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Israeli who saved Turk on Everest: You never abandon a friend
Associated Press
Published: 25.05.12, 18:46
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1. Doesn't matter
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (05.25.12)
A righteous and decent person is a shining light to us all - regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. Being a good person isn't dependent on any of those factors.
2. what a trick!
metin ,   giresun   (05.25.12)
In my opinion This is a failed attempt of climbing mount Everest.They got a bright idea to come in to and created a sort of imaginative fair play scenario.
3. #2 - Of course!
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (05.25.12)
Yeah, that's much easier to believe than a Jew saving a Turk's life huh?
4. Rescue a person in trouble: the correct decision,educational
Michael ,   California, USA   (05.25.12)
The mountain will be there forever while person's life is temporary. Mr. Ben Yehuda acted nobly, acted unselfishly, acted correctly. His logical, down to earth thinking saved his friend's life. Mr. Ben Yehuda measured up to the high moral values we hold dear. I suggest he become engaged by the Education Department in Israel to visit schools and give presentations on what he did. Young people need to hear and learn how to uphold high moral values, certainly need to be given the opportunity to appreciate stellar performances of their countrymen.
5. @#2
Ber L. ,   Canada   (05.25.12)
What a sick puppy you are! Like they have nothing better to do than fake a rescue a few hundred meters below the summit. You try doing that on Everest. You should be ashamed of yourself. Get a life!
6. #2 metin no need to feel embarrassed
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (05.25.12)
By your fellow Turk at least he tried the climb
7. Kol hakavod
Borislava ,   Sofia, Bulgaria   (05.25.12)
Kol hakavod Nadav, his parents (for upbringing) and his military training. #2 today you broke the stupidmeter device
8. logical assumption
Atilla ,   istanbul   (05.25.12)
This example show us that a person who is unable to walk alone wouldn't be able to climb up the mountain.
9. Idle musing ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.26.12)
... What would make people want to climb to a point that is only about 1,000 feet lower than that at which commercial airlines fly? Risking death, disfigurement, altitude sickness (which can kill) -- hurricane force winds, freezing temperatures, oxygen deprivation -- must take some kind of an adrenaline junkie. That mountain has claimed the lives of several hundred people, many of whose bodies have never been found. They'll be perfectly preserved, though. Perhaps 5,000 years from now, a body will be released from its burial place, and people will wonder about it with the same fascination that we have for Utzi, the man whose body was released by the Alps 5,000 years after he died. Wow. Does anyone really want to spend eternity in some museum, propped up and gawked at by hundreds of visitors each day? Whatever floats your boat, I guess.
10. Higher than the summit of Everest
Jaya ,   San Francisco, USA   (05.26.12)
With this selfless act of humanity, Nadav reached a height far beyond the summit of Everest. It seems all of his training prepared him for a journey of the spirit.
11. Istanbullu Atilla - logical assumption
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (05.26.12)
Ben-Yehuda said his military training in Israel helped shape his reflexive decision to rescue Irmak. "You never leave a friend in the field," he said.
12. #2 and #7
Obsessive ,   Turkey   (05.26.12)
Metin, Watch Israeli Dervish Miki Cohen. He is real and not a trick! Borislava from Paraguay. I prefer to travel by plane or Italian flotilla of Trieste - Cesme because of my precious life. Everything is "Jewish establishment" for Ataka, for German skinhead imitating slavic street tramps, for every 1 km fee charging so-called Police with circus monkey uniform. You didnt know what is an "eye contact" because of communist party fear. You were walking around with Gas-masks against NATO without underpant. You were killing Turks. Ex-Yugo Serbians were like Americans near you. German funnel will be finished. Everything will be fine in the end.
13. nice humanitarian act
anton ,   istanbul turkey   (05.26.12)
14. Look - it doesn't matter where you come from
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (05.26.12)
when someone is in trouble, you help. At the time of trouble like this, there are no labels....
15. #12 neighbor,
Borislava ,   Sofia, Bulgaria   (05.26.12)
Sorry for the bad experience you had on the territory (which is not exactly Paraguay). Good and bad people are everywhere, evenly distributed across the planet. “The World is Big and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner”. I personally (neither Jews) have nothing to do with Ataka, which has no such authority here, as you think. Each country has its own Ataka. Do you like everything in Turkish foreign and domestic politics? With this "You were killing Turks" made me shocked. Is that what you learn in school? The truth is different, believe me, we can go back in history (there are enough artifacts), but is too long to explain - we will privatize the forum and others will not be interesting. For the same reason I will not comment our (practical) and your (in theory) experience with the communists. Bulgaria has no problems with our Armenians, Turks, Jews, etc, in the past and today. As a people we don't want a bad for you - if your neighbors are well and you're good. It is stupid to be furious. Why, of entire planet with people, you decide attacking me? Just below this article
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