Ashkenazi slams Turkey indictments: Common sense will prevail
Yoav Zitun
Published: 28.05.12, 21:22
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1. Charge something on Herdogan in Isreal court for the Kurds
CB   (05.28.12)
2. Turkeys
Habman ,   Canada   (05.28.12)
And who cares what the genocide Turkeys think? Who wants to visit that backwards country? They screwed up! Israel was 100% legally within its rights. Deal with it. Be happy that the world has turned a blind eye to nthe MURDER conducted by these savages!
3. the origin
me   (05.28.12)
who invented the words ashkenazi and turkey? hamas,fatah and idf? who the hell they believed themselves? God himself?
4. Erdogan should be indicted for incitement to terror and ...
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (05.28.12)
give him 12 consecutive life sentences in an Israeli Court- They want show, let's give them a show. Erdogabn was asked to Halt the Flotill. The UN has recognized the blockade. The Ship was Seised in Israeli Control waters.But he promoted the Flotilla and defy the Israelies. They asked for an investifation. The Palmer report which was also conformed by the Turkish part. After the finding were not in Turkish aceptence they decided to practocally brake relations, would Israel has been condemnd they would accepted the Palmers report. If you ask for an Interational investigation you should accept it's findings. Is like an arbritage.. If not why bother
5. Well done Gneneral but where is our Prime Minister?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (05.28.12)
How much longer is Netanyahu going to allow this rabid Antisemite, Erdogan, and his stinking government to malign and insult our country, our people and our soldiers? It should be obvious that the possibility of "repairing" the relationship with Turkey, which is openly and enemy of Israel and the Jewish people, is a total illusion in the delusional mind of Barak. We cannot apologize for defending ourselves and our country against terrorists sent by Erdogan and his mob and we the people will never forgive you, Mr. Netanyahu, if you use OUR money to buy off the Turks! Cut Turkey off now. No more imports and no more Turkish Airlines flights to and from Israel.
6. The Turks Committed Gonocide
Noah Lev ,   LosAngelesUSA   (05.28.12)
For starters: no Jew/Christian should purchase Turkish goods..of course rugs, tobacco, etc. No one should consider touring that country. We should be pressing NATO to avoid any contact with Turkey..and certainly stop supplying it with aid or weaponry. Israel (and the US) must recognize the genocide of Armenians with no further delay. ( An executive or legislative approval). Israel should be encouraged to mine the waters for oil/naturla gas and gtive it prirotiy. All Turkish officials visiting Israel at the top levels, must be arrested, tried and incarcerated if found guility of war crimes ( Kurds, Armenians, Greeks and Israelis aboard that ship). And finally,a show of Israeli F15,16s will send a message to Turkey. If you play with fire (Iran) you will get burned. Frankly, this burns my ....
7. "Common sense will prevail"
Amichai ,   Huntsville, US   (05.28.12)
Uhhh....we are talking about a Muslim country here! If the UN gets involved then you know common sense is right out the window.
8. Torture
MR   (05.28.12)
What torture?
9. Friends like these
Jordan ,   US   (05.28.12)
When I read the talkbacks here from Israelis and other Jewish people, it makes me sad to see how self-cenetered and shallow their "friendship" is.ks are better off without friends like this...
10. ashkenazi is a good soldier but
marv   (05.29.12)
ashkenazi is a good soldier who did a good job with cast lead in spite of being led by a pacifist olmert and a disconnnected barak. yet he and like dagan are both dead wrong about ceding golan ever and now comments about turkey and common sense prevailing. Erdogan is a good politician and has vaulted his islamic party above the army. Erdogan lies to greece about its overflights, lies about the armenians, lies about the israelis and lies about fellow moslems being incapable of murder. So relations with turkey are impossible until his islamic party is thrown out of government. Don't hold your breath.
11. never leave
bill ,   canada   (05.29.12)
its not just turkey; it will be most of the world; be careful how you travel
12. Sultan Erdogan needs a distraction from his failure in Syria
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (05.29.12)
After his loudmouth proclamations he has not come across as the leader of the leader of the neo Ottoman empire.
13. #9 Jordan
Moshe of Rockville ,   Rockville,MD USA   (05.29.12)
Your statement regarding Isralis/Jewish people as being "self-centered and shallow their 'friendship' is," suggests a very strong bias and ignorance.No Jew or Israeli should own property in Jordan.Oh, I forgot that the British prohibited such Jewish ownership in the early 1920s,when they split their Mandate from Palestine.Well, such self-centered and shallow 'friendship" is present within the kingdom of Jordan.I agree we don't need these Jordanians as friends.I am going to suggest to some people to reduce or eliminate any US aid. P..s on them!
14. There is NO commons sense in Turkey
Mara ,   Vienna   (05.29.12)
as long as this hysterical "pious" psychopath is in power! He is still decided to take over hegemony in the Middle East!
15. Re Friends like these...
Alan-Merida ,   Merida, Yucatan, Mex   (05.29.12)
Are you standing on your head? You have everything upside down. Who launched a provocative naval incursion, whose nationals on board those ships attached IDF boarding parties enforcing a blockade against the terrorist Gaza regime? Under the Islamist Turkish regime, Turkey has done everything it can do to antagonize Israel. Erdogan has flamed hatred against Israel as a political tool, just as Arab regimes have long done.
16. Erdogan is like a dog ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.29.12)
.... worrying a bully stick. He cannot let go of the MAVI MARMARA humiliation. See, the world has pretty much moved on; the MAVI MARMARA is a little-remembered incident. You'd think in his waning days, Erdogan would have better things to do with his time.
17. Turkish law is a government controlled farce. Palmer report
PETER SM ,   AUSTRALIA   (05.29.12)
showed Israel acted legally. Erdogans violent martyrs did not.
18. The time has come
American ,   Los Angeles   (05.29.12)
for the turks to pay for the Armenian Genocide and let's see where erDOGan will hide then.
19. Turks at war with Israel.
American ,   Los Angeles   (05.29.12)
Yes tukey is a islamic terrorist state, no different than Iran. erDOGan's retoric is from ahMADinajad's notebook..Wait when US recognizes the Armenian Genocide and see what erDOGan will be explaining.
20. turkish minds
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (05.29.12)
This is the mental breakdown better known as syphillis.It appears that all turkish politicians suffer from it.
21. Please let the moral out of politics
James ,   LA US   (05.29.12)
My friends, Armenian Genocide is a moral issue and not a ball to be kicked back and forth for political gains. Especially for a Jewish nation who has suffered a similar pain in the past. It has to be recognized despite anything! If you want to recognize it just to pay back erdogan, there is no need for that. My 2 cents...
22. turkey indictment
josh   (05.29.12)
Israel should indict whichever Turk came up with this idea for the crime of utter and complete stupidity.
23. #4 Ari is correct: Erdogan is 100% responsible for this..
Rafi ,   US   (05.29.12)
... fiasco. His govt allowed the flotilla to sail - despite repeated warnings. You got what you asked for. Stop whining.
24. #19- Turkey will never explain. It will join the Russian cam
Ibrahim ,   Turkey   (05.30.12)
#19, Turkey will never explain anything to America. If the US insists it will merely join the Russian/Chinese/Pakistan camp at the expense of the Western world and NATO.
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