Don't blame Tel Avivians
Sima Kadmon
Published: 27.05.12, 20:58
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1. why bother to call it Tel Aviv?
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (05.27.12)
just rename it Sudan !! and give Jews another home for this one is getting too gentile and violent.
2. Speak for yourself
Debbie ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.27.12)
I live in Sth Tel Aviv, and i'd rather you didn't speak on my behalf.I have no problem with my neighbours who come from Eritrea and Sudan and anywhere else, even when they stand in groups on the street. and I am a girl, and I live here alone and am not afraid. stop calling them Sudanse...its incorrect and racist and speak for yourself not for people who dont agree with you please
3. Most of these people are not from Sudan but rather Eritrea!
dan ,   tel-aviv   (05.27.12)
The autohor needs to get his facts straight!
4. "debbie" please dont give me that, will you?
flor ,   israel   (05.27.12)
5. Debbie, I totally agree with you!
Hagar ,   Tel Aviv ,Israel   (05.27.12)
I also live in TLV and I happen to know some of these Refugees, they are people like you and me who try to make a living and have a better life. The ones to "blame" is not them, rather then the Government for not taking care of their situation.
6. I don't have to hate you to deport you
MEA   (05.27.12)
is that there is no way to separate the inherent racism against blacks in Israel from the immediate issue of thousands of blacks arriving. Sorry, but I have personally observed even the most leftist leaders quietly expressing dislike of blacks. The points the author makes are good and they help us understand that daily life is changing for south TA residents. Anytime people are broke, crimes go up. Statistics of all sorts go up. More thievery, more prostitution, more everything bad. Desperate people do desperate things. How should Israel handle it? By not allowing a status to occur and to relocate the majority of them. Sorry, but every country in the world has immigration laws and just because France does not deport does not mean Israel should not. These laws are based upon demographics and if these folks are allowed to stay the Jewish state will disappear within a generation. Facts.
7. What a jerk! Maybe not racist, just fascistoid. ...
8. Prof Dr
Miguel de Espinosa ,   Israel   (05.27.12)
The Germans, especially in Berlin became more and more antisemite when orthodox Jews from Poland and Eastern Europe looked for refuge in Germany after 1918. How the whole ended is well known ... In other words, should Tel-Aviv be in danger, then the author will also have to show much understanding for the early Nazism in Germany ...
9. the problem is NOT sudanEse, but ERITREANS since they are
hot snow ,   tlv   (05.28.12)
80% of the refugee's population and are OUT of controle. Eritreans are 45,000 while Sudanese are 12,000.
10. National Services
zivron   (05.28.12)
The guest refugees ought to work in infrastructure projects and futher champerones ought accompany women and children no gangs allowed.The sudanese ought produce their own policing force and start hatzollah training .Education of the Laws of Noah and implementation by law done with lateral thinking absorbable psychological therapies like cognitive behavioural and aversion therapy practiced ton a degree in the extreme.The sudanese ought be shifted to the negev and given jobs in solar energy and agricultural farming in preperation for mass return to sudan except for those in danger of genocide.HARSH REALISM with PROLETARIAN HUMANISM is achievable.
11. Enough
grod ,   USA   (05.28.12)
#2 Debbie. You are an illegal. The only reason you live in Tel Aviv is because the govt. didn't have the guts to issue a deadly force order at the Sinai border. Start packing. It's only a matter of time before you get removed from Israel. If the govt. won't do it, the citizens will.
12. The problem is that they came ILLEGALLY
Scott ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (05.28.12)
Israel needs foreign workers. But they must enter the country in an organized & controlled manner. When they sneak in the country there is no way to document them or determine how many are here. The illegal migrants that voluntarily leave should be given some money & a work permit that will allow them to return & work in one year for a period of 6-12 months. Those who refuse to leave should be deported & not allowed to return. Entering the country illegally is a crime which should not be rewarded.
13. For God's sake!
Californian Native ,   USA   (05.28.12)
It's not racism and only Leftist bleeding heart liberal loonies would say so. I ask Israelis..do you really want this disaster in addition to the others you already have? Iran? The Arabs? Israel was created on Jewish soil as a home for Jews because the world sat by and did nothing as 6 million burned. It's not a collect all for all of the abused people on this planet.
14. Oh thanks...
Californian Jew ,   USA   (05.28.12)
you big-bleeding hearted Lib loon...How about if you take some of the refugees into your house? That is, if you even have a house..or, are you part of the Occupy crowd?
15. # 8 and what caused the spainards to be anti Jewish
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (05.28.12)
16. Yeah right Debbie
Rachel ,   US   (05.28.12)
Why don't you move to Sudan.
17. Country to small to support them
David ,   USA   (05.28.12)
Israel is the size of New JErsey and cannot support hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants. Time for them to go. This is not racism but reality of the country.
18. 8 Miguel de Espinosa
Amir Abutbul ,   Haifa``   (05.28.12)
How can you compare these two things with eachother? Did the Jews who emigrated to Germany caused criminality to go up? They were hard working people who actually contributed to the German society. And the only thing we want is that they get the hell out, not murdering them. You're just another blind lefty who knows nothing about the facts, you are nothing more then a antisemite who dreams of that the Jewish state will become overrun by muslim Africans and Arabs. Which evidently will result in the destruction of our precious Jewish state. That state that our parents and grandparents etc have fought for.
19. Tel Avivians should blame politicians' incompetences instead
Bernardo ,   France   (05.28.12)
Tel Avivians should ask Eli Yishai (the interior minister in charge among other things of the illegal migrants) to travel to Eritrea. Don't forget Eritrea is a country with friendly diplomatic ties with Israel and most migrants are Eritrean. What is Yishai waiting for after all those years ? Take the first plane to Asmara and negotiate the migrant's repatriation now, like a big boy!
20. Its our government who is too blame
Dyslexic..... ,   Israel...   (05.28.12)
full stop.We have too act as humanely as we can,these backward dumb uneducated thugs that are using violence against these defenseless people, have too be stopped.These refugees have to be sent back to were they came from.
21. make mass arrests and keep them locked up
zionist forever   (05.28.12)
I went to the main post office on Haganah Street to collect a package and hanging around outside the post office were a couple of these people smoking. I was looking around me the whole time because I had a large package which to somebody with criminal intent looks very tempting. Another time I was walking down from Ibn Givrol - Deizengof I believe it was and I passed a school on my way and hanging around outside the school gates were a group of them. If you were a parent and you know you have these people hanging around outside the school gates how would it make you feel. There is a difference between compassion because we feel sorry for them and invasion because there are so many coming and are taking over the streets in some areas. Many of them we cannot deport home because they are legitimate refugees and sending them home in dangerous and in that case we need to get the UN to stop playing around and work with foreign governments to deport them to other safe countries. We also need more than one super detention centers we need the capability to hold at least half of the ones already here and have space for the new comers. Once we have these places lets get the border guard, the army or anybody else needed to make mass arrests and take them out of Tel Aviv and into these places. They will not be allowed out but they will be comfortable and they are held here until their case is heard when they are either given residency permits which will include a right to get a job of they will be deported but at least if they are all kept in the same place while they wait for their case to be heard they are not causing any mischief in the cities. Until we get the detention facilities built we should find an empty lot of land and get the army to put up tents and provide a soup kitchen and medics. Make sure everybody knows its there and lay on special busses to take them there ( but not back ), at least if this place is out of town they won't be going down to the beach in their spare time so we will at least get some of them off the street as a short short term partial solution.
22. Tel Aviv
Fran├žoise Michaelis ,   Paris France   (05.28.12)
What does the mayor do? What does the government do? You cannot let people without job . Why do people employ Thai people and not employ Sudanese?
23. get out of the box!
Laura ,   Tel Aviv   (05.28.12)
I see how difficult is to discuss this issue moderately. It slips easily towards insults. Check the video of the angry mob which took place in South Tel Aviv, where residents attacked a woman speaking out in support of refugees by shouting "you want a negro cock"and "may you and your daughter be raped". Now, is that intelligent thinking? I used to live in the African neighborhood in Paris, and loved it. Full of flavors, markets, spices, women dressed in beautiful traditional dresses. Don't we all travel abroad to look for some of that exoticism? Can it be valued for what it is, richness and diversity, instead of just feared? Yes, Africans may have different codes of being together, like hanging out in the streets in gang-like bands, but we fear that because we do not understand the rules. We favor our huge living rooms playing ipad/ipods/video games and fighting attention disorders in our children. Until we are not open to get to know the different, there won't be understanding but only fear. The world is globalized, WAKE UP people! You cannot stop this from happening, not with barriers, not with laws, not with violence. Lets try to enjoy the good sides to interracial friendships, and valorize them. You cannot leave in a box, even if it is called Israel.
24. #2
tejas ,   India   (05.28.12)
I wonder if you think anything beyond nearest coffee shop and pub. Jewish future of Israel is at stake here and you are spewing your socialist propaganda.
25. One number !
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (05.28.12)
in Belgium , more than 30 % of jailed people are illegals . They come here for the same reason as they try to enter Europe by sea : looking for a better life . But we can't absorb such quantities , we can't give them jobs , we can't feed them . We have more than enough poor Israelis who are in need . If they were asylum seekers , why not ask this refugee status in Egypt ? it's the first country they enter after fleeing their own country .
26. It's got to be stopped & reversed NOW!
Reuven   (05.29.12)
If not, we may well lose our Israel. I do not see the government acting fast enough. Call up reserves, if necessary, to patrol the southern border, until the fence is completed. Arrest and return all infiltrators within 72 hours.
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (05.29.12)
I cAn understand your sincerity, although I have one questions How many of them have you invited into your own home ? To all that can say yes, the line forms to the right, take a number so that you won't lose your place in the tor
28. #5 Rod - Easy answer - Catholic Church
BEN JABO (MACHA) ,   ISRAEL   (05.29.12)
Spanish were also anti the natives of Central & South America, add Mexico to the mix
29. I do dig that line, #6
Cameron ,   USA   (05.29.12)
"I don't have to hate you to deport you." You could build a whole movement and party around that slogan. Excellent cynical fare.
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