US Senate mulls unprecedented aid to Israel
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 23.05.12, 08:32
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1. What about helping Americans?
Spyguy ,   Seattle USA   (05.23.12)
The US has a huge debt, millions of people that are unemployed that no longer have unemployment payments, we are closing schools and laying off teachers and yet the congress critters want to give more money to Israel? It is long past time for all the taxes we pay (or don't pay, in the case of Romney) to stay in the US and help Americans. It is long past time for Israel to sink or swim on its own.
2. WOW! Obama showers ISRAEL with gifts.
Israeli 2   (05.23.12)
I wonder why.
3. hah..eyewash !
Frank Baumann   (05.23.12)
Trying to pay Israel not to attack risk its survival & not attack Iran, so that the American & European economy can be saved. Dont forget, America never came to help during WWII despite knowing millions of Jews were being exterminated., they only entered the war when Japan attacked them. America talked peace when Saddam was building Osirak reactor, but after Israel did the hard work, was able to invade & take over Iraq easily. America is 10,000 miles from Iran, Israel is next door. America is more worried about their economy, Israel their survival. Israel - do what has to be done....before its too late.....Attack NOW !
4. Anti-semtic Catherine Ashton
Frank Tomar   (05.23.12)
A statement issued by the European Union on Tuesday seemed to suggest it supports Palestinian Authority Arabs’ rights to throw stones during non-violent protests. The statement, released on Tuesday by the spokesperson of Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, criticized Israel for convicting PA Arab Bassem Tamimi of dispatching stone-throwers and protesting illegally.
5. In other words...
ex-frummie ,   johannesburg S.A.   (05.23.12)
The U.S. is going to allow Iran to achieve nuclear weapons - and this is their way of trying to buy Israel off. Apart from the absurdity of this thinking, offering an ally F-35 fighters which have had a number of major technical problems & some crappy left over munitions from a failed war in Iraq is an absolute insult. It is time for an electoral change in the U.S. come November, this current light-weight administration is completely out of their depth. They are actually dangerous for the Western world going forward. Wake up U.S. voters - save your country and the rest of the civilized world.
6. to no. 1 Dont worry US help doesn't come for free.
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (05.23.12)
Tzpayers are not financing Israel. Israel is paying back in many joint proyects. For isntance most of Arrows defense system US use is mostly develop in Israel. Some of the UAV technology for USA and NATO is Israeli. Comunications and sensitive software used by the USA in it's military hardware is made in Israel. What Israel is geting as loans, because they are loans not just gifts gives work to many Hi tech companies in the USA. So dont worry is not Israel lamming the USA. Is Irak, Afganistan were thaosoundas of americans loose theirlives every day is YEmen. Hear this carefully: NOT EVEN ONE AMERICAN HAS LOST HIS LIVE FIGHTING IN ANY ISRAEL WAR AS AN AMERICAN SOLDIER. Som armour vehicls made in Israel have saved many american lives where americans are fighting. In short piss off with you anuendos
7. to #2 It's the congress not Obama don't get confussed
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (05.23.12)
There is a big difference. This is a bypartissan vote, it still needs Obama's signature to pass by. If it comes before elections it might go through if not, and Obama is reelected then I am not so sure Take a big breath
8. Hashem, save Israel from this "help".
Miron ,   USA   (05.23.12)
9. #1: That Obama dude ye all selected
Israeli 2   (05.23.12)
is the one you ought to ask. He is the greatest Santa Clause president ever. He hands billions to Egypt Afghanistan China Turkey Pakistan Russia Mexico Iraq Lebanon N. Korea (in a heartbeat) Compared to these countries, Israel receives less than 6% and not all are grants. So, why are you obsessed with Israel?
10. Blessings versus cursings
Curtis ,   USA   (05.23.12)
Well, the U.S. is certainly on the right track here regarding Yahweh's statement to bless those who bless Israel.
11. #1,apply it to Germany&S.Korea,no need for 100.000 GIs
ab   (05.23.12)
stationed in Europe or South Korea.But you won't ,will you ?
12. # 2
Songster ,   Israel   (05.23.12)
Something to do with guys and polls.
13. In response to #1
Michael ,   Jerusalem   (05.23.12)
If you actually bothered to read the article you would see that the "aid" in question is either items of no monetary value such as satelite intelligence and the use of airspace for training or else things that were already bought and paid for such as used military equipment or munitions that have already been commissioned to be and have been built (ie Surplus). Furthermore, most of the monetary aid we receive is used for military-related purchases made in the US, which in turn flows back into the American economy, assuming the American Taxpayers haven't sat by and done nothing while large corporations reap humongous tax breaks, although as an American citizen myself, and one of hundreds of thousands here in Israel for that matter, I'm guessing that this is probably a greater issue for the US economy than helping Jews to defend themselves...
14. #1 all of Israel agrees
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (05.23.12)
Israel does not want or need this aid. The only effect is unemployment and corruption in Israel and excessive American intervention inside Israel. Please, write your congressman and senator and demand they do not support this bill. Israelis do not want it.
15. israel is nothing without usa
khak bar saretoon   (05.23.12)
16. #14 Israeli , who appointed you official spokesperson?
Haim ,   TA   (05.23.12)
Im sorry but who appointed you official spokesperson for Israel. hate to break it you but not everyone shares your views. If it wasnt for American aid ( $ 3 billion a year ) there wouldnt be an Israel you ungreatfull little sod.
17. @4
Yiannis ,   Nicosia, Cyprus   (05.23.12)
Do NOT assume that Ashton speaks for the whole of Europe. Ashton is there to promote British interests. Ashton was appointed there as a concession from the Franco-German axis so that Britain would give its blessing to the 'EU Constitution' and the creation of the postion of 'EU President' - Van Rompuy. As I'm sure you know, Britain is very pally with the Arabs (well, not the Arab people - just the tyrranic regimes that govern them).
18. @12 And not attacking Iran, Songster.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (05.23.12)
19. #1, dimwit
Danny   (05.23.12)
Israel buys the weapons from **american** companies who lend Israel the money at a commercial rate. The US guarantees those loans. Given that Israel has never ever defaulted on any loan that guarantee costs nothing and obviously as american companies are selling more it is actually money going to american companies and american workers. But hey who cares about facts right?
20. Best patron there ever was
Cameron ,   USA   (05.23.12)
21. #17 Most of Europe is virulently anti-semitic
Frank Tomar   (05.23.12)
Most of Europe is virulently anti-semitic - the pogroms inquisitions & holocaust that killed millions were all carried out in Europe. And Catherine Ashton is a typical pro-muslim, anti-semtic European...and ugly hag. The Americans also (especially under Obama) are also unreliable. They wont do anything unless it benefits them. In WWII they kept silent during the Holocaust and entered the war only when Japan attacked them. Thats why Israel should not depend on anyone and ensure their own survival.
22. Unprecedented Aid to Israel
Jewish War Veteran ,   New Orleans, LA   (05.23.12)
Without Israeli Technology and wartime weapons proving grounds, our military would still be in the stone age. Russia was defeated in the several Mid-East wars wherin Israel fractured the Russian backed Arabs.
23. Enough with Israel
Williamson ,   New York   (05.23.12)
Enough is enough. It is very chutzpah to say that Israel pays the US back with technology and military cooperation. The US never need Israel and WILL NEVER need. It's the other way around. And Israel is the most ungrateful country ever. The postings in Ynet can show the level of hostiltiy of Israelis towars Americans. Zeu. Let's strenghen our cooperation and ties with the Gulf States that are also our allies, have money, humbleness and have a friendlier attitued.
24. @22
DS ,   Morgantown, US   (05.23.12)
How did the US manage to win WWII before Israel even existed?
25. @23 If the aide didn't come with so many strings attached...
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (05.23.12)
and the constant meddling in the tiniest affairs, maybe you'd find a friendlier attitude.
26. Very happy with this news
Amir ,   Jerusalem   (05.23.12)
It seems US start understand that the Israelis should send thier sons to war, and the Americans should stop fight on behalf of the Israelis. I said that because really I love Americans, and I like their that they finally be logical.
27. Thas Bibi represnts really minds of people in Israel?
peter vojta ,   prague   (05.23.12)
US "Knesset" mulls unprecedented aid to Israel. Israel aso deserves the right to attack Iran regardless talks and should be also clear, that after Israel comits this madness and bring this way also destruction upon itself, that Nations of this World deserve right to never ever allow such a colonist enterprice settle again in such a Holy place again. Peter czech
28. #23 Williamson
Moshe of Rockville ,   Rockville,MD USA   (05.23.12)
The Jewish State pays back the US with its advances in vehicle and personnel armor,computer technology,medical advances -particularly military medicine, military intelligence,anti-missile technology(long and short distance),use of storage of military items, world-beating hospitals, and not one American has lost his/her life fighting in any Israeli war of survival.Compare with the wars in Iraq,Afghanistan,Balkans,Viet Nam,S.Korea,WW2,WW1.We can be friendly with the Gulf states,but they are certainly not our allies.They hate us for our democracy,justice under law,our faiths,our willingness to help others and money.Your ignorance of world affairs is underwhelming, and knowledge of recent history in the Middle East lacking.
29. @24
Michael ,   Jerusalem   (05.23.12)
Because the Soviet Union fought on their side in that war
30. Europe can't tie it's own shoes.
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (05.23.12)
Especially Britain. Israel has become more advanced, more powerful than the US. Her economy, her national debt etc. America's best ME friend, Israel is keeping America and other democracies safer by her strength. Note that America did NOT take out two nuclear reactors, israel did!
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