The African BDS disgrace
Debra Mankowitz
Published: 24.05.12, 18:14
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1. Lovely!
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (05.24.12)
They advocate BDS while trying to extort Israel into taking their "refugees". So in reality, they are trying to make Israel transform into a 3rd world South African nation. They have a great sense of irony.
2. Karma is a bitch... or Saturn's children
Tom W ,   USA   (05.24.12)
Europeans expelled and murdered millions of Jews -- now they got radical Islamists in place of Einstein who over time will destroy Eurabia. Marxist Jews in S. Africa -- and elsewhere -- led and supported the worst vicious Communist regimes who now turned against their "spiritual founders". The Revolutions devours its own children. So did Saturn in Roman times... Karma is a bitch.
3. Debra, one of the best articles written in a long time
Silky ,   Silkeborg, Denmark   (05.24.12)
You stated Israel's case most admirably and yes, truthfully. For the world, that truth hurts and it further generates antisemitism, masked albeit under labels today. Israel as a nation, a young nation has accomplished so much under a democratic banner. I doubt the world is ready for a strong, confident Israel. You are also right, that Israel has done more to help the African nations, than their Muslim brothers. People and nations have short memories. Once again a great article.
4. South Africa is the most racist state in the world.
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (05.24.12)
The facts are speaking. White population declined in last 50 years from 19% to 9%. In the last decade absolute number of whites dropped with 200000 souls, from 4,8 millions to 4,6 millioms. Blacks are grown with 6 millions in last 10 years.
5. Exceptional editorial!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.24.12)
And so true. But why does Israel even maintain diplomatic ties with South Africa? Most of SA's Jews have left in the ever-increasing white flight; those that remain live in gated communities with private security. There doesn't appear to be much future for the Jewish community in South Africa. Israel can cut its aid to South Africa, too. Let them fend for themselves; see who's willing to pick up the slack, as South Africa disintegrates into another Zimbabwe. What do you want to bet "land reform" comes next? Remember what happened in Zimbabwe following land reform? Let me remind you: Rhodesia used to be the largest food exporter on the African continent. Zimbabwe is now one of the largest food importers on the African continent. Same thing will happen to South Africa, assuming it can avoid a rapid descent into complete civil rebellion, because the Afrikaaners do want to hold on to their land. The best part would be that once there are no Israeli products available in South Africa, there won't be much reason to discuss BDS programs. Whatever will they discuss ad nauseum at Durban III in that event?
6. Not mentioning Iraq's attempted annexation of Kuwait in 1991
Magpie 101   (05.24.12)
7. In South Africa, The USA, the UK, Europe and others
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (05.24.12)
most people don't want to hear the Israeli side. Its much easier to appease the Muslims than to think! South Africa has a huge Muslim population and the black majority have never been anything else but Antisemitic. Add to this the close relations that Israel had with the Apartheid regime and no one is surprised that South Africa has joined the "Hate Israel Show." The Israeli Government, instead of doing nothing against the maligning of Israel by once "friendly" countries, like South Africa and Turkey, should take diplomatic action and cut off all ties with these back stabbers. People should take note that while all people have vote in SA the the Apartheid system is still entrenched. The rich get richer and the blacks still live in squalor that would make the average pigsty look like a Five Star hotel!
8. isn't time to realize that the world hates Jews?
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (05.24.12)
Isn't this just a case of blind thinking? They started the war and we defended ourselves. They lose and so we have to pay? Crazy, let's find another world where there is sanity and prospects for peace, because where there are loonies like this, there is no hope
9. To: Larry at No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.24.12)
No, let's keep the sane and rational people here. We can ship the loonies to another galaxy.
10. #1
Kim ,   South Africa   (05.24.12)
Africa is a continent not a country!!! Therefore, the Sudanese refugees entering Israel are from Sudan, (a country in the north of Africa.) South Africa is an independant country in its own right, situated appropriately, in the southern most section of Africa. There are no South African refugees entering Israel. South Africa in its own right is flooded with African refugees from many African nations as well as thousands seeking to make a better life for themselves from other African countries.
11. No Comparison
Bob K ,   Virginia   (05.24.12)
Israeli medical scientists are just now developing adult stem cells to regenerate heart muscle and most Africans can't feed themselves, drink polluted water, and live in mud huts. And yet Israel is hated, vilified and excoriated by Tutu and his ilk...the world gone mad.
12. Great Article
Ron ,   NY,NY   (05.24.12)
Nice to see YNET actually express a Zionist point of view once in a while. Refreshing!!
13. It is good what South Africa is doing.
Ibrahim El Awal ,   USA   (05.24.12)
It is good what South Africa is doing. Now Israel can deport all African infiltrators to South Africa. How nice. UN should help.
14. Everyone knows this is political
Ali Clark ,   Scotland   (05.24.12)
This kind of way of thinking is silly.This is not about hating Jews either.You always know when you see the writer use Auschwitz Borders what kind or writer he is.BDS has many Jewish activists ,this is political not hatred.Its really about belief,some people have views not based on religion but what they perceive to be just according to their own standards
15. ZA is falling further and further behind
Steve from Raleigh   (05.24.12)
While there is political parity of blacks and whites, what's happened is that after 18 years, the economic status of blacks hasn't improved, and the country as a whole has fallen backwards. One could chalk this up to inexperience, but we're nearing on 2 decades. So in the end, ZA will resemble the rest of Africa culturally and economically a lot more than it resembles Europe or Canada. Liberal white guilt can free people from oppression but it can't feed them or give them jobs. So while ZA discards one of the few countries willing to work with them on AIDS research, agriculture and industrial development....well good luck with all that.
16. Israel fully supported Apardheid
franz von fear   (05.25.12)
............was the last and most faithfull allie of the racist SA regime and even opted to deliver nukes. its a suprise the new, liberated Sa even holds diplomatic relations.
17. 1947: sabras called european jewish refugee = savonim
Sabra hazak ,   TLV   (05.25.12)
Any MK around the democratic countries would have used the same words than Ben Ari would be fired and hunt down by politicians from the right and the left
Typical and ironical of South Africa to become part of the most rabidly racist gang. South Africa hasn't learned anything from its own bloody and racist past. Now it embraces the very things that made the South African history a history full of racism, bloodshed and sorrow.
19. #10 You and your facts
esnuffnstl ,   USA   (05.25.12)
How dare you give facts to the person who posted #1. Don't you know facts are not welcome here?
20. Where's the disgrace?
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (05.25.12)
Saying that the territories were won makes it sound like they're now part of Israel. They're not, and that's the problem. Judea and Samaria is still occupied by the military, Israel never annexed it since it would have included way too many arabs inside Israels borders and they werent ready to drive them all out by force. Israel is trying to have all the perks without any of the responsibility, they want to act as if the territories are part of Israel when it suits them, all other times it's a military zone and none of Israels concern. Annex it and be done with it, or leave. Germany or Japan never had their occupier come and settle their civilian population all over the occupied zones like Israel has done. As Israel refuses to annex judea and samaria i don't see why goods manufactured there should be labeled Made in Israel since they de facto are not, they're made in the occupied territories. Assuming you really don't think the civilian settlements in an occupied warzone is wrong, properly labeling their products as being made there should not bother you.
21. To #16
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (05.25.12)
South Africa maintains relations with Israel (so-called) for purely tactical reasons. It needs to have a listening post to know what is going on in an enemy country. Moreover, South Africa is not officially at war with Israel, so keeping a token embassy in Tel Aviv is in keeping with diplomatic protocol. So, #16, really no surprise. Good tactics.
22. #10 & #19
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (05.25.12)
#10, I can fully appreciate your argument that Africa is a continent. You'll get no complaint from me. You foolishly state that the "refugees" are all from Sudan, which just isn't the case. #19, I really can't appreciate anything but your ability to so contently make a fool of yourself. What I can't appreciate from either of you is your lack of mastery of the English language. Had I wished to imply that that South Africa the nation, was a 3rd world country, the sentence would've read "they are trying to make Israel transform into the 3rd world nation of South Africa." That is clearly not what I wrote. Zimbabwe, anyone?
23. #20
Moshe of Rockville ,   Rockville,MD USA   (05.25.12)
Not all of Judea and Samaria are occupied by Israel.Whatever portions are occupied will continue to be so until the Fatah(and Hamas) are willing to live in peace with the Jewish State.Indeed, the historical connection of the Jewish people with the entire area of the West Bank and Israel was clearly established by the League of Nations and the UN.Regarding your view that Israel came and settled the civilians all over the "occupied zones," is complete nonsense and contradicts reality.The vast majority were encouraged to leave their homes by their leaders and others who supported the invasion of Israel at the time of its independence in 1948.They were expected to return to their homes when the armies of Egypt,Jordan,Syria,Lebanon and Iraq defeated the Jewish Forces.Such defeat did not happen, and Israel has refused to take back those who supported the invasion.
24. #23
Intedi Nensak ,   Stockholm, Sweden   (05.26.12)
I know the occupation is their own fault. That Israel settled civilians in the occupied territories is not an opinion it's a fact and reality, there are hundreds of thousands of them currently living there in newly built cities towns and villages, no one disputes this not even Israel so if you have missed that you're really uninformed. Also, i don't get why you're babbling about 1948 since the territories were gained in 67 and have nothing to do with the war of independence.
25. strong delusion comes upon them in the end times
Kaffeeklatscheress   (05.26.12)
Now which Jewish prophet was it again who said that? (Scratch head...) - you might be surprised....
26. yaawwn! a mishmash of hasbara half truths & not much else
Kim   (05.26.12)
27. #19
Kim ,   SA   (05.26.12)
Ooops! Sorry, silly me! Fancy thinking that facts should be considered when drawing a conclusion. I am duly chastised.
28. get used to it
bill ,   canada   (05.26.12)
south africa knows all about apartheid; calling south africa racist is pitiful; these actions happen worldwide regularly; israel can take it
29. No#24
delas ,   Joburg SA   (05.26.12)
You are incorrect! The Jews have always had a presence in the Holy Land for more than 3000 years in the cities of Nablus, Jericho, Hebron. etc.. today these are so-called Palestinian enclaves.At the turn of the 20th Century the majority of Arabs migrated from surrounding Arab countries and mainly from Egypt to find jobs on Jewish farms etc... Those same-said Arabs and their descendants are the" Palestinians" of today. The name Palestinian came from the Romans, who re-named the area accordingly after their defeat of the Jews as an insult to the Jews. The name Palestinian was actually only adopted in 1964 by the PLO. The name Palestinian prior to that referred to the Jews who lived in the area. Prof Phillip Hitti, an Arab historian in 1946 stated that there is no such thing as Palestine only south Syria. According to UN GA Resolution 242 both Arabs and JEWS can live in the area known as Judea and Samaria. In fact according to International law you can only also "occupy" the land of another sovereign country! Palestine only ever had Jewish sovereignty with its 1st and 2nd commonwealth for 400 years older than the US today which is a mere 200 years old. This land has only EVER known Jewish sovereignty.The land known as Judea and Samaria is therefore disputed territory by both Jews and Arabs but the Jews do have the greater right to inheritance. In fact land taken in a defensive war again, according to international law becomes the rightful inheritance of the aggrieved party which was in this case Israel in 1967. Israel's case sets a precedence in international law and is actually unjust in terms of Jewish inheritance. In spite of this and taking into consideration the geopolitical reality of the day, Israel has still been prepared to share this land which in truth, is rightfully hers
30. 1948 border #24
delas8 ,   Joburg SA   (05.26.12)
BDS refers to 1948 borders that is mentioned in the article if you read it ! Their demand is ludicrous and delusional in the extreme.! What are 1948 borders exactly?
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