Israel’s migrant explosion
Yedioth Ahronoth
Published: 23.05.12, 08:58
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1. I do not want to see one agora of my
jason white ,   afula, israel   (05.23.12)
tax money going to illegal immigrants. We have more than enough legal immigrants that we support. Round up the illegals of any nation or race and deport them now.
2. Noachide Laws
ZivronMedicalLand   (05.23.12)
The first is to inculcate the noachide moral level so they'd can have gur toshav status and also psychometric tests re stability and propensity to crime but not white collar stuff like tax minimilization.Criminal minds prison for sure some may be ok rehab .Other option is grants for safer African lands maybe even a tax free haven un state large and with listening devises for security.unless fleeing genocide there has to be a limit the reality is harsh and the messiah seems far.The Haredim particularly Lubovitch are for Gentiles following the seven laws of Noah.
3. If Eli Yishai just blabbers and does
Israeli 2   (05.23.12)
not carry out his plan to ship them ALL out this week, Israel will be in a heap of troubles.
4. You want to round that off with some Mexicans?
Cameron ,   USA   (05.23.12)
We got 'em to spare.
5. Better solution deport Eli Yishai
Haim ,   TA   (05.23.12)
6. #5 - Examine your soul and your values.
Patriotic Israeli ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.23.12)
If you would deport a Jew from the Jewish homeland, and allow a non-Jew to stay... what makes you different than the Nazis?
7. Israel will suffer a Crime wave increase
ambrosine shitrit ,   london uk   (05.23.12)
There has been an increase of murders, rape, muggings, crime generally since this wave of so called refugees came into Israel. If Israel does not send them back now, you will be just like London. The whole of Europe is just an example of what Israel will look like in 10yrs.Women cannot walk down the street without being attacked, spat at, or feel safe. Gang culture will take hold, and stabbings will increase. Israel is a bastion of human, gay, and womens rights. Do not let this good work go undone by keeping people in the country who will cause more problems, and endanger those who live there
8. Move them on now
Geoff ,   London (UK)   (05.23.12)
The current situation is absurd. If, for some reason, they can't be shipped back to their own country they should be moved on somewhere else - and let the UN deal with the problem.
9. You are turning Isreal into England.
10. Infiltrators?
Yakov ,   Tel Aviv   (05.23.12)
To begin with, the word infiltration, is not a word that defines immigration. An infiltrator, is defined as "To pass (troops, for example) surreptitiously into enemy-held territory". Essentially, most of our population here in Israel, are composed of immigrants. Are we all "infiltrators"? Before labeling people, or ascribing behaviors based upon color, geography or religion, check the dictionary. While you are there, please look up another fitting word, bigotry!
11. Crime was already out of before they arrived
Jason ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.23.12)
"There has been an increase of murders, rape, muggings, crime generally since this wave of so called refugees came into Israel" No: it was already out of control LONG before they arrived. It just we have a new scapegoat now. Shame on us.
12. Illegals are still illegal
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (05.23.12)
either ship them home or, send them to Arabia, they have plenty of money.
13. Remember, you yourselves were once foreigners...
Jason ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.23.12)
It sickens me to see all the rhetoric and blatant racism in Israel about illegal immigration. With all the filth I read and see on TV, I often think we're no better than the nations that denied Jews entry when they were trying to escape the horrors of WW2. We will be judged by our behavior towards the most vulnerable in society and be treated accordingly, if heaven forbid, we find ourselves in the same situation one day. Exodus 22:21 You must not mistreat or oppress foreigners in any way. Remember, you yourselves were once foreigners in the land of Egypt.
14. Some of them earn well!
G ,   Central Israel   (05.23.12)
While I'm sure that many have problems with income, and some employers (especially independent traders who take these people on one-off jobs) may be in position to take advantage, I can say with 100% confidence that I know of many who earn OVER 6-7000 NET! And they know how to save. They really do, since they spend money on nothing including on rent. I know of at least 7 Eritreans who earned more doing 5 12 hour shifts a week as cleaners in a coffee shop than I did, a person with a 'respectable' job and a degree! So even if many have problems finding work or getting properly compensated, don't pretend that anywhere near every 'asylum seeker' is mistreated! That's a lie!
15. Israel is simply too small to absorb so many, PERIOD
How such a tiny nation could sign onto, or be expected to sign onto the UN's charter for refugees is ludicrous and reveals something very fishy and also FOOLISH on Israel's behalf. First off: ALL 3rd world refugees have much higher birthrates than the average citizen of the host country; check the REAL stats on that...its shocking yet it IS intentional: refugees (as in the US) know that compassion for children almost always trumps discipline, even if its logical. But its just stupid to think that tiny Israel can afford the fiscal impact and land impact of these refugees. It is also STUPID for anyone to call deporting them, 'prejudice'. Its simple a reality that Israel is too small for all of them. PERIOD. People are so brainwashed by political correctness, they'll drown their own lives and freedoms away for illegal immigrants just so they can feel self-righteous, even though they're just fatalists. Get real. The MUST be sent someplace else; someplace that can afford them and has the room. 'Nuff said.
16. Jason if it carries on we will be foreigners in Israel never
Alan ,   SA   (05.23.12)
mind Egypt...You are just writing provocatively my friend!
17. Meanwhile, create a reservation for them
David ,   Shiloh Israel   (05.23.12)
With due respect to those who would label us as bigots, our family thankfully includes many different cultures including dark skinned Ethiopians. What bonds us together? We all belong to the Jewish people and abide by certain codes of behaviour. Israel is a Jewish state, and suffers enough problems by those who wish to disturb 'our own' right to live peacefully, in our own way. Rapes, muggings and other street crimes have been increased as a direct result on many of these migrants. While one talk backer may be correct in suggesting that some are earning good money, the fact remains that this also increases a black market in Israel, a vicious cycle where naturally crime flourishes. We should immediately create a reservation...No! not a concentration camp but a reservation that allows them sanctuary while UN statutes are examined concerning their safe repatriation. Those who have lived amongst us for an agreed number of years, and whose children are integerated into Israeli society could still be allowed to live, on a case by case basis. But the majority don't enjoy any more rights than a soldier who penetrates our borders should deserve. Creating a reservation is a humane solution that would also isolate them from bringing crime to our streets and overturning our own right to live as we see fit. It would also provide them with temporary shelter. Of course the world will scream at us, but frankly anyone who really cares about people who's main interest is our destruction is a a total lemming. A reservation is also a holding camp...these people are illegals who've penetrated our sovereign state and should be traeted as such. However, such a move would be more compassionate to both themselves and for anyone who still cares...for the Jewish State of Israel.
18. i wonder
green elephant ,   finland   (05.23.12)
why they dont go to Arab countries and look for a place in there?? That would make sense since Israel and Sudan are
19. i have nothing personal against african assylum seekers...
oferdesade ,   israel   (05.23.12)
it's just that they're so... so.... dark. sometimes i wonder if we actually DESERVE a country - a beacon to the goyim, of malice, hate, pettiness. wanna be shit - let me show u how. self hating? we dont even deserve our OWN self hatred.
20. really?,will you imprison them?,why?
Ivan ,   Haifa   (05.23.12)
While you honor war criminals you punish war refugees?
21. Infiltrators
Amos Avitan ,   Canada   (05.23.12)
Suggesting holding camps or similar is inhumane. Call it anything you want, it will still paint Israel by the same brush as Germany's concentration camps and Britain's Cyprus and Uganda camps. We are better than that. The right thing to do is to have better control over the border with Egypt, process all of the illegals and after due diligence send the undesirable back, despite the UN protestations. The ones that have been accepted should be allowed to fully integrate with Israeli society. Although not perfect, the Canadian model could be reviewed.
22. Rationalization
Keren ,   IL-BR   (05.23.12)
While Israel's government rationalizes based in wrong parameters(UN agreements and so on),parameters that do not interest a tiny country as Israel,the time goes on. If they have been infiltering Israel since 2005 , now it is 7 years... How long will Israel wait? Will it wait untill Israel turns into an interbred mulatto country,as is Brasil or as it has becoming US and other countries, where other non mulattos groups became minorities,or will Israel fight for its home as a Jewish home for an ethnic,cultural ,religious people that are us Jews? There are matters where long deliberations lead to evil and prompt actions are required. This should be Israel's priority number one and a mass campaign should be made for these people not to be emplyed and urgent agreements should be made to send them back to where they came. We as Jews have had enough of our own problem as a nation and we should even apply for international laws that protect minorities ,because that's what we are and we can not be threatened as a minority ancient nation, as we have been by such infiltrations in our tiny country.
23. Look at what Africans did to the US, and
picture Israel 2050   (05.23.12)
24. all vacant jobs are now taken by them
prepare for the bang   (05.23.12)
any new comers will now be unemployed and will turn to crime in order to bring food to their mouth
25. Totally UNACCEPTABLE situation
Gideon Reader   (05.23.12)
Any and ALL of these persons not specifically allowed by clear and direct language as protected persons must be sent away to a point undefined. Gaza comes to mind. Egypt also appears to be in the winning potential host nation cocntest. ANYWHERE but Israel.
26. Holding Camps no way
Miriam ,   Miami, USA   (05.23.12)
It is not easy for the State of Israel or Tel Aviv, however camps should be out of the question. UN put Arabs in camps and they are still in camps 65 years later and have grown from a few hundred thousand to millions, at the same time hating Israel. Waiting for the UN to do something, is crazy. UN is great with the BS, however they never do anything, except bash Israel. The answer is fence in the south of Israel, don't let anyone else in illegally and fully integrate the the ones who are in Israel so they can work, pay tax and become good citizens.
27. An Obvious Answer
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville USA   (05.23.12)
It may be controversial however, they entered Israel illegally so they should be returned - legally or illegally - it doesn't matter how. There is no place for them in Israel and until others see that they are immediately sent back, they will keep coming.
28. They must be deported or send to another place.
Phoenix ,   Israel   (05.23.12)
They only mean great danger for Israel's citizens. Send them back or to another destination. And fast!
29. Government isn't planning to do enough
zionist forever   (05.23.12)
We need more than one detention centre because there are thousands coming every month. We should not build come and go refugee camps because that is nothing more than a shelter and make things worse if they know they always have a roof over their head and three meals a day but they can come and go as they please. Despite what the police chief said they should not be given work permits otherwise more will come. We need to work with the UNHCR which is responsible for refugees & foreign governments to take these people off our hands. We need to round them all up find our for sure who is a refuge and who is an economic migrant and the economic migrants should be put on the first plane back to their home country. Employers need to be told they will face arrest themselves if they hire anybody without a valid work permit that will keep these people out of work making it easier to deport them and it will help stop the flood of economic migrants. In the short term we could let some of the families with young children live in a disused army base with an doctor on sight doctor but this would not be a long term solution or an alternative to deportation. Long term mass deportation in the thousands is the tens of thousands is the only solution because with or without a fence more will come, they children will grow up and have children and give it 10 years and we will have a serious demographic issue on our hands and it will be to late to do anything about it. Eli Yishai was spot on with this issue
30. 21
zionist forever   (05.23.12)
Holding camps are the most humane of all solutions. Until we can ship them back home ( which we must do ) they need somewhere to live so they are not a nuisance in the city, committing crime and not exactly living in luxury. In a holding camp they have a roof over their head, they get fed, their children go to school, there will probably be a doctor there 24/7 to take care of their medical needs. They are not exactly going to be living in a tin shack waiting in line for a bowl of soup everyday. The only drawback is they can't go out without supervision and if we give them that freedom the ones who don't want to go home ever will skip town and we will never see them again. We do have to send them back though because we are getting 3000 of these people coming every month and Israel is to small to physically keep them all and give it 10 years we will be talking about hundreds of thousands as more come and their children grow up and have children. Once that happens it will be to late to do anything. Israel isn't Canada in either physical size, resources or demographics and its hard enough absorbing olim let alone potentially hundreds of thousands of Africans.
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