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'US won't allow Iran to develop nuclear weapon'
Published: 28.05.12, 00:03
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1. Shall Uncle Sam strike?
Cameron ,   USA   (05.28.12)
No one else has the will or means. decisions, decisions
2. I'm confused...
Pandoxa   (05.28.12)
Clearly they have already developed nukes, it's not rocket science. Not only that but they have their people with dirty bombs in suitcases definitely in California but probably all over the USA. Anyway Panetta is not the shiniest button on the coat and seems a bit blurry in his thinking much of the time so I wouldn't go by what he blurts.
3. tell that to the US army
inconito   (05.28.12)
Americans will really miss the robert gates ! Panetta is a real clown. hey imbecil, are you aware that your army has declared several times unable to prevent a nuclear Iran by force, or you were on vacation. you like it or not Iran will be the nuclear, if it decides ( what is not the case right now ). north korea also......... bla bla bla
4. Iran is the Ruler of this Game !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (05.28.12)
Action always beat Reaction !. As according to this Article, Iran will be the One to decide, if and when a War will start, not the US. Arn.Sweden
5. Only a fool trusts America or Europe.
Sam Tomar   (05.28.12)
Only a fool trusts America or Europe. Who slaughtered 6 million Jews during WWII ? - the Europeans, while their American cousins stood by watching and did nothing. They only entered the war after Japan attacked them. Now they are more concerned about saving their economy by delaying an Israeli attack with prolonged time-wasting talks with Iran, which enables Iran to facilitate the 2nd Holocaust easily. Its clear Israel has to help itself, not trust others, attack NOW !
6. The Obama-Ashton travelling Circus
Don Weismann   (05.28.12)
The Obama-Ashton travelling Circus - Istanbul, Baghdad, Moscow, Timbuktoo....and now coming to your town ! The hilarious comedy circus "P5+1 nuclear talks" going thru all cities in the world, the greatest Travelling Circus show on the Planet ! Come one, come all - visit and have fun ! They are going to charge an admission fee of $5/ticket and make a profit soon...ha ha !
7. Panetta should keep his
Frank T   (05.28.12)
Panetta should keep his mouth shut and get his tear-gassed face of the screen. We know America is never going to attack. America talked peace when Saddam was building Osirak reactor, but after Israel did the hard work, was able to invade & take over Iraq easily. America is 10,000 miles from Iran, Israel is next door. America is more worried about their economy, Israel their survival. Israel - do what has to be done....before its too late.....Attack NOW !
8. iran will get nuclear unless
alexi   (05.28.12)
ayatollah will get nuclear unless it changes its mind or israel stops it. Forget about the US which has bled to moslems in iraq and afganistan. Panetta's comments are icing on the cake, no substance. Israel is the key if it comes down to it. There are 2 problems in israel. First Ehud barak who now calls for toppling of assad when there is no chance of it period unless the revolt succeeds. barak is disconnected from reality like peres and has no stomach for war since his beirut days. he's done, finished has nothing to give. Second, bibi is afraid of making his own decision so he he formed his unity government to spread the decision risk. Why he wanted to be PM when he is so hesitant is beyond me. Iran is going nuclear in my opinion given the current state of world players.If it does, bibi will be overthrown as leader of likud and replaced by feiglin.
9. Soldier talk
One of Uncle Sams he ,   Usa   (05.28.12)
"I stand ready to deploy and DESTROY all enemies of the United States in close combat!"
COLIN   (05.28.12)
Who is this U S that thinks it can tell ot her country's that they cannot build bombs??? How many bombs has the USA buikt and are busy building,
11. A warning against an other pointless meeting with Iranians
Joe ,   Canada   (05.28.12)
The Panetta pronoucement seems intent on trying to prevent the second meeting with the iranians to be a repeat of the first when the Iranians offered no concession even a cosmetic one. This is not going to be any more effective on Iranians as previous warnings unless reinforced by something more convincing such as real deadline for negociations & one that it is not postponed even for short term US presidential electoral purposes.
12. Liar liar pants on fire!
M ,   USA   (05.28.12)
13. Just trust us!
Josh ,   Woodstock   (05.28.12)
Don't ask when the leader of this failure of an administration plans to actually visit our best friend in the Middle East. Just tell your kin to send the check and be sure to vote Democrat. Seriously folks? How can anyone trust these people? Maybe they'll bomb Iran. Ok. But why wait? They enriched uranium on accident? Really? Who is seriously buying this crap? Time to put up or shut up Panetta, same goes for everyone in Washington. Prove you're not all talk for once.
14. Somewhere in the world...
Rob ,   Orangevale, U.S.A.   (05.28.12)
There is a group of men now discussing the geopolitical change of the world. They are divvying up the territory's, and making new adjustments to the remainder of Iran, after the oncoming attack on it. It will be terrible for the Iranian nation, and could very well be the end of it. The world learned something from WW2, and that's that, when the aggressor, a true psychopath, bears his fangs and threatens the world, he will first pay with his nations blood, or total destruction, before he can destroy the world, as Hitler tried to do. Hitler had the military might to project his power across the frontiers of Europe. Iran certainly does not , no matter how big the pants they try to wear. "Never again", isn't just a slogan. It could mean the death of an ancient nation, as it nearly did Japan, had it not made the right decision. Today's weapons are far more terrible and accurate. At least ours are. Iran had better hope this situation cools down, because Israel and the United States are not joking. I live here. I know what we are ready to sacrifice, in order to save OUR world, from my neighbors with fighting age children, and the rest of us citizens, with love of country, military service, sacrifice, and long ties to America. To the Iranian citizen that cares about his ancient, fascinating and important nation with it's wonderful people: 'Do something to stop the madness, or leave now.' Do you really think a conflict with America and Israel can possibly be "good" for your nation?. Shalom Israel, Rob
15. Iran
David Archuleta ,   Pueblo USA   (05.28.12)
Iran should stop playing this dangerous game. We have a tendency to carpet bomb you if you start raising a ruckus in the middle east. Ask kadaffi, oh wait he's dead.Yup we helped topple his murderous regime and then his people killed him.
16. Mr Penetta Has Your Boss b.H.o Got The Memo?
You Really Should get Millions of Gallons of JP5 ready and fire up the Screws and Starts pinging in The gulf!!! I Would Think it's safe to say the little bearded monkey and his supreme less lead no where Has Been Dug in for years I don't speak farsi,However All Actions for the past FEW YEARS leads me to believe The illegal isslimic regime in iran is Frothing At THEIR CROOKED NECKS to mate a NUCLEAR WARHEAD to their n.korean ICMB's. Are the Joint Cheifs Of Staff THAT INEPT? I seriously doubt it. b.H.o. Really should pull his finger out of his ass And FOR ONCE MAKE A DECSION, after all HE HAS STATED HE ISRAEL'S BACK? or was that his body double?
17. Ready to... be ready ?
2Mad ,   צרפת   (05.28.12)
Ready for 6 more months of readyness?
18. we miss robert gates !
inconito   (05.28.12)
James Mattis, mike mullen, and all the top American military personnel is not as sure of this statement " us will not allowwblah blah"
19. October Surprise
Dan ,   USA   (05.28.12)
Obama will strike if he is behind in the September 2012 polls. He cares nothing for Israel, but will get the fleeing Jewish vote and Americans are less likely to want to change presidents during a military conflict.
20. full annihilation of the Zionist regime
Feroz Shah ,   Qom, Iran   (05.28.12)
Threats and pressures cannot deter Iran from its revolutionary causes and ideals. Iranian nation will remain committed to the full annihilation of the Zionist regime of Israel to the end. - Feroz, Iran
21. Obama lies and Paneta swears to it
Richard ,   USA   (05.28.12)
Obama has proven time and timea again that he is a false ally to Israel. He lies to the Jewish community and unfortunately most of us swallow his lies time and time again. We must vote him out or both America and Israel arei in grave peril.
22. #2 Pandoxa, that was a beautiful little comment.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (05.28.12)
Don't forget about NYC, the most likely hotspot.
23. Where is the relentless obama?or iran is caving under......
saied   (05.28.12)
Sanctions.america's efforts they want to try military fails too.
24. Panetta Iran No Nuke
Adam ,   London   (05.28.12)
Too late mate 10 years from now Iranian ICBMs will pointed at Washington.
25. Future belongs to iranian people.we need nuclear power in...
saied   (05.28.12)
Order to produce a cheaper electricity and providing them for our industries.we want to remove our water shortages,our future lack of labor forces by the renewable america can destroy an industry that is absolutely home made?i think america's ultimate tool was economic pressure that failed.
26. the usa under the muslim oybama is a paper tiger.
debra ,   usa   (05.28.12)
oybama will not stop iran from developing and using nuclear weapons.
27. I'll believe the Obama administration only when
Adam Smith   (05.28.12)
I see it act against the Islamists. So far, Mr. B.H.Obama has been an appeaser.
28. talk is cheap & we have this speech many times before
zionist forever   (05.28.12)
29. #20 Feroz Shah... Iran will be destroyed...
Rob ,   Orangevale, U.S.A.   (05.28.12)
In the VERY unlikely event that Israel is destroyed, Iran will be destroyed as well. The United States will see to it, as will the nuclear armed subs of the Israeli Navy. More nuclear weapons will ravage it, than you , in your infinite wisdom, ever imagined. Boast about the destruction of your nation Feroz,, your "revolutionary causes and ideals' will be the end of your civilization. Not even the birds will fly over it, for 500 years. Shalom Israel, Rob
30. A little reminder...
Rob ,   Orangevale, U.S.A.   (05.28.12)
For posters like #27,#5, and up and down the TB, a gentle reminder about Obama's so-called 'appeasement of Muslims'. I understand the rhetoric, the anger and the name calling. What you need to understand, is that in reality. Obama is the leading killer of Muslims in the world today. He isn't killing 'good Muslims' , they are too hard to find. He's raining death from the air, sending teams to smash doors down and kill them in their own homes if need be, ignoring international relations to go into a so-called allies country to kill Bin Laden, and will continue to do so till WE say quit. We do kill innocent Muslims in the order of battle, and it doesn't help that they harbor the terrorists amongst women and children, but make no mistake, HE is the one giving the GO orders. Our country IS serious about protecting and allying with Israel, if the destruction of Iran is necessary. We have been killing terrorists for ten tears in open warfare, and will continue to do so if they threaten us too far. Say what you will about Obama, but he WILL do what the country demands of him. Believe it, or not. Shalom Israel. Rob
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