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Ancient Bethlehem seal unearthed in Jerusalem
Associated Press
Published: 30.05.12, 09:10
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1. bethlehem seal
ilana ,   israel   (05.30.12)
this is certainly an exciting find... however... one must remember that there were man places name beit lehem. they were the places where people would bring their wheat for grinding.
2. I Heard They Also Found A Coin
With abu mazen's Face on it?
3. Is It Also True That The abu mazen Coin
Dated WAY WAY BACK to 11,nov,2004?
4. seals in bethlehem ???
oferdesade ,   israel   (05.30.12)
i didnt even know there was an ocean there.
5. Isn't this a delayed news?
elzeide ,   Buenos Aires, Argent   (05.30.12)
I saw this published about a week ago (may, 23), on the press in English and even in Spanish. Why is it that YNet publishes it only now?
6. "jesus' traditional birthplace"?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (06.01.12)
oh, please! i guess the associated press and its readers have never heard of king david? or is it not politically correct to refer to the jewish "occupation" of palestine, 1,000 years before jesus, and 3,000 years before arafat?
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