State honors memory of Ethiopian Jews
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 20.05.12, 17:13
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1. How many practicing Jewish Ethiopians are there today in....
Be honest PLEASE ,   Israel   (05.20.12)
Israel? IE: of all those who wher brought here (and their subsequent children what PERCENTAGE are actually practicing Jews. From my observation it is a very tiny percentage. Take a walk down Jaffa Street in Jerusalem on Shabbes going to the Kotel and you will see how they really live. Hanging out in bars, drinking, making loud parties... ALL on SHABBES. I say Israel has been tricked into playing the fool AGAIN.
2. Practice to be a Jew,,, LMAO
Mark ,   Brooklyn   (05.20.12)
Do you mean practice as you wold practice to play an instrument or practice your lines in a script. Judaism is a very simple way of life, the Jewish people can be some complicated people, some practice some don't, none the less they are still Jews,,,, Be honest Israel, PLEASE,,,,,,, with yourself. I believe #1 you got some other issues going on,,, read the article maybe more 5 times.
3. We must rid Israel of racism and discriminitory behavior....
Stop your HYPOCRACY ,   Bibi   (05.20.12)
Start by allowing JEWS also to PRAY AT OUR MOST HOLY SITE the Temple Mount. It is unbelievable that you allow this discrimination against Jews in Israel.
4. lasting challenges but a great asset to us all
Yael ,   Jerusalem   (05.20.12)
Many Jewish souls perished in the diaspora. Thousands of Ethiopians, yearning for the Holy Land, died in transit, attacked by bandits, wild animals, hunger and thirst as they tried to cross the vasts deserts to arrive here. When finally they arrived in Israel, the Ethiopian community was culturally and religiously uprooted. Their Judaism was lacking the Oral Torah and the halachic structure that other Jews had for centuries. The change of language, culture, and everything else that they faced when they arrived created a rift between generations, which unfortunately led to some lasting challenges. I know many wonderful young religious Ethiopian women who are making this country a better place. The Prime Minister is right that there is no place for racism and discrimination here. The Ethiopian community always yearned for Jerusalem. They are experts in ritual im/purity and will be a huge asset to us in the near future, when the Temple is restored.
5. I don't know any religious (ie: practicing) Jewish Ethiopian
Two kinds of ,   Ethiopians in Israel   (05.20.12)
who are descriminated against. They go to the same schools. They are accepted as family. Those who keep away from the Jewish community, break Shabbes and the laws is a different story.
6. Bibi Barack Netanyahu Obama
The Prophetess ,   SC, USA   (05.20.12)
On this side of the pond, the NAACP just propped up Obama's gay marriage fiasco, overriding not only the Biblical tenets of marriage, but the beliefs of Conservative Black Churches. And now Bibi is inversely emulating Obama with this equality for all spiel. It cannot work. Civilized nations are in a cataclysmic free-fall.
7. Beautiful, now thats how it should be done. Now 4 follow up
hippocrates ,   earth   (05.20.12)
Good for you PM, good for you my brothers and sisters who waited a long long long time to return.
8. The Right Message
yaakov ,   TA   (05.20.12)
Bravo to the PM for sounding the right message!
9. suprising
lev ,   israel   (05.20.12)
First of all there are not just two kinds of ethiopeans, just like there are not just two kinds of white people. your comment is ignorant and lacking truth. if you are jewish then you know there are many types of jews. and the majority if ethiopeans are religious. And who exactly excepts them as a family again? You? Racism exist here like it exist everywhere stop fooling yourselves
10. to number #1
Eritrean ,   Eritrea   (05.20.12)
the practice of Ethiopians is in writen in thier heart not like you people reading and practicing Jews and making sins the next minute, Ethiopians are the most pure Jews and pure christians if you like, people like you were for sure once in your generation being transformed to defferent religiouns and now after the formation of the new state you are trying to juge on peoples beliefs! BiBi is great man who made great job to save peoples life and he is honoring for the right cause! thanks
11. 1
john Darren ,   cairns-Austraalia   (05.21.12)
Are you also saying that they are not Jews and don't belong in Israel?
12. Ethiopian Jews in Israel
M ,   U.S.   (05.21.12)
Well said #2!
13. Thought Provoking
Lela ,   Alexandria, U.S.A   (05.21.12)
Tears came into my eyes when reading your open and genuine thoughts. It brought memories of friends who are now in Eritrea who values Ethiopians just like you; I miss them so much. I still don't believe we are separate; we are one people and one nation.You are absolutely right, prime minister Netanyahu should be praised for his support so far and his future commitment to fight racism. Thanks for your sincere comment An Ethiopian from U.S.A
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