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Hungary: Raoul Wallenberg memorial vandalized
Published: 23.05.12, 14:03
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1. Saving Jews.....
tiki ,   belgium   (05.23.12)
It was a crime in WW2 and it's a crime again today with the diabolical Jew-haters of today!
2. KGB?
Miron ,   USA   (05.23.12)
3. Half truth as usual
Tom W ,   USA   (05.23.12)
Tit for tat... Before this said incident a self-professed Jewish hard left lawyer poured red paint on a wooden statue of Hungary's WWII era governor who was first Hitler's ally but later he turned toward the Brits against the Germans. Without taking stand in this matter, it behooves to note that unlike in the West, in Hungary the tit-for-tat principle makes the rule. A leftist provocation elicits a right-wing reply and a right-wing attack provokes the ire of the N.Y. Times/WaPo's authors.
4. It was Swedes who sacrificed Wallenberg in order to appease
ab   (05.23.12)
Sovjets. When his father,one of the richest men in Sweden had gained audience with the Swedish FM,the latter said " So you're saying the Sovjet FM who said Raoul Wallenberg was not in the Sivjet Union is lying ?!! Preposterous! " and left the room
5. Yes, no other conclusion can be made
Christian ,   Sweden   (05.23.12)
than that the Swedish authorities effectuated his execution. When the Swedish ambassador on instructions from the Swedish Foreign Office told Stalin that his position was that the case was closed and that Wallenberg had met with an unfortunate accident and was not any more among the living, Stalin of course got the message and ordered the secret execution and cremation of Wallenberg. Case closed.
6. Hungary's jewish question is solved
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (05.24.12)
The most reliable statistics show, that in Hungary live 150000 jews. But of them there are about 100000 who has mixed blood, and the halachic jews' number is only 70-80000. Also exist a lot of families where, only one grandparent is jewish.The total number is over 300000. What is this, if not the total assimilation of the jews, so the jewish question is over. Some half jews keep the jewish religion, and the number of synagogues visitors, do not decline any longer.
7. # 6 Istvan, Who is a Jew ?.
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (05.26.12)
A Jew is whoever identifies with Israel and the Jewish people,regardless of how much Jewish blood flows in his-her veins,the anti Israel satmars,and the crazy left who demonstrate with the arabs against Israel are not Jews.
8. Not in the least surprised it is Hungary.
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