Eini or Cabel? Labor federation holds leadership vote
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 22.05.12, 14:01
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1. Vote for Cabel
Ethan ,   Eilat   (05.22.12)
Cabel talks the talk. Eini sells out most of israeli workers. If you are not in one of the special Unions he will take your dues and sell you to the employer for cheap. A clear example is Hotel workers, in Eilat their are no worker's committees and the histadrut is active in looking for ways to import workers rather then changing the conditions so that Israelis will want to work in Hotels. It's time for change
2. we need to break the power of the histadrut
zionist forever   (05.22.12)
Both these men are from the far left and both will be calling for strikes all the time. We need to end the power of the Histadrut the way Thatcher broke the power of the British trade unions. Once upon a time they were striking over every little thing, at one point even the grave diggers went on strike and refused to bury the dead but Thatcher broke them. Today the British unions are not as radical as they are today and thats what needs to happen to the Histadrut. The Histadrut in this country are to radical and its wrong they should be able to bring the entire country to a standstill.
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