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Israel skeptical on Iran nuke deal
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 22.05.12, 17:14
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1. Yaay!!!!
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (05.22.12)
Finally...good to know israel was irrelevant in all of this though!
2.  Islamic Republic's cooperation - A joke
Spencer ,   Israel   (05.22.12)
All Iran wants to do is play fopr time and continue to develope nuclear weapons and the rest of the world (except for Israel) is falling for it. Wake up! Iran is and under the present regime , will always be a terrorist supporting Country bent on wiping Israel and the non Islamic world off the face of the earth. There is only one proper solution to the problem. Take out the present leaders of Iran.
3. ludicrous !
Samir Dan   (05.22.12)
Cant believe the Iranians nor Obama, both are hardcore liars. Unless Iran stop enriching all Uranium immediately, closes Fordow and hands over all Uranium, Israel should attack immediately. No point in wasting further time on Obama's hot-air emissions, he is clearly against Israel.
4. These UN clowns will never change...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (05.22.12)
Irans time is up by NOW !
5. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.22.12)
Israel is the ONLY relevant factor in the equation. We're evidently the only ones that recognize Iranian persiflage and calumny. We'll take care of it, though, on our terms. While the rest of the cowardly West sits with its thumbs where its thumbs are always kept.
6. #3: Attack with what?
Cynthia ,   Canada   (05.22.12)
Your words? Israel doesn't have the means to do significant damage to Iran's nuclear program. And you'd be much better off showing appreciation to the world for doing anything whatsoever to help lessen Israeli paranoia. Iran is not the world's problem. Tough luck, kid.
7. #6 Oh, you understimate Israel
Samir Dan   (05.22.12)
IDF can set it easily back at least 2-3 years. Of course, if a nuke was used, it can be set back 2,00-3000 years.... Don't worry about US support. The USA will be dragged in to protect their precious oil reserves, which is far more important to them than any Israeli lives.
8.  deal with Iran soon
MAT ,   UK   (05.22.12)
iran is getting more time for themselves and they know that can get away with it they are taking the PISS
9. Terrible news for noodles and sarah b but
Send the meds asap ,   saraleh and lokeshen   (05.22.12)
sanity was expected to prevail in the end.
10. #5 After +10 years you have some nerve
Peter ,   Vienna-Austria   (05.22.12)
You talked for more than 10 years of an imminent attack. Where are you now?! We're still waiting to see your words come to reality Sarah B. Its getting a bit boring to hear you talk like a macho.
11. "the decision was made... to reach agreement" ??
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (05.22.12)
"the decision was made... to reach agreement" on the mechanics of giving the IAEA access to sites, scientists and documents it seeks to restart its probe", Another attempt at time buying and hopefully it will be seen as such.
12. #1 - why would you like Israel to be irrelevant?
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (05.22.12)
"the decision was made... to reach agreement" on the mechanics of giving the IAEA access to sites, scientists and documents it seeks to restart its probe," Another attempt at time buying and hopefully it will be seen as such.
13. #7 Yes! Yes!
TaylorT ,   Earth   (05.22.12)
Keep on attacking the US (your only friend.) Keep telling us that it is their duty to 'protect Israeli lives' (like you're the 51st state, eh?) You people make my job soooo easy.
14. Mr Ammano Did iran Keep Obligations
Of the original signatory of the NPT? Have irans Actions thus far give confidence in them keeping their word in the Past 2 years or ever? To iran a piece of paper is something to wipe their asses with and that's all. In the pic of this article you shaking hands with jailli both have artificial look on your faces,actually a strained look? Mr Ammano if iran was threatening Japan as they have been threading Israel what stance do you think Japan would take? iran Has Stated their intentions Many times in the last few months and They Don't Fall in line with International Community, so this So -Called Deal Really Means NOTHING but window dressing. Poor mr ammano You wasted your time Again.
15. #6 - Israel had tactical nuclear weapons
michael redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (05.22.12)
And most likely has them on its subs. Israel's capability has never been in doubt. Waiting until the last moment is important because you do the most damage. And politics play a huge part. Why do you post without thinking? Or maybe you simply don't have the knowledge?
16. We all heard what Bibi what said yesterday.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (05.22.12)
No enrichment period. And I don't think he's in a compromising mood, so the int'l community will have to figure out how to work around that one.
17. Iranian deal. What was guarranteed was
DT ,   TA Israel   (05.22.12)
the total cave in by the West. Now Bibi will you do the same to those who seek Israels (and will if we do nothing) destruction
18. Iran
David H ,   Dublin, Ireland   (05.22.12)
Did you say 'we' Sarah? I see you'll be safe in the USA if and when the rockets start falling. The farther from Israel, the more willing for war.
19. From recent developments, its obvious
Thom Weismann   (05.22.12)
From recent developments, its obvious to all but the naive, that Obama, the Europeans & Ashton have connived together to fabricate a so called "nuclear deal" to lull Israel into a false sense of security, while Iran can easily continue to build a nuke secretly. This is very similar to the situation 1938 when the 1st Holocaust was precipitated. Hence to prevent this, as Netanyahu & Barak said, there are only 3 points that MUST be implemented to make sure Iran can not develop a nuke in future: 1. Stop all levels of Uranium enrichment immediately 2. Dismantle Fordow forthwith 3. Hand over all stocks of 20% enriched Uranium Unless Iran agrees to implement all of the above in written agreement within a given time frame, Israel should consider the so called "P5+1 deal" failed and reserve the right to take action on its own.
20. You believe in Santa Clause too, Mr Amano ?
I care for Israel   (05.22.12)
If the matter wouldnt be that serious, one could just laugh about Mr Amanos foolishness.....
21. Iran agreement
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (05.22.12)
Anybody who prefers a war to this is completely deranged.
22. Iran has flat out threatened to annihilaite Israel totally.
Warhawk   (05.22.12)
For that and that alone, Israel needs to take out their whole operation, and personally, I think they're capable of more than just setting it back a year or two.
23. Chamberlain: A deal with Hitler soon.
Noratel Aviv   (05.22.12)
24. #1,Austria,lover of Hitler,neutral in Cold War, Ayatollahs s
ab   (05.22.12)
upporter,who cares what you think ,parasite ?
25. refuse-resist IRAN!
arab   (05.22.12)
26. To: No. 21
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.22.12)
Anyone who believes Iran is mentally deficient. Oh! That would be you!
27. #26
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (05.22.12)
Well, actually no because I don't believe them either and I never said I did. But most of us, unlike you, only have one home and we don't want rockets and missiles falling on it.
28. No dear Barak
John Dexter   (05.22.12)
No dear Barak, the West is conniving with Iran. Just like they appeased Hitler while America stood silent. Yes, its 1938 all over again...but only this time the Jews are not helpless like before. Destiny has given you and Netanyahu the power to thwart the evil. Do it !
29. #21 Mike Carmel
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (05.22.12)
The question is not "war" or "peace". The question is "conventional war now" or "nuclear war later". It looks as if you have chosen "nuclear war later".
30. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW! The talks are a scam.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.22.12)
The talks are a complete scam and every thinking person knows it. Iran is using the talks simply as a stall till they have functional nuclear bombs. Destroy Iran's nukes NOW!
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