IDF documents Palestinian using human shield
Yoav Zitun
Published: 27.05.12, 21:22
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1. Why withhold the film?
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (05.27.12)
You can bet if it were the other way around, the pals would have make it the top story on every media outlet.
2. Why?
Steve ,   USA   (05.27.12)
For as long as I can remember (I'm 55yrs old), Israel has always been inept at propaganda. The Arabs on the other hand are experts at deception, since they make up most of what is shown the world. And it is always shown to the world! Never a chance missed. I could understand the IDF not wanting to show everything it has. Sometimes it is beneficial to not show the enemy what we are doing or what we know. Perhaps in this case the IDF is 'building' a resume of photos or film to show together at 'one time' for major impact. Maybe the IDF does not want the enemy to know that it is filming these operations? However, knowing that Israel has always been behind (way behind) in the propaganda war, in this instance the 'cat should have been let out of the bag'. That the world media may not have published it anyway is another matter! Wouldn't surprise me a bit. Show the darn footage, the cat is out of the bag now!
3. Oh ho! I see! You want the terrorists to win the PR war!
Harry Wright ,   UK   (05.27.12)
4. Is that Obama's son Trayvon?
Pasquinel ,   London Canada   (05.27.12)
5. and possible criminal action?
SF Jew ,   San Francisco CA   (05.27.12)
Why bother with evidence for possible criminal action when they will just be released in some BS exchange? Without the video how can we Internet Soldiers provide evidence on the Huffington Post etc of Palestinian Crimes? Please help us help you, Israel. Give us all the goods you can.
6. Actually, #1, the Palestinkers would have faked the film.
Scott ,   USA   (05.27.12)
And no one in the media would care.
9. @ #1
David ,   San Francisco   (05.27.12)
Using Palestinians as human shields was considered completely legal by Israel until 2005. It was done by Israel hundreds of times until the Israeli Supreme Court outlawed the practice. It still happens but not to the same extent. I'm surprised you didn't know this.
10. 1 is right
TC   (05.27.12)
What are you guys waiting for (assuming this is for real of course): Release this movie so all the pro arab countries like France can have some fun.
11. # 1
Birdi ,   Israel = Jewish land   (05.27.12)
WE dont have to sink to their level, do we?
12. The IDF has not learned anything from past media mistakes
rachel ,   tel aviv israel   (05.27.12)
When will the IDF finally learn how to use the media at its disposal for its own benefit? By using various media resources to fight propaganda by enemy factions, much grief and interntational damage to Israel's reputation could have prevented such political disasters as the Goldstone Report and the repercussions of the wars in both Aza and Lebanon. As any good journalist knows, one picture is worth a thousand words; and one positive video posted on Youtube does more to get the truth out than all the reports and words by all the world's powers who often rush to judgment (Israel- bashing) without seeing any evidence beforehand.
13. arabs and bibi and barak
milson   (05.27.12)
palestinainas are no such entity-they are egyptians, saudis, syrians and lebanese. Basically using women as shields is as normal as drinking water and lying. IDF doesn't air this because bibi still holds to the garbage 2 state idea that his rotten defence minister who has been wrong and incompetent since 1999 advocates. Shove it up. That is all 2 state is good for.
14. Take a minute to think logically before criticizing the IDF!
David ,   Israel   (05.27.12)
It is obvious that they are preventing publication so that terror groups cannot obtain intelligence to the capabilities and positioning of such cameras in the area. do remember that what was recorded was from military hardware in a military zone. Think logically people before you start criticizing the IDF
15. Who will save that woman from Hamas? Obama? Flotially? EW?
Miron ,   USA   (05.27.12)
16. hostage #1
fangs out ,   U.S.A.   (05.27.12)
If the roles were reversed the pals would have killed them both no problem with them. We know that they consider women to be chattel. I have read in the Koran of women's rights.
17. Bad news day
Denise ,   Harlem   (05.27.12)
This has got to be one of those days. After Shavout,,? Geees. Bad news day.
18. In order not to expose the camera's location, etc
Jerry ,   NY   (05.28.12)
The Palestinians sacrifice people for PR, The Israelis rather keep secrets that save lives.
19. out of context PR Troll
Ross ,   CA   (05.28.12)
But ok, let's have it your way: According to you, sir, the Palestinians have the right to use human shields yada yada yada because Israel yada yada yada. Enjoy sacrificing strangers, a$$hole!
20. #9 - only partly true, and you knowingly withhold info
William ,   Israel   (05.28.12)
The IDF has never used human shields during fire fights nor to be used as cover during operations, as we all know, "Palestinian" terrorists wouldn't care about knocking off civilians because they do it all the time. Here, the Arab terrorist clearly grabbed someone and used them for cover to prevent being hit by the IDF, who DID withhold fire to avoid harming a civilian, as per operational policy. In the IDF's case, the only "human shields" used were relatives to knock on the door of the wanted terrorist and persuade them to come out and give themselves up. Big difference, David, and now you know what everyone else has known for a very long time.
21. @#9
Anna ,   Montreal, Canada   (05.28.12)
At least in Israel you have democratic Supreme Court which protects the human rights. You won't find this in Gaza and PA. I am sure you know it but purposely didn't mention.
22. i believe...
les ,   canada   (05.28.12)
the IDF has first class snipers.
TOM ,   NEW YORK   (05.28.12)
24. To: No. 17
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.28.12)
Why would it be a bad news day? It's not as if Israel isn't very well aware that the ersatz "Palestinians" routinely use human shields. Why would that surprise anyone? These are people who sell their children to be suicide bombers -- anyone capable of that is capable of anything. The role of the IDF is to protect and defend the people of the State of Israel. That's paramount. We are not in the business of being concerned for the well-being of terrorists. Can you fathom that, or does it tax your brain capacity?
25. #9 did you get your info
Jerome ,   basalt   (05.28.12)
from another planet or the Palestinian propaganda news site? did an I.D.F. soldier use a terrorist as a shield maybe once so that means that you can write hundreds to fit your anti-Israel anti Jew agenda?! R U surprised I know this about you?!!
26. No need for this B.S., END Jewish occupation in Palestine
RJ ,   USA   (05.28.12)
End Jewish occupation of Palestine and you don't need to deal with Palestinians just as Canadians don't have to deal with Palestinians because Canada is not occupying Palestine.
Joel ,   Knoxville, USA   (05.28.12)
They have deemed it not the right time to release such a video. They will wait when conditions change and releasing it will result in the biggest Hasbara bang for their buck. People said the same thing when OBama refused to release OSama's picture....mark my words, he withheld the photo because he knew to save it for a "rainy day"..
28. B'tzelem is silent when it comes to exposing Pal crimes
Dan Kelso   (05.28.12)
Everyone knows how the Pals use civilians as human shields, fire missles behind civilians. Yet B'tzelem is silent.
29. This is classic Pallywood
Ken Jurist   (05.28.12)
Golda Meir 40 years ago talked about Palestinian child abuse. Isn't it time the Europeans tell the Pals to stop using their civilans as human fodder.
30. # 9 David
ben   (05.28.12)
Thankyou for pointing that out In 08 two IDF soldiers forced a 9 year old to open bags believed to contain explosives. The PR was so bad [ IN the rest of the world not the US] That Israel had to adress it. The soldiers whose names were never released and their pictures blotted out were found guilty of misconduct. I beleve they are still comanders in the IDF. At the time they were Identified only as Staff seargents from the Givati Brigade. PS the guy who killed Iman Al Hams was found not guilty and his name was never released. Identified only as Captain R
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