Russia's Putin to visit Israel in June
Itamar Eichner
Published: 25.05.12, 16:44
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1. Moscow
John ,   Herzliya, Israel   (05.25.12)
Moscow should change her policy towards Middle East, the cold war is over and opposing Israel and USA just for the sake of opposing is not productive anymore.
2. Fellow Patriots:he'll be on our soil for 24 hours.Plenty of
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.25.12)
time to do the Right Thing!
3. Putin
Grant Thomas ,   USA   (05.25.12)
Putin is friends with the enemies of Israel, so he is no friend of the Jews and he can't be trusted. I wouldn't let him in at all!
4. Putin Visit
MGray38 ,   Miami USA   (05.25.12)
To #1 and #2; well at least he's coming and paying tribute to Russian Jewish patriots. A lot more then can be said for the President of the United States.
5.  #1 interesting that the us president
Shaul R ,   USA   (05.25.12)
still has not visited Israel and Putin is coming 3 months after taking office. You were saying something about the cold war?...
6. Well, this is the result
Mara ,   Vienna   (05.25.12)
of the stupid Turkish politics to veto Israels presence at NATO summits! And the US presidnet to weak to give them counter! China ad Russia will from now on support Israel as a joker against NATO and especially Turkey!
7. Putin vs Obama re Israel
Syd Chaden ,   Palermo Calif USA   (05.25.12)
The significance of the visit may be much less than is being made of it. Russia, after all, is the weapons supplier to Israel's principal enemies, Iran and Syria. The US is the weapons supplier to Egypt, whose status as a significant enemy of Israel is just now emerging. Putin, however, does not have the weapon that Obama has used with such great force and effect, the weapon that throws leaders and countries under the bus.
8. I can't put my finger on it...
Israeli 2   (05.25.12)
But somehow Putin seems to me a man of character (Macho perhaps -yes) but nevertheless a man of resolve very unlike Obama. As a matter of fact, I have a feeling he can't stand Obama mainly because Obama is selling out his country whereas Putin put Russia uber alles.
9. Hey don't dis Putin he's a good guy.
Az   (05.25.12)
He's logical and keeps his composure well. Try imagining yourself in his position, dealing with all those drunkards and derelicts and trying to keep the criminals at bay when they're lobbing grenades at businessmen's cars etc. etc. This is a good chance to make progress in establishing a legitimate basis for trade and negotiations, don't let your prejudices fuck your concerns up. Allies are better than enemies, even if tenuous.
10.  # 9, Obama vs Putin....hmmmm
Pasquinel ,   Canada   (05.26.12)
Hey 9 AZ Suggestion, keep them at arms length.
11. RE: Putin/Obama/etc.
Az   (05.26.12)
Actually I'd say they've both got a good amount of character of the good sort, and similar problems, though structured differently of course. Putin's got basically anarchy that he and a few guys are holding together just barely. Obama's got an uncooperative bunch of man-children in congress who are just wasting everyone's time because they're too bull-headed to cooperate for the greater good. I don't know why the bad rap; unfortunately racism seems to be a big problem in Israel; these fellas barely acknowledge Jews of a different color, let alone non-jews. Not how they should be. Obama's a smart man; legal background which is in itself a mark of intelligence. What's the alternative? Ron Paul dropped out and the rest of the candidates are all psychotics. So my opinion is to help Obama rein in the obstinate jerks he has to put up with (like Putin!) and propose logically ineffable solutions. He's onto some good ideas if you check out some of his more recent speeches, and I think it would be good to work with him on asserting better plans, not just let prejudices guide hasty decisions.
12. One does wonder if Israelis will run to kiss his behind?
Cameron ,   USA   (05.26.12)
13. Our president will be there to personally deliver...
Russian ,   Russia   (05.26.12)
14. #2 tom , tel aviv
Your post is understood as a threat...
15. #14: Putin is a threat to the World. I wish I could be 2 him
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.26.12)
16. #13, be clearer !
17. Putin
TonyC ,   New England, USA   (05.26.12)
"Keep your friends close, and keep your enemies closer"
18. The bear amongst the sheep...Great
Pasquinel ,   London, Canada   (05.26.12)
20. 13
john Darren ,   cairns-Austraalia   (05.27.12)
Wht a stupid post.
21. #16 Watch out or else...Simple and to the point...
Russian ,   Russia   (05.27.12)
22. #13+21, Threats (YOUR THREATS)
ain't working here in Israel. We have long passed that Stalinist era.
23. #13 I can't recall any useful product
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (05.28.12)
Or agenda beside a few poets and writers coming out of Russia. It has never been a country to offer anything of substance to anyone or anywhere. Anywhere I can surely find something illegal that Russians are part of. China, Vietnam, Iran, Dubai, Thailand. The list can go on. I never hear anyone who wants to go to Russia to get treated for cancer or any illness. They sure come to Israel to get plenty of it. You want to launder money. Russians are there. To help. You need drugs, Russians will get the best for you. SO WHAT KIND OF WARNING ARE YOU GIVING US? WHAT IS IT THAT YOU OFFER BESIDE OIL TO THIS WORLD? Cheers
24. #8: I can't put my finger on it....
hadassa ,   australia   (05.28.12)
Putin puts Putin uber alles, just like Adolf, yimach shmo, did. If he's going to Israel, it's because it suits him to go. Obama doesn't go to Israel because he doesn't want to go, while spouting his rubbish about supporting Israel! Trust neither of them.
25. Putin in Israel
Yon ,   Israel   (05.28.12)
As for me, Putin is a head of a criminal gang which rules a criminal state. He is a fosterling of the KGB, lets say - the Russian Gestapo (but much more bloodier!). He must be the number 1 in the Magnitsky's list. What does he need in Israel? Let him keep out of!
26. #3
Michael ,   USA   (05.28.12)
Russia does what's best for their nation. Syria and Iran are willing to pay through the nose for Russian weapons, so Russian weapons suppliers are more than willing to deliver. Nothing personal, just good business. Also, inside Russia, Putin has led a large effort to crack down on violent antisemitic acts, so yes, Putin is a friend of the Jews.
AMERICAN HINDU ,   USA   (05.28.12)
You need the support of the Russians too. Welcome him warmly !
28. Beware of #13
AMERICAN HINDU ,   USA   (05.28.12)
People who post may not be who they say they are. People like #13 are trying to provoke Israelis to say anti Russian things in an attempt to put a wedge between Israel and the rest.
Iranian Jew ,   LA   (05.28.12)
to town. I hope he is bringing lot of cash for his friends in Israel.
30. ICBM Reaction
Mandy ,   Austin   (06.08.12)
I wonder how this visit will go since Russia's ICBM could be seen in Israel last night?
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