Doctors fight to save Everest hero's fingers
Carmit Reuven
Published: 28.05.12, 14:44
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1. You are an example to many
Joseph ,   Malta   (05.28.12)
I will be praying for you yedid (although we never met). I believe in the Name of Hashem who heals even today. Shalom u'vracha. (APentecostal Christian from Malta)
2. book of life
real vision ,   usa   (05.28.12)
You are inscribed in the Book of Life for your selfless humanity
3. Nadav, Hachlama mehira
Obsessive ,   Turkey   (05.28.12)
Without a doubt, I'm sure we will do our best for him, for our moral responsibility. We have to honor him and support him for his incomparable devotion. In Israel, most popular poet is RUMI. No need to write our bestseller. We will be tested. I admire his strength and courage. Nadav, You are in our prayers and thoughts.
4. Digital Circumcision is painful.
5. Prayers
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (05.28.12)
Prayers for Nadav Ben-Yehuda.
6. I will pray for you two guys. Refuah Shuleimah!
Yosef Kahan ,   Israel   (05.28.12)
Nadav Ben -Yehuda delayed his ascent from a reason ,his delay saved the life of Aydin Irmak who is very fortunate to be alive . Ben-yehuda did the right thing ,absolutely no doubt about that and he is a real hero .This tale brings tears to my eyes .Perhaps the Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan should meditate and think about this heroic act.?
8. All the best and refua shlema
heifait ,   Haifa   (05.29.12)
to this courageous guy
9. you're awesome
Georgie ,   Toronto   (05.31.12)
I luv you guys!
10. Nadav
I wish you both healed and a full recovery You should be Time magazines Man of the Year for your heroic compassion.
11. Climber rescued
Andrew Jackson ,   Blackwater Australia   (09.23.12)
Awesome spirit shown from this young man. I admire the Israeli people who show such strength of character. I look forward to my second trip to your inspiring country
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