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Rabbis pass hotel 'equality of treatment resolution'
Published: 21.05.12, 07:19
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1. Don't give in to those Non Jewish ideas!!
yehoshua bader ,   Tzfat, Israel   (05.21.12)
2. Women rabbis? Stay in Eretz HaTumah!
GF ,   IL   (05.21.12)
3. Most Jews non-Jewish? Something wrong with that thinking
Israeili Jew ,   Israel   (05.21.12)
4. explain the "non-orthodox use"
Golan ,   modiin   (05.21.12)
traditional Israeli Jews have no problem using the book in the way the holy books were intended. And I am sure the conservatives and reform would have a problem with another "denomination" of "judaism" namely the Christian Jews or Jews for Jesus using those books. So please... stop being silly.
5. reformed and conservative "judaism"
Yoni the JEW ,   Jewish Homeland   (05.21.12)
you can make up your own religion all you want but why call it Judaism?
6. Please publish the list of the hotels that discriminate
Tova M. ,   Rehovot, Israel   (05.21.12)
... so we'll know which ones NOT to use.
7. The Haredi aren't real jews, they are idol warshipers
yoav ,   israel   (05.21.12)
they worship their rabbis.
8. "Rabbis"...
Fed Up   (05.21.12)
Sorry these are not "rabbis". They have made their own rules, desecrated Judaism and those who died for it and have opened the gates to intermarriage, assimilation and thinning of the Jewish people. Let them get their own "scrolls"as they have invented their own form of religion.
9. Reform and Conservatives
Sane ,   Manchester England   (05.21.12)
Are not followers of Judaism. Allowing them to use a Sefer Torah which they cannot respect as they don't even follow what is written in it would be disrespectful.
10. 'A Modest Proposal'
Joseph ,   London UK   (05.21.12)
I understand from reliable sources that Hotels appoint a ' hotel rabbi' with responsibility for services and the Sifrei Torah, which can easily costs $20,000 each. Those who opt out of the 'official' services are requested to make their own arrangements -- whatever stream. Let the Conservatives and Reform arrange to use Sifrei Torah from their Israeli counterparts, or have their own shachris and musaf, but join the official service for kriat haTorah. Have Israeli Conservative and Reform temples refused to help?
11. credibility
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (05.21.12)
Now that the Shechter Seminary in Israel has followed the JTS and agreed to ordain actively gay and lesbian rabbis, Masorti has lost its last bit of credibility in Eretz Israel. It's gone down to the level of American Conservatives. Let Conservative groups visiting Israel borrow Torah scrolls from the Shechter seminary or other bastions of Israeli Masorti religion.
12. Ironic that this week the Conservatives said the Torah isn't
ATAT ,   Houston, US   (05.21.12)
There's a news article this very week where the Conservative Leadership concluded the Torah isn't literally true. Why not let Christians use the Torah scroll, they believe in it more than the Conservatives...?
13. Embracing God's Creation
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (05.21.12)
Dogma is a threat to the stability of Judaism. Judaism is a living creature; it evolves, it answers to the many, it requires tending and attention. Forcing a single vision alienates so many, and is hurtful. To call those, that don't ascribe to this limited view of Judaism, "non-Jews" is wrong, and is in itself non-Jewish. Is it better to have alienate, and distance Judaism, from all except that limited few? Whose form, and who decides? Have some common sense. Engage wisdom (remember Solomon). Avoid such a limited view of life, that only becomes relevant to the very few. This is not what Judaism is about!
14. Conservatives are NOT Jews
Yoshua ,   Israel   (05.21.12)
neither are Reformed or other self ordained personal lifestyles that use some but not all of the rules of Judaism
15.  Hotels listen to Rabbis for...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (05.21.12)
economical reasons. They won t take the risk to lose a big group of consumers for the sake of a small one. The prayer books in synagogues are at the disposal of EVERY ONE.Nobody asks you what kind of Jew you are.Are the hotels more pope than the pope.?
16. When we share it is pleasing b4 the throne of G-d!
Sephardi Leftist! ,   Israel   (05.21.12)
That said, if we can't share then divide it up like this: so we could share by turns like this: 1. Sephardi first because we are used to sharing with everyone, so we should get first call. Besides we get up early on Shabbat AND also we don't know from this Orthodox, Reform Conservative dividing up that you speak up. We see all Jews as Jews first. 2. After the Sephardim, next up Ashkenazi Orthodox because they get up later then the Sephardim on Shabbat Mornings. 3. After the Ashkenazi Orthodox all Jews. AND NO! You may NOT have a pool side service WITH the Torah scroll while you are in your bathing suit! What kind of question was that anyway!
17. Hate
leo ,   nyc   (05.21.12)
Some of these messages are filled with hate towards other Jews---what a disgrace! Let's stir the pot even further, how good a Jew you are is determined by the manner in which you act as a human being, and no ritual will make up for hateful behavior...go back and read the Torah!
18. to all
David ,   Herzlia,Israel   (05.21.12)
After reading all the responses, pro-against-middle-don't care, I came to the conclusion that teh Arabs are making a msitake by not making peace with us, they would achieve their goals if they do agree to peace..... if we have peace with the Arabs... then the Jews will be free to EAT EACH OTHER ALIVE , and soon we will behave exactly like the Sunnis and the Shiites i.e. kill each other. What a joke.... Haredim against Conservatives, Reforms, etc etc and the same vice-versa, who is a Jew, who is NOT a Jews, I thought that Hitler decided this a long time ago... !!!!!!! I am sure that God is looking down on us and saying : WHAT DID I CHOOSE???? OR IS IT WHY DID THEY CHOOSE ME ???
19. Boycott those hotels which do not give equal treatment!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (05.21.12)
20. #5, 9, 14:
Sailor ,   USA   (05.21.12)
Please tell me the criteria for your definition of who is and who is not a Jew. If you are modern orthodox, but not ultra-orthodox, are you not a Jew? If you believe in giving the best education to your sons and daughters in math and science so they are employable, are you not a Jew? If you believe in equal rights for women, and believe it is ok to speak with a woman who is not your wife, are you not a Jew? Where do you draw the line?
21. #20
Sane ,   Manchester England   (05.21.12)
I said they are not followers of Judaism. This can be easily seen by the fact they discard bits of Judaism at will, and many of them even deny G-d's existence. Trying to shoe-horn education is particularly laughable, as I am orthodox (i.e. don't cut out all the bit's of Judaism I don't like) and am currently taking a degree withe the Open University here in England.
22. #17
Sane ,   Manchester England   (05.21.12)
You are right that behavior is an important part of Judaism, but no one is using 'hate' against Jews, Instead are reacting to an organisation that insults their religion by saying half of it is not true, and then demands you respect their 'religion'.
23. #20:
Sailor ,   USA   (05.21.12)
In your talkback #9, you state : "Reform and Conserative are not followers of Judaism. Allowing them to use a Sefer Torah which they cannot respect as they don't even follow what is written in it would be disrespectful." This is a bold statement to make. Do you follow every commandment? Being a very educated individual and obviously wordly and knowledgable, what would your reaction be to the ultra-orthodox who may claim that you are not a true follower of Judasim due to you university education and knowledge of the world?
24. hotel equality
Yoel ,   Ossining,NY   (05.21.12)
A solution. Hotel provides no sefer torah. Worshipers provide their own.
25. Cudos 2 #16 4 doing his/her best 2 come up w/ a solution!
IMC ,   Jerusalem   (05.21.12)
It isn't a 100% solution but I can see that the Sephardi Leftist is trying to find a way to please everyone and to please G-d. I particularly liked the closing comment...because it shows that the Sephardi Leftist does have a fundamental knowledge of a questions that could come up.
26. #14. How dare you
A ,   Belgium   (05.21.12)
insult my father, who is a conserative Jew, whose father escaped the pogroms in Russia, who has been active in Jewish groups all of his life supports Israel passionatly, and at the age of 85, still goes to synagogue every Saturday. Tell HIM he's not a Jew, you miserable piece of shit!
27. haredi habits not real jew habits!
Ze'ev ,   Nbg, germany   (05.21.12)
Im sorry, but the habits and ways of the haredim ARE not the ways/habits of real judaism! The haredim are a minority!
28. Publish a list of complying hotels, and I will follow it
Mea   (05.21.12)
29. @26. I hear u but please regroup & be polite
Sephardi Leftist ,   Israel   (05.21.12)
you are 100% correct #14 is out of line. I AM insulted by his comments. Clearly #14 is ignorant...let it go! let him stew in his ignorance!
30. to No 6 and8
Adi ,   raanana   (05.21.12)
to #6 thanks more room for me to# 8 good on you, well said
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