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Facebook reaches rabbinical court
Itay Blumenthal
Published: 28.05.12, 17:10
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1. this is too good not to be true!
tom ,   tel aviv   (05.28.12)
2. Jealous women still rule. Only in Israel.
Michael ,   California, USA   (05.28.12)
3. Welcome to the Haderi Republic of Israel!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (05.28.12)
Next we are going to have public floggings and the death penalty for adultery, coveting your neighbors goodies and not rotating your crops. Rabbis, the Grand Ayatollah will be proud of you.
4. Facebook is evil. Facebook will fall.
Moishe Pupik ,   Baltimore   (05.28.12)
5. Either he wanted ONE wife or other women, he picked, too bad
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (05.28.12)
6. Hypocrites
Shalom Hartman   (05.28.12)
If the 1st 3 talkbacks are anything to go by, YNet readers are a bunch of hypocrites. You should be delighted that a woman won so easily in Beit Din; isn't this exactly what you wanted?
7. #6 Shalom, He wanted to feel free.
Michael ,   California, USA   (05.28.12)
There is no vice in freedom, like in freedom of speech. So, he engaged himself in a "targil sifruti" which he practiced on Facebook. What is wrong with that? The article says "he wasnn't caught with his pants down," does it not? I bet he never even met any of his corresponding partners, and even if he did for a cup of coffee, so what? What's wrong with a good targil sifruti? His wife could have learned a bit of literature and enjoyed herself also. Or, she could take more showers and read eBooks on a Kindle while wet.
8. #6 A rabbinical court case i.c. is HYPOCRITICAL.
Jerry ,   The Netherlands   (05.28.12)
9. bu$$ine$$ of go$$ip$!!!!!!!!!!!
me   (05.28.12)
10. Spiritual or mental adultery is evil to HaShem because it
Rivkah   (05.28.12)
leads to physical adultery. If a man or woman commits adultery in his or her heart (emotions, feelings), that is equivalent to the sin of adultery Rabbi Yehoshua said. Job in Scriptures made a covenant with his EYES not to look upon a maid. He felt that if he did not look at what was tempting, his feelings would not be stirred to commit emotional or mental adultery which leads to physical adultery. If only people would be more careful about what they see and hear and say and do.
11. If a man wants to support some concubines in addition to a
Rivkah   (05.28.12)
wife, he has to do just that. King David supported his wives and concubines and even the unfaithful concubines and his ex-wife. Males who cannot afford to do that have no business looking at naked or suggestive photos of other women or entertaining adultery in their hearts or correspondence. The women must be supported for HaShem to accept the situation.
12. well played
Nadine ,   LA   (05.28.12)
He was on dating sites and facebook writing to other women. He was not in a marriage and good for her she won. You cant have it both ways. He sounds like a lazy nogoodnik to me.
13. Finally...the wife was listened to!
Chaya ,   Tel Aviv   (05.28.12)
The correspondence between the man and the women was 'suggestive.' Of course she should have been given the divorce. much did she really know about him before they got married?? Or was she simply looking for some economic support??
14. Not the First Time
Moshe ,   jerusalem   (05.28.12)
I saw a ruling published by a member of a Bet Din in Tel Aviv a few years ago that expressed a similar idea. Extremely suggestive messaging or pornography may be grounds for a divorce if the other party demands it. The ruling stated that it would depend on the exact nature of said material, but did not state exactly what type of material constitutes sufficient grounds for divorce. The ruling also stated that if the spouse also engages in such behavior he/she can not demand a divorce. This is considered a violation of Jewish decency, and as such can be grounds for a divorce.
15. how did she get his FB password?
did she legally get into his account? seems to me there are other electronic issues here!
16. to 6: read better plz.
CB   (05.28.12)
From the article: “He had physiological problems in bed,” “He refused to take pills, drank alcohol and smoked pot.” What this thing mean to you ?
17. If facebook evidence is acceptable
Jerome ,   NZ   (05.29.12)
Why the saying of Kaddish in the presence of a minyan on Skype video is not acceptable? If 9 men are present and the 10th is 28000 km away on Skype what's the difference?
18. 11
john Darren ,   cairns-Austraalia   (05.29.12)
What a useless post Rivka.Nobody is expected to do what King David did.
19. virtual friends are generally liars
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (05.29.12)
Why do people believe that people are what they present themselves to be? Facebook, etc. is breeding ground for people who have difficulty being accepted by real people so they lie about themselves and naive readers believe it - until it is too late.
20. how she got his password
tb ,   israel   (05.29.12)
if your computer is set to automatically remember passwords she would have every password. I can access all my kids passwords unless the first time it's entered you say don't save password.
21. CB #16
Shalom Hartman   (05.29.12)
You misunderstand me - the Beit Din were right to protect the wife. My point is that for years people complain that the Beit Din is "against women", now when they come out with a judgement like this, tjhe same people still complain!
22. to 21: got it : D
CB   (05.29.12)
23. why can a man never be satisfied with what he has?
It happened to me   (05.30.12)
I met a man on a dating web site. we were both divorced with children. we had chemistry between us. i, by absolute chance, found out that he was "still looking" and had actually cheated on me, even though we'd been together a year already. my heart raced. i could not believe it was happening to me. i could not confront him initally because i could not say that i had been snooping in his emails (although he was the one who asked me to print one of his emails, while he went to bed). i simply happened to see a list of womens names as i was about to close his email account. i was completely in shock. yes, it does happen. we were not married. we split up after one of the women actually confronted me and confessed on her own accord. and then i could say i caught him with his pants down. it was painful. men are seldom satisfied with what they have.
24. :-)
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (05.30.12)
A woman finds her husband's little black book, containing dozens of ladies' names. Highly disturbed, she confronts her husband with the names, demanding to know whether or not he's slept with all of those women. The husband smiles, hugs his wife and tells her, "Sweetie, I only slept with you. I was awake with all the others." Hospital visiting hours are from 3 to 5 PM :-)
25. #23: It's in their genes
Igor ,   Germany   (05.30.12)
A man can conceive a child a day (more or less). A women can give birth only to one child a year (again, more or less). So a man can maximize the number of his children by having sex with as many woman as possible. Those who did it, passed their "cheating gene" to many children. Those who didn't, passed the "fidelity gene" to only few offsprings. Over generations, infidelity prevailed. Evolution 101.
26. #23, Keep on trying, you will find a man to be happy with.
Michael ,   California, USA   (05.30.12)
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