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Egypt protesters hurl shoes, abuse at ex-PM Shafiq
Published: 23.05.12, 22:54
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1. Voting day Egytian style. Will they ever become civillised?
John ,   NZ   (05.24.12)
2. Barbarians can vote for terrorists that want war with Israel
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (05.24.12)
What do you expect of people who have so little education, an educated voter? The winner will be the one who says he hates the Jews the most and who will tear up the peace treaty.
3. Tough decision fore Brokebama...who
Pasquinel ,   London Canada   (05.27.12)
Who will he throw under the bus now. Maybe he will consult his daughters. His favorite song.. Don't worry, be happy. as he fiddles while Rome burns. being fed grapes by his new fella freinds.
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