Lapid: Rightist MKs don't understand Jewish morality
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 24.05.12, 18:16
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1. Lapid is an idiot!
Rio Largo ,   New York   (05.24.12)
When the "guest" misbehaves in your house, you can throw him out. Send them home before it gets worse for all.
2. All We needed was another LEFTY narrow minded!
Matt ,   Tel Aviv   (05.24.12)
Shut up Yair! U R A moron!
3. There's a limit to being charitable
Ram ,   London   (05.24.12)
and compassionate Mr Lapid. How many more do you expect Israel to take in?
4. Incitement
michael Pielet ,   israel   (05.24.12)
This is incitement by lapid.
5. Typical leftist tool
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (05.24.12)
"I support the arrest and deportation..." said to lend SOME credibility to his next completely off the wall & fabricated statement - "When I see a pogrom led by inciters..." POGROM? Does he know the practical application of that word? Protest? Sure, I'd call it a protest. But he's trying to make it look like everyone was out for ethnic cleansing instead of application of law for the security of the citizenry. "They don't understand the meaning of 'Jewish morals' " - yeah, and this imbecile doesn't know the meaning of the word "SURVIVAL".
6. He spoke about terminology and he is right
mea   (05.24.12)
I believe the migrant problem must be solved immediately, but so does Lapid. What he is pointing out is the need to contain the language and rep[air the situation in keeping with morality. It is better to say just what Aronofvich pointed out--that we must deport because, just like other countries, people cannot just flood in and say they are refugees. They could not do this any other place on the plant except in Africa where borders are porous. I see TBs calling them everything but human and that makes Israelis look extremely racists--which they actually are as a whole, against blacks. No use denying it, but this is an opportunity to re-consider the sounds coming from Israel and being broadcast everywhere. It is a matter of knowing when to keep your mouth shut.
7. tell me it isn't true!
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (05.24.12)
I thought Lapid said he wasn't just a boring Leftist, but he cared for the middle class, the people whose taxes subsidize medical care and education for illegal aliens, who pay extra taxes for police to deal with crime and who don't have the money to live in Leftist bastions with private police forces. Didn't Lapid attack the Haredim because he said they get money, but don't pay taxes and don't serve in the army, just like the illegal aliens? Could it be that Lapid lied?
8. Said the ATHEIST!
David   (05.24.12)
9. So Lapid is wrong?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (05.24.12)
Didn't Ahmadinejad call Israel a cancer? Didn't the Nazis call Jews a disease? Didn't the former South African Deputy Foreign Minister call for the Jews to be thrown into the sea? No, these people should not be here but they are people just like the Jews in Europe were people! They are not animals but it seems that some Israelis would like to put them in cattle trucks! The big joke is that the Netanyahu Government and his Minister of the Interior LET THEM IN! I hope that the next time that some calls for Israel to be destroyed or Jews to be wiped out Nos 1 to 4 will realize that they are "morons" to quote #4! Reap what you sow!
10. We are breaking the deportation and transfer taboo.
Chaim ,   Israel   (05.24.12)
For every cloud there is a silver lining. The one good thing that will come out of this dangerous infiltration situation is that "transfer" will no longer be a dirty word in Israel. We are breaking the taboo about transfering and deporting dangerous people out of our land. That is a very positive development. Israel needs concrete plans to transfer our enemies out of our land.
11. If we the Jewish people have not
Dyslexic... ,   Israel..   (05.24.12)
learned from our history we have learned nothing.We must show compassion for these people,violence is not the way too go.We have to take care of them in a human way.Then send them back too were they came from.
12. What Morality ?
A Very Heavy Stone ,   Florida   (05.24.12)
Something has gone terribly wrong with Israel. Madness and insanity prevail and another fool,Lapid has arrived to stir the putrid brew. Deut 28 “Now it shall come to pass, if you diligently obey the voice of the Lord your God, to observe carefully all His commandments which I command you today, that the Lord your God will set you high above all nations of the earth.... “But it shall come to pass, if you do not obey the voice of the Lord your God, to observe carefully all His commandments and His statutes which I command you today, that all these curses will come upon you and overtake you:.... 28 The Lord will strike you with madness and blindness and confusion of heart.
13. "Jewish morality"
Dr Harry ,   Jerusalem   (05.24.12)
Look who is teaching REAL devoted Jews (MKs Regev, Danon and Ben Ari,) about Jewish morality. How convenient it is to use Torah.....Morals.....Quote speeches only as a hype. In the END, this is what it is, The Left is fading away and you need to make headlines. Yair, You are the one who doesn't UNDERSTAND. Tell me what are words of "incitement" Any TRUTH SAID BY JEWS OR RIGHT MK's , in your words are incitement. Open your eyes. Yair, I wish you & your family a Happy Chag Shavuot.
14. The world is full of idiots
and power hungry egotists, that create their own Torah, and call it the new-improved Jewish moral version.
15. Illiterates at Ynet...
gelb   (05.24.12)
The man in the pic standing in front of miri Regev is Yariv Levin and not Danon. do you need someone from the distance of 4000 kms to point this out to someone working at the media in TA? Do you? Moron.
16. #6 - How funny
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (05.24.12)
I love it when you leftist nut-jobs can't persuade other people to see your enlightened "morality" you throw out the race card - "makes Israelis look extremely racists--which they actually are as a whole, against blacks." Yes, yes. Jews are racists for wanting to protect their property & lives from lawless infiltrators. I've said it before - I'm not opposed to LEGAL immigration. I am opposed to Israel being overrun by illegal economic opportunists trying to leech off of Israeli society under the shroud of "political persecution". Their persecution stopped when they left their countries of origin. They continued to Israel to take advantage of the leftist liberals who are dying to give Israel away on a silver platter.
17. They cannot be deported
Rain   (05.24.12)
Around 90% of the illegal aliens currently here will get refugee status under international law. We cannot legally deport them.
18. OOHHH THAT IS GRAND. and this pisher does know Jewish values
shadoil ,   Jerusalem   (05.24.12)
19. incitement?
Ellen ,   Netanya/NYC   (05.24.12)
The left is very good at throwing the word incitement. They are even better at accusing others of inciting. I would like some lefty here to point out EXACTLY what was said that was incitement. I realize to the left anything AGAINST their point of view is inciteful BUT can you show me what was said that, was going to stimulate or prompt an action that would be negative. Jews in Germany were peaceful productive citizens. The "refugees" have made areas of Tel Aviv unsafe for their residents. Israel never before had neighborhoods that people were scared to walk in and scared to go out of. I realize that the lefties want Israel to be a country like all others--so this is apparently a fulfillment your dream. Why not invite these individuals to YOUR neighborhoods. They are unwanted where they are. True hosts want people with them, not somewhere else. BE a true host.
20. #17 - Really?
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (05.24.12)
That's not what this article says -,7340,L-4233546,00.html Looks like out of 60,000 only about 3,000 are asylum seekers. Those numbers are even less as reported by the groups that assist the asylum seekers. The AG has already given the green light to deport, so you want to reconsider your "legality" argument?
21. and lapid understands jewish morals?
David ,   Haifa Israel   (05.24.12)
his father was anti religious... he is ant religious... left wing torah hating whacko
22. Those who support abortion on demand and gay marriage
BH ,   Iowa   (05.24.12)
are the self-appointed guardians of morality. Seems morality is now a near letter perfect reflection of modern day leftist political positions and pet issues.
23. OMG...
les ,   canada   (05.24.12)
is that lapid guy a comlete and total idiot? oh, this is not a question, IT IS A STATEMENT!
24. Suckling a babe in arms
Wisdom ,   Of God   (05.24.12)
Should not be a decency question, given that a bib is manufactured which fits over mother and infant so that no embarrassment or provocation is caused to anyone. The video in question is absurd. Womanliness should be wise and discreet and that is the actual issue that needs to be raised here. The term lady is a woman of wisdom who behaves appropriately in any given situation, |The media and public life is sadly full of inappropriate behaviour. It is the same foolishness as wearing inappropriate clothes or too short skirts. It is a none question
25. How far the Jewish people have come!
James ,   Canada   (05.25.12)
Suddenly, all I see now from the people of Israel is an unabashed, fascist, racist Jewish State.
26. motality
colin   (05.25.12)
Who is this lapid chareter His farther was a repotyer and this idiot son tries to have the press print his junk !!!!!!!!
27. Lapid has no right to preach to others about Jewish morals
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (05.25.12)
To accuse Jews of launching a "pogrom" against the africans is a disgusting lie. THIS is inflammatory language.
28. I second that Chaim @#10!
Israeli 2   (05.25.12)
I so much wish for someone to be strong enough to make it happen. The sooner the better. Frankly, if transfer and deportation is indeed not taboo anymore (for the leftists and anti-semites it always will be) we should deport the so called Palestinians ASAP.
29. the snake oil salesman speaks
zionist forever   (05.25.12)
He is careful not to alienate the right & centre supports by supporting the fence & deportation of the illegals. At the same time he condemns the right wing MKs who say not nice things about them which is what the left want to hear him say so as usual Lapid is trying to be all things to all people but at the same time having no ideas of his own. The bit of Lapid'd speech you have to love though is his ranting about Jewish morals, Jewish values and the rightist MKs don't know anything about being Jewish. Coming from Lapid whose part is based on nothing but haredi bashing all these speeches about Judaism sound a little out of place. Lapid is nothing but a snake oil salesman who has a cure for all illnesses but once you open the bottle you see its not a cure at all. Non of his ideas are his own they are either popularist or poached from other parties, I just hope when the election does come not to many people waste their vote on this con man.
30. #25
#25 ,   Canada   (05.26.12)
At least you're only seeing it now. I saw it in Christian and Muslim states ages ago. I kind of wonder took the Jews so long considering Christianity and Islam were supposed be better and replace Judaism. Any opinions on that one James, or perhaps you're just looking to Jew bash. Just read my above comment to see how easy it is to bash a whole group, to which I hope you come from, because that's what you do. Amusingly enough, that's also what Fascists do, and it does not solve anything. Bravo James for adding more dissonance to the world. You are a stellar citizen of Canada... Personally I am embarrassed you live in my country.
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