOME THE 53rd STATE OF THE USA.
44. South Africa will get the christian nation upset too.
Karey ,   Jacksonville, USA   (05.20.12)
Why would they be so racist? Don't listen to the hate that the Palestinian people have. They hate everyone, who cares. Unbelievable that they would even consider this somewhat ok. It is not.
45. # 41 Chanah it's a pity
Stan ,   Israel   (05.20.12)
that you are as ignorant as the SA INVIRONMENT MINISTER. Do you know what Apartheid means? Separate. Separate transport, separate hotels, separate public toilets, separate post ofices, separate park benches etc etc etc. In Israel 25% or the population are poor, and 10% don't have enough food. DOES THAT MAKE ISRAEL AN APARTHEID STATE? Of course not.
46. Easy to solve the problem
Stan ,   Israel   (05.20.12)
Simply annex the whole West bank, make it officially part of Israel. Q.E.D. Problem solved........... Er wait a minute, then we'll have to give all the Pals citizenship, and that will be the end of Israel. On the other hand if we don't let them vote for the Knesset, then we are an APARTHEID STATE, and we will be boycotted So back to the solution I gave in # 43
47. Doosdief is correct. in all respects..Muslim loby is problem
Alan ,   SA   (05.20.12)
48. To: No. 43
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.20.12)
Your post is a complete farce. By the way -- mind telling me the identity of the 51st and 52nd States of the United States? The last I checked, there are only fifty. The rest of your post demonstrates an equal knowledge of the facts. Just shut up and move to Ramallah, where you can live cheek by jowl with those who wish to destroy you. Idiot! How do you propose to make "peace" with those bent on your destruction? Have you forgotten that in 2000, Israel DID offer to withdraw from Judea and Samaria, and even offered the ersatz "Palestinians" East Jerusalem as a capital? Have you forgotten that the offer was rejected in favor of starting the second intifada? Has it escaped your notice that the ersatz "Palestinians" are not in the least bit interested in peaceful co-existence with Israel, but rather wish only to supplant Israel? You are welcome to bend over and present your hindquarters to any Arab you wish but, fortunately, you speak for a tiny minority of Israelis. Best just shut up.
49. To: No. 48 - Sarah
Corey ,   USA   (05.20.12)
Your response belies your own ignorance and hatred - certainly and sadly not an uncommon state around this issue. You ridicule Stan for getting a fact wrong about your country and mine, then you use that mistake to invalidate the rest of his position. And then you do what so many do: you begin the attack against the man, not against his arguments or position. And you repeat the same set of talking points with which you have been armed, or dare I say: programmed. How many times have we heard those tired tropes for maintaining the fear and hatred that stokes the cycle of violence? There are those of us, both in the US and in Israel, who love Israel and want her to survive, but agree with what Stan says. He is not the only one who sees this. You can dismiss us all as ignorant fools and use whatever name-calling you wish. You can wrongly believe, if you do, that the majority of American Jews agree with your position - the one that the organized American Jewish community puts forth. But there are many of us in the American Jewish community, most decidedly nor radical leftists, who have studied the issue, the history, the possible paths forward, and have come to the same conclusion. I do not dare to believe a response like this will change your mind. And I will not stoop to personally attacking you for your opinions, regardless of how uncivil your rhetoric is. But please know this: if Stan is a fool, then there are many more fools out here who share his foolish views. And we see what has happened in the country we grew up loving and supporting and we know She has to change paths. Before it is too late and the country is no longer both Jewish and democratic .
50. to Corey
Adam H. ,   USA   (05.20.12)
Stan is is misguided naive fool a la Jstreet, under the belief that if you give in to those who want to destroy you they'll be nice to you. Except that Stan is worse because he compares Israel to Nazi Germany which shows he's also ignorant.
51. Don't you think the Jewish mind is resourceful?
Abe ,   Harare   (05.21.12)
52. Resourceful by the necessity of survival forces
Blue Meany ,   Harare   (05.21.12)
For decades the world was trying to narrow Jewish footsteps, they tried many things to harm Jews or Israelis, they judge us not according to same rule criteria as they judge other. So we had to become resourceful to survive... Yet we not only survived but we even flourished. Just note we did not conquer to take more land, we conquered for there was no other choice, the war was imposed on us by the Arabs. For us it always was a matter of existence or seizing to exist. It was always the Arab who shot first !!!
53. Your statement does not hold much water as well...
Blue Meany ,   Harare   (05.21.12)
54. Dear Harold from USA... who's side are you anyway?
Blue Meany ,   Harare   (05.21.12)
Your Statement does not hold much water too... Israel does not deprive any Arab of what is rightfully theirs. So I challenge the real legality of such a boycott. BTW: How many countries did in fact return occupied lands they conquered even when the wars were of their own initiation? Unlike Israel where they were dragged into it by the other side's acts of war.
55. To 21
Blue Meany ,   Harare   (05.21.12)
I wold not mark any product with such labels. To label anything of such is clearly promoting racism. Labeling goods like that is also unnecessary. Any intelligent human being will recognize Arabic labour quality Vs. Israeli high enduring products...
56. #9
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (05.25.12)
Israel is a giant in the GENERIC medical industry, in other words cheaper copies of inventions made elsewhere. Otherwise they're not that important really, it would hurt Israel more to not be able to sell their products to South Africa than it would hurt South Africa to use a precice replica from another generic producer for about the same price and quality.
57. I live in Switzerland
Moragh   (09.03.12)
There is nothing wrong with medication from this country. Can I help. Frankly, I don't give two wraps what the "so-called" protesters against Israel have to say. To me the Jewish people and Israel is the best in the world. Put that in your pipes and smoke it! What an ignorant bunch of nincompoops are being born into this world today. Ugh! they give me the creeps!
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