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Lieberman: Iran trying to deceive West
Published: 20.05.12, 10:10
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1. Nuclear talks: The hapless fools!
Jake Stone ,   USA   (05.20.12)
2. Waste of time!
Z.Z. Coltrane ,   USA   (05.20.12)
3. NOT to be published
Alberto ,   Italy   (05.20.12)
The picture in the opening is not Napolitano's, he is a 82 years man...
4. Does one have to have a degree from Sorbonne to come to this
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.20.12)
conclusion, or is driving a taxi enough of an intellectual standard?
5. #4 Lieberman has an academic degree
Dan the Jafa ,   Auckland, NZ   (05.20.12)
So do I. Do you?
6. Obama looks like a feces in a suit. Ycch.
7. What a load of crap!
Steve ,   USA   (05.20.12)
We all know that 'progress' will happen (whether we like it or not). The outcome has already been planned, signed and soon delivered. A date for the next talks will be made (in a month or two - no hurry ). New York Times, my a**! Israel must not cave and must stand firm with all it's demands. My own grandmother should be able to inspect the Iranian Nuke sites or no deal. The world is ready to sacrifice Israel just to appease and get certain persons reelected.
8. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (05.20.12)
that in the end the nuke program will be taken out.
9. Lieberman is OUR man !!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.20.12)
OF COURSE IRAN IS CHEATING!!!!!!!!!!!! And of course uncle Noodles is right !
10. So let's BOUNCE the mad mullahs !!!!!!!
Ash ,   the dark side   (05.20.12)
11. Barak -- not Bibi?
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (05.20.12)
Who the hell do Obama and his poodle Hillary think they are? 'American officials' chose to negotiate with Israel's Defense Minister rather than Prime Minister? Maybe Obama should elect Israel's leaders. He has the hubris to think he can decide with which one he will negotiate? What gall!
12. It Really Doesn't Matter What The Outcome
Is After These FAUX talks. iran Has Told the world What they intend to do and Not to do. The little bearded monkey SAID and Quote sanctions have NO EFFECT on isslimic republic or theocratic dictatorship. The mighty iran is self sufficient and a world power, so why preytell Do They Need Sanctions eased? As for their ayatollah cockamamie He Is Lier and Should Never Be taken at his word, to be subversive Twords non-moslems and westerner's. Is pakistan a moslem country? Doesn't pakistan have Nuclear weapons? So either pakistan IS NOT A moslem country? Or iran's ayatollah cockamamie is A LIER. This is just a thought.
13. #11: Robert
Israeli 2   (05.20.12)
Barrak is no less of a tough cookie on Iran. He is being sent by Bibi to let the Americans know that he and Bibi are all set to give the go ahead ...anytime soon. Bibi spelled out 3 things clearly in Chechoslovakia. They better comply.
14. so what
Stan Bert   (05.20.12)
Hajji HUSSEIN obama is happy with them !
15. #13, you miss the point
Robert ,   New Jersey, USA   (05.20.12)
Obama is on a long campaign to influence the elections in Israel by marginalizing Prime Minister Netanyahu. From his 'accidental' open mike comment about dealing with Bibi in conversation with Sarkozy, to his repeated slaps in the face, walking out on Bibi in the White House, Obama is deliberately marginalizing the Israel Prime Minister. This example is typical of the thuggery at work in this impostor president's regime. It will backfire. The American people have awakened from their somnambulism and on November 6th will flush the sewage inhabiting the Executive Branch and Senate so that America can again resume its role as a shining city on a hill, giving hope to a desperate, directionless world.
16. deception,Irand need to deceive and make the free world to
Anna M Sedda ,   rome_Italy   (05.20.12)
...compromise,i remember another time in life like that:the Nazi s time with Hitler.Unfortunatly Obama wagamama is the man that compromise with Iran and muslim world has his own very agenda....Bad time for freedom at head.. Obama need to go,and Iran will be gone!!!
17. Lieberman for President!!!
Anna M Sedda ,   rome_Italy   (05.20.12)
Iran would have been DUST by now if Lieberman was president...We need man with balls.....
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