Neck and neck: Another draw for Gelfand in World Chess Championship
Published: 23.05.12, 20:05
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1. Anand is showing brilliant endgame skills.
Michael ,   California, USA   (05.23.12)
Gelfand developed a small advantage in the opening today, but the endgame was Anand's turf. Endgame is the most difficult phase of chess in which typically "men" show superiority over "boys." As I wrote here previously, Gelfand will be lucky to draw six to six. Afterward will come fast (shorter time allowed) resolution games. Anand is truly very, very strong, possessing superb instincts while playing fast games. Three games remain to be played and Gelfand must find a way to win one of them. Otherwise, I predict, Anand will win the match..
2. Obviously both are brilliant, at least at chess.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (05.24.12)
3. You are expert on predicting outcome of chess matches too?
Marco ,   Spain   (05.24.12)
since you fail in all your political forecasts now you move to the obscure field of chess where no one will be able to notice your obnoxious and worthless commentaries ........but you have enough arrogance and overblown self esteem to keep going
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