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Report: Russian arms shipment en route to Syria
Published: 25.05.12, 23:21
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1. The west should train and arm all groups
jason white ,   afula, israel   (05.26.12)
opposed to the russian and chinese governments, except for the islamofacists.
2. russia
real vision ,   usa   (05.26.12)
3. The truth of the amtter is its best that Assad stay in power
Alood.   (05.26.12)
as far as Isreal is concerned. That is the bloody truth. He damn well knows he cant fight Israel so he sends his proxies to do so thru Lebanon. Were he replaced by the moslem wackjobs Israel would end up with another front to deal with. Be very careful what you wish for. In the interim let it continue...let Syria bleed. Its all good.
4. It's All About The syp and rubels
putin is Laughing All The Way To The Bank? How did putin deal with the chechnian separatists oops I ment medvedyev or was it putin no matter We All Know Ex-KGB is has Always been in charge, he is the picture of Physical health. Have you ever seen him without a shirt? Or training in martial arts? Or diving and Finding Tresure at the bottom of the sea? larov is Just putins Lacky and does what he's told or he will find himself in siberia eating borsch and rotten potatoes. Heavy Sanctions Need to be installed ASAP.
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