Peace Now: Investigate MKs for incitement to violence
Moran Azulay
Published: 24.05.12, 13:42
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2. Meretz & the bleeding heart do gooders can go to hell
zionist forever   (05.24.12)
Calling them a cancer is hardly an incitement to violence and neither is Danny Dannon when he says immediate deportation before its to late. I wonder what the human rights do gooders would be saying if a member of their family had been attacked by one of these people in some way or if they were living in South Tel Aviv? People like this have visions of an ideal and see the people who are disliked as angelic until something happens to them personally and they find out their world is not the real world. As for that idiot Yariv Oppenheimer let him go to hell, MKs are supposed to represent the will of the Israeli public not African infiltrators and the public want them out, even an idiot idealist like him should be able to tall that.
3. Human Rights to foreigners?
Patriotic Israeli ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.24.12)
Human rights to foreigners are great as long as those human rights do not interfere with my basic right of survival in MY LAND!!!!
4. What remarkable hypocrisy!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.24.12)
Have any of these lefty MKs ever demanded an investigation into the incitement to violence on the part of Arab MKs such as Tibi and Zoabi? No, their silence was deafening. Did any Peace Now members demand an investigation into the blatantly illegal acts of Tibi when he visited Libya, a country which was (and still is, for that matter) in a declared state of war against Israel? How about Zoabi's blatantly illegal jaunt aboard the MAVI MARMARA, aiding and abetting terrorists in clear violation of Israeli law? No -- here, too, the silence was deafening. What they have to say is therefore entirely irrelevant. No one incites violence like the Arab MKs, a fact which Peace Now willfully ignores. With that sort of selective application of so-called "righteous anger," is it any wonder that Peace Now is a running joke in Israel?
5. Superb. Well said Peace Now !
Nathan Rai ,   Bangalore   (05.24.12)
Tibi and his to be virgin standing with those who seek to demonise / destroy Israel = Right thing to do Anyone seeking to protect Israel in any which way = Criminals / Rascists / Ethinic cleansers.. Peace Now are true acolytes of the Tutus of the world... It happens only in Israel.. Wow !!
6. Yariv Oppenheimer IS an idiot!
Keren ,   IL-BR   (05.24.12)
And his "piece now"should be declared illegal in the land of Israel NOW! DEPORT THE ILLEGALS TODAY! ROUND THEM UP AND DEPORT THEM ALREADY!!!
7. Considering the source you have to puke
Ilan   (05.24.12)
Calling a group a "cancer on society" is standard fare in Israeli discourse. Yariv Googlehammer uses it regularly as does the other leftist elite. It is never a nice thing to say, but to say that it is only illegal when not speaking of Hareidim and Settlers is 12 steps too far.
8. Yet Peace Now never calls for investigation of Arab MKs
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (05.24.12)
such as Tibi & Zoabi who regularly incite violence and associate with terrorists.
9. Hatikvah area is home to many poor people
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (05.24.12)
You take these aliens put them in this poor neighborhood the women and children are scared to go out at night.They have enough problems.Put them in the rich neighborhoods where the rich live people like oppenheimer who draws a good salary from Europeans and perhaps even some arab states as well as rich Leftist Jews in other countries.Let these people live with the illegals
BIGGEST ZIONEST EVER ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (05.24.12)
11. michael ben ari is a national discrase
Haim ,   TA   (05.24.12)
he belings behind bars, he is nothing but a rascist thug who has nothing better else to do than incite hatred towards others. He should be thrown out of the knesset and tried in a court of law. He also appears on the US lists of terrorists and is not allowed to enter the US.
12. Yariv Oppenheimer is a tool
Gábor Fränkl   (05.24.12)
of Ashton personally and a traitor generally (funded and financed by her office and directly from London and Brussels with gazillion tons of EUR and Ł). The naked truth.
13. Sarah B.
no they didn't, because they are self-hating jews, outright antisemties and traitors...
14. Well at least (I hope anyway) that for once the Europeans &
me, just sayin' ,   Israel   (05.24.12)
Americans will be resoundingly silent regarding the behavior of some Israelis on this matter. After all neither the Europeans nor the Americans are paragons of virtue when it comes to their own very stiff immigration and aslyum policies. But then WE all know that the Europeans and the Americans are bloody hypocrites when it comes to Israel and our rights!
15. Pogrom, deportation en masse, "The Africans are our disgrace
Jack McShane ,   UAE   (05.24.12)
I think I saw this before. Tss tss.. Humanking never learns.
16. Who are Peace Now?
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (05.24.12)
These are a group of left wing fools who believe they are right because it "FEELS GOOD" unconcerned with any consequences or outcomes and when it all falls apart they will blame right wing extremists. In effect Peace Now is a group of children and infants who are driven strictly by their feelings and despite their chronological age, have never grown to think like an adult. The only social benefit they deserve is for the State to make sure there are plenty of diapers available so we do not have to clean up their messes.
17. Peace Now ignore Arab MK incitement.Condemn both or be a jok
joke,showing what you are really about.
18. no good opportunists
Moshe ,   us   (05.24.12)
that's what ngo stands for. no opportunity to incite is lost to them. Always against the mainstream, always against the nation and it's laws. and What have those officials now calling for calm from the israelis vis a vis the infiltrators of all colors done till now to address this problem that has faced them for years. NOTHING!!!!
19. Not right or left
peter ,   tel aviv   (05.24.12)
This is not about peace now and the right. This is about a real problem which needs to be solved in a sane and just fashion. Inciting the people by politicians is the last thing we need. Look what happened good normal simple people from the Hatikva quarter turned into thugs like brownshirts If you call the migrants a cancer you call to the attendant of the protest to cut out the cancer . So either you are racist or plain stupid and should not talk in public. A solution must be found for the neighborhood as well as for the migrants. Beating them up and smashing shop windows is not a solution. Its barbaric and brings shame to the Jewish people. This is not a moment to blame right or left but to find a solution together.
20. Hypocrites
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (05.24.12)
Once again the radic al Shalom Achshav organization proves that the extreme-Left has no morals or principles. To destroy and attack Jews, Shalom Achsav invokes "the rule of law" as the ultimate sacrosanct principle. They even invent laws that don't exist to attack the Jews. But when the "victim" of a real law is a non-Jew, these radicals spring into action bleating that the law in unfair or immoral. Too bad Netanyahu refuses to find out who pays Shalom Achshav for their activitiies.
21. "Peace Npw" are foreign agents in Israel
Funded by the EU   (05.24.12)
22. Sudanese and Eritrean governments response.
ESaenz   (05.24.12)
This can not just continue. Focus needs to be given to the governments of the nations they are fleeing to determine what can be done there to get them back. One government official was quoted as saying that these infiltrators were looking for a better life. If they find the living conditions they are enduring in Israel better than what they would have they got really big problems that they need to straighten out. It sounds like the part in Scripture of setting borders. Why borders? To be able to manage some sort of control/ order. Peace Now should just as well be able to realize that these infiltrators/ refugees problems lie in their countries and attention needs to be given there to get them back. Peace Now does very good work trying to help Palestinian issues. Is FM Lieberman working with their nations to try and bring about an amicable resolution to get them back and stop the influx?
23. Equating a human goup with cancer
Raphael ,   Netanya   (05.24.12)
Is incitement to violence and racist slur? What does Peace Now wait to ask AG to launch a probe against the arab MKs who qualify Israel a cancer on a daily basis?
24. 7
zionist forever   (05.24.12)
Arabs, African infiltraitors they are all heaven sent divine individuals sent to make the world a better place but Israelis now thats another matter they are the lowest of the low living in a country that rightfully belongs to the arabs. If there is a terror attack and it kills a whole load of Israeli's then provided no arabs were killed Peace Now would be saying well look guys you brought it on yourselves so don't blame the terrorist instead make peace and give him what he wants. These Africans can rape a woman and Peace Now would say well its a culture thing he obviously thought she was coming onto him because he doesn't understand Israeli culture so you can hardly blame him for what he did. Its just a shame the supporters of Peace Now don't realise these people live in a sort of dream world.
25. Humane behavior cannot be expressed at the expense..
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.24.12)
...of our demographic survival and our country's independence and sovereignty. Yes Israel should express sympathy for the weak and for the downtrodden by I doubt these Africans really fit this description. If the illegal African immigrants are serious about having a better life I suggest that they don't take their problems to bother us in Israel but instead stay put in their African countries and sort things out at home - that's what responsible adults usually do. If two neighbors live next to each other - Neighbor A and Neighbor B and A is a responsible person taking care of his home, has a job, has an education, repairs his home it means he can be taken seriously. If B is out of work, has no education, lives on social welfare and on top of that doesn't manage his house which is about to fall apart - due to his negligence and his behavior, is it then reasonable for B to move into A's house and cause havoc and chaos in A's home? B ruined his home and now B wants to ruin A's home. If B moves into A's house, it means both houses and homes will be ruined - because of B. If B would stay in his house and take care of it he wouldn't need to live in A's house. If the illegal immigrants from Africa were true patriots and really loved their countries they wouldn't come here. When the greed for money and Western living exceeds their patriotism for their home country, that's when things turn sour.
26. Why exactly did Yaakov send his sons to Egypt???
Noa   (05.24.12)
For economic reasons!!! And how do we remember the peoples who did not let us Bney Israel go through their territory (which sometimes took years), sharing their water and land? Anyone concerned about the Jewish character of our state should start keeping Mitsvot, not just declaring Israel a Jewish state in order to drive every ger out. And why do I have the feeling that Sarah B.'s BMI is way too high?
27. Send the infiltrators to PEACE NOW Headquarters.
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (05.24.12)
let them live among their charges, let them fight the fight against terror, rape and violence.
28. # 3 Karen AMEN TO THAT!!!!
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (05.24.12)
send them back to where they came from and, while you're at it, do the same to the illegal pals who want to take over Israel and call it palestine. That would be the legal way to keep Israel kosher.
29. I support the demonstrators!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (05.24.12)
Though I do not support violence, I do support the demonstrators for requesting the government to act fast and resolve this refugee crisis before it becomes unsolvable. I was recently in Israel, and what I saw in south Tel Aviv, and specially around the old central bus station was unbelievable and unacceptable. The place looked like a scene from a poor African country. Hundreds of Sudanese and other Africans were loitering all over the place. After sun down you can even go there as there have been numerous stabbings and muggings. Even the police is not able to control them anymore! This situation is not acceptable, and leftists and Peace Now can go to hell! The government must act fast and resolve the situation.
30. righteous
peter ,   tel aviv   (05.24.12)
tell that to every righteous gentile who saved a jew . Then look into the mirror and watch yourself blush out of shame about what you said.
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