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Egyptians to Ynet: Peace treaty will be upheld
Roi Kais
Published: 22.05.12, 10:22
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1. Peace treaty will be upheld
joe ,   uk   (05.22.12)
Egyptians should ask themselves is it bad to have cold peace with israel and what did they gain out of it instead of hearing what israel haters are saying and brain washing their minds
2. Egypt does not have to grovel
leon ,   Britain   (05.22.12)
As they did before,Israel and the U.S is no longer controlling and forcing a dictator upon Egypt.
3. Egyptians are "worried about "
t bird ,   Britain   (05.22.12)
the possibility of irregularities or that a remnant of the Mubarak regime will win the election." Well they would be,wouldn't they? Its about time the USA stopped forcing dictators upon countries that serve the USA and themselves before the people
4. leon. You are such a hero from Britain. The 20 yr old has
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (05.22.12)
has got more brains,than an armchair ideologue safely in Britain,he is on the spot and knows no good to Egypt will come out of a military confrontation with Israel.You of course could not care less at thousands of dead. So hero boy if you want to see some action get your own backside in the line of fire.. Strange how you & t bird write almost the same,the old multi identity routine used by lefties on Haaretz to make it look like you actually have some support out there.It is pretty juvenile but consistent.
5. #2 get a life
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (05.22.12)
The Egyptians could not have attacked Israel, even though Mubarak wanted to. Instead, Israel was forced to surrender her territory, and Egypt received endless amounts of weapons and financial aid to serve as the US' foreign legion in the Arab world. If Mubarak cared, he would have made real peace with Israel and Egypt would have prospered. Instead, he built a huge army and educated his people to hate Jews. Now Mubarak will hang, the US will keep sending money and weapons to another puppet they will appoint, and eventually there will be a big war with lots of dead people.
6. Egyptians are a Joke. After voting for the Muslim ...
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (05.22.12)
Brotherhood for Parliament they are afraid the country will become Islamist. What did they extected? If Islamist don't win the presidency, maybe violence will start in the country. Now that they have a foothold they wont let it go. Every get`s the government they deserve. The brew a Hate for Israel, without analizing things and now is to let they open the GEnie from the bottle and nobody knows where this will lead. Probably in the short run there will be a another military coup to reign in Islamists.
7. To no 2 what a simplistic analisis. Israel never imposed
Ari- Jerusalem   (05.22.12)
any regime in Egypt it was their own doing Egypt declared three unwanted wars of anhilation to Israel Fortunately lost. all of them Israel accepted a peace treaty based on giving back land for peace. The Egyptinas have made this a very cold peace. Nevertheless they had peace for 30 years. If Egypt decides to renounce to the peace treaty unilaterally Israel has the right to take back Sinai. It is as simple as that. But unfortunately arabs have big mouths and that is what is loosing them. They are big at talking and yelling. At the end most of them are just paper tigers
8. Israelis must not forget that...
jules   (05.22.12)
... the Egyptians nearly lynched Israeli diplomats in Cairo, not long ago.
9. Egypt's soothing words for US aid?
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (05.22.12)
peace is profitable. Let's hope that the final result of their elections bring about better relationships between two neighbors. Egypt can benefit greatly from her friend, israel. Neither want more upheavals or war. This is the adult way of doing business, live and let live.
10. such a view from Britain...
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (05.22.12)
and still you know nothing. Iran is your ideal I suppose of muslim liberties? LOL and the 'arab spring' is an endless supply of blood in her streets. It all depends on which dictators, eh? The ones you approve seem to have no bearing on reality. Stay in Britain, the view's so different from their reality and their loss of lives.
11. Treaty already broken - they're not supplying gas
rebecca ,   Modiin   (05.22.12)
The supply of gas (not hot air) was part of the treaty, and they've already stopped that. Does anyone really believe Egypt will remain peaceful towards Israel for a moment longer than they think they can get away with?
12. Will Gaza be returned to Egypt?
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (05.22.12)
If the new leader wants the Palestinians to have a State then returning Gaza would be an excellent start. Israel has tried to get rid of it for decades. The people in Gaza lived in Egypt until 1967 and they and the land should be returned.
13. Peace treaty will be upheld.
Bergkamp   (05.22.12)
In other words the arabs of egypt fear Israell´s military superiority and know that for the moment must keep lying to the Israelis about their intentions of killing them all. By the way when an arab talks about a "peace treaty" with an indifel, particularly if he´s jew what in fact is saying is "hudna". Time to make plans to recover the Sinai. Forever.
14. #11
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (05.22.12)
I could've sworn I read somewhere that the reason the gas stopped was because (1) Israel fell way behind on the bill and (2) terrorist factions kept targeting the pipeline. Obviously I'm pro-Israel, but we have to be fair here. As for the nice words from the general populace in Egypt - that's very encouraging and I hope peace is maintained. However, the words need to come from elected officials, not just 20yo college students.
15. To Ari #6
Aiman ,   Egypt   (05.23.12)
Looking at the Israeli government , that makes you a joke too.
16. Egyptians: Peace treaty will be upheld
ltrail ,   United States   (05.24.12)
Watch out. Whenever one says they will do one thing, they actually mean the opposite. The State of Israel is smart and won't completely accept all statements; Thank G-d.
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