Yishai accused of preventing treatment for wounded Syrian
Shlomit Sharvit
Published: 29.05.12, 10:01
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1. leave the problem where it belongs..
Arthur ,   SF, CA   (05.29.12)
with the Syria and with the Arab league. Let them fly in doctors, emergency supplies, treat wounded, etc... And blessings to them for helping their own brothers. This is NOT the problem of Israel.
2. Regardless of what Israel will do, it will always be
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (05.29.12)
accused of not only not assisting people in need but also of being the cause of all ills in the Muslim-Arab world. An excellent example is the assistance Israel has provided needy Gazans, for many years, only to continue to be accused of Gaza's bad situation, despite the fact that Israel departed from that territory between the years of 1994 and 2005.
3. and he is right,Syrians are like Hamas,with or without Assad
ab   (05.29.12)
4. "With his wife and 4 children"
Tim ,   Boston   (05.29.12)
And what about his in-laws, cousins and their families? Where shoul Israel draw the line? Send them to Iran, their long-time buddies.
5. Love your neighbour...
Trude ,   Norway   (05.29.12)
"One day, the state of Israel will be asked where we were when the Syrian people were slaughtered" . Yes. The world is already asking. This is a Jewish principle: "You shall treat the stranger who sojourns with you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the LORD your God" and Rabbi Akiva: "Love your fellow as yourself" — Rabbi Akiva says this is a great principle of the Torah. Having family that lived in Europe before WWII, I cannot understand how relatives of the 6 million that died don't help one single man and his family without questions. As a matter of fact, I believe Israel brings judgement upon herself if she doesn't help her neighbours - she is a not a light to the nations but acts political - like European countries did in 1933-39. Talmud, Sanhedrin 37a states: "For this reason was man created alone, to teach thee that whosoever destroys a single soul...scripture imputes [guilt] to him as though he had destroyed a complete world; and whosovever preserves a single soul ..., scripture ascribes [merit] to his as though he had preserved a complete world. " Israel is a Jewish state and it makes me ashame when politicians don't pay respect to the 6 million and help where Europe failed to help. We were once strangers in Egypt, we were once refugees at borders. Love your neighbour as yourself means helping him when he is in need like I myself hope to be helped should I ever be in need again.
6. Time to deport Eli Yishai
Haim ,   TA   (05.29.12)
7. Does it have to be Israel?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.29.12)
Don't they have ophthalmologic surgeons in Turkey?
8. Preventing treatment to Syrian child
Floriane ,   Israel   (05.29.12)
WHY does Israel continues to Try to save all our ennemies. The world hates and wants to eliminate Our People. Whatever good we do is never mentioned BUT we are always Guilty of something. It is more than Urgent to focus on our Problems safety of our borders immigration unification of the Jewish people stop those ridiculous religious fights We are opening the Door to all those who want to kill us. Focus on Our People.Not Many of Us left!
9. Yishai doesnt want syrians living on the streets of TA
zionist forever   (05.29.12)
Eli Yishai is probably trying to make sure the Syrians don't join the Africans on the streets of Tel Aviv. Let them come into Israel for medical treatment and they decide once here well Israel isn't that bad I think I will stick around for good or at the very least until I know which way the wind is blowing back home. Demanding a high medical insurance guarantee means that most people can't afford it so Yishai can say sorry you can't come into the country and he is just following the law. Its not nice but if that is his thinking then there is at least some logic in it.
10. Do-Gooders
grod ,   USA   (05.29.12)
Yishai is right. This Israeli group should be ordered to stop its activity at once. What's happening in Syria is of no concern to Israel. Thsy should mind their own business.
11. To: No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (05.29.12)
Syria is in a declared state of war against Israel. It has attacked Israel on several occasions. Israel's first and foremost obligation is to look after Israel and Israelis. We do not know anything about the man seeking treatment. For all we know, he has killed Jews. You are an unremarkable anti-Semite in many respects. You level unwarranted criticism against Israel with respect to the ersatz "Palestinians" and Cast Lead, and then have the nerve to demand that Israel step in to break up an Arab fight. If you're feeling that charitable, send Norwegian troops, why don't you? Send a team of Norwegian physicians and surgeons to Syria. You have some nerve. I don't believe that you are Jewish, either.
12. Why don't these Care-Bears travel to Syria
Israel's end is soon   (05.29.12)
... and take care of not one, but thousands.
13. treating syrians
sue ,   jerusalem   (05.29.12)
have no problem with offering medical treatment to Syrians. I just hope that it is not at the "expence" of Israeli patients.
14. The line must be drawn
Trude   (05.29.12)
When Jewish refugees tried to go to Canada in 1933-39, the answer was NO. After all, most of the refugees were German citizens and therefore enemies, and Canada would not let them in. The line must be drawn. I know many Israelis and Jews think that the right thing to do, is to do to others what they did to you. Even though it is not the same "others". I am concerned about what G-d thinks - and what are true Jewish values. As well as what are true human values. After all - should we not be Menschen?
15. Looking at a Mid east map, Turkey has
Arlene ,   Israel   (05.29.12)
such a long boarder with Syria, also Jordan...and from there are other Islamic countries that surely would help their "brothers" in distress! Why Israel, they hate us, the world condems us, the whole undemocratic area blames us for their ills. Also why the whole family, surely easier to get one person back over the boarder. Something just doesnt click right here. Seems Yishai is the only one with his noodles in place, especially when our own citizens have to wait so long for an operation...or go private! Charity begins at home, but yes I do feel for those that suffer especially the children, but we cant take on every countries woes while our own sit waiting, and often dying before they can get treatment on the health service that they have paid into all their lives.
16. # 14 - TRUE JEWISH VALUES...
Patriotic Israeli ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.29.12)
is to protect ourselves FIRST. That is what God writes in his Bible. "Choose life!" Choose our life and our existence over others. If saving others does not endanger us, then yes, it is moral to save others. TAKING IN INFILTRATORS AND THE SWORN ENEMY is not choosing life, but choosing death, and THAT IS NOT GOD'S WILL!!!
17. goodie goodies
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (05.29.12)
Let the Syrians treat their own or send them to Turkey or Iran. Why are we trying to be the goodie goodies? Do we feel so inferior?
18. One Person At A Time
Robert Blum ,   New Albany USA   (05.29.12)
I have no empathy for those bent upon the destruction of Israel and/or our Jewish people. Nevertheless, while I detest Islam and its pseudo-religion, which is little more than a political agenda that loves death more than life, I DO empathize with the man who lost his eye. I feel his anguish over it, and his great fear of losing his other eye. In February 2007, I had a terrible car accident and became blind for 17 months, not knowing whether I would recover my vision. One of my doctors, Dr. Rahal of Beverly Hills, California, is a native of Syria. This doctor treated me as a patient and as a friend, sometimes with no charge! I believe that I sacrificed this dear friendship with him, because I inadvertently offended him in having become incensed by all of Islam's murders and attempts to murder my people, the Jewish people, my statements to this effect having been published everywhere, so to speak, on the internet. Eli Yishai would do well to lay aside his bitterness for a higher spiritual aspiration of helping this individual for the sake of Yishai's betterment and for the lofty goal of Tikun Olam, healing the world, one person at a time.
19. Who is my enemy?
Trude   (05.29.12)
And who is my neighbour? In Canada in 1933-39, German citizens were defined as enemies. So German Jews were not allowed into the country. Like there are Syrian enemies, there are Syrian friends, too. IF we believe in peace, some day, we have to start already now to treat our friends properly AND make friends. I can say nothing about how the world stopped Jews on their borders in 1933-39 if I, myself, stop other refugees on my borders today? But - on the other side - since we, today, stop refugees on our borders, now at least we know we are no better than any other country in the world. Why should anybody help people fleeing from pogroms or Nazis, when the ones once fleeing don't help, either?
20. #19 - who says the world was obligated to save us?
Patriotic Israeli ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (05.29.12)
Who says the world was obligated to save us? The USA and Canada did what they had to do to protect their own interests. The Christian and Moslem nations of the world have no love for us. WHY DO WE EXPECT THEM TO LOVE US? Those boatload of Jews that were turned away from Canadian and USA shores serve as the classic example that we can ONLY RELY ON OURSELVES to protect ourselves... TO LIVE.... Sympathy stops when it affects our own survival. Syrian friends? Have you been on the Golan Heights lately. We give them a good life and they terrorize us! No thanks to your stupid sympathy. "THOSE WHO ARE KIND TO THE CRUEL WILL BECOME CRUEL TO THE KIND." I don't need your type of kindness! Oh! By not listing where you live, you obviously do not live here in Israel. Why doesn't YOUR country open its borders to ALL refugees of ALL nations? Why not? Wouldn't that be the humane thing to do?
21. Love Thy Neighbor
Pinchas ,   Haifa,Israel   (05.29.12)
This maxim does no apply to sworn enemy. Check the sources
22. He has an excuse now
PaulZion ,   Israel   (05.29.12)
His own rabbi said that they are not allowed to break the Sabbath to treat non-Jews in need. his conscience is clear - his rabbi said so.
23. Why does the entire family want to come?
chava ,   yerushalayim   (05.29.12)
Yishai is asking for a guarantee that the family will return after the medical help. If the man, his wife, and his kids are all here, they may decide to stay. Perhaps the man could get his surgery with only his wife here to help, or even a medical aide to help. If the children are little, who will take care of them here while the wife is helping her husband. In Syria, there are probably relatives or friends that could care for the kids. It sounds to me like they intend to stay.
24. Why does the entire family want to come?
chava ,   yerushalayim   (05.29.12)
Yishai is asking for a guarantee that the family will return after the medical help. If the man, his wife, and his kids are all here, they may decide to stay. Perhaps the man could get his surgery with only his wife here to help, or even a medical aide to help. If the children are little, who will take care of them here while the wife is helping her husband. In Syria, there are probably relatives or friends that could care for the kids. It sounds to me like they intend to stay.
25. It's clear Hasson is prepared to set a precedent
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (05.29.12)
This isn't about one man. It's about making Israel the go-to place not just for treatment but for refuge. That's clear when he says "and if another 50 arrive, I'd advise letting them in, too". And of course they can't go home because they "will lose everything if (they) find out he visited (Israel)". Even if it's the skills of Israel's physicians that are deemed essential, there's no reason he can't be treated by them elsewhere. Israeli eye surgeons travel all the time to provide their services.
26. Yishai only one looking out for Israel
Rachel ,   US   (05.29.12)
You have enough refugees, don't open your doors to Syrians. Let them go to the Arab countries.
27. If no Rabbi, he's still right!
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (05.29.12)
Think for a moment, his entire family would have to also be permitted entry into Israel. Hmm, so, if a thousand ill muslims wanted into Israel and, their ill, that could mean how many more with families included? a half million? A million? Who's going to pay for this care? Whose ging to pay for the enormous expense of treating him and his entire family? Doesn't this add a fifth column of unwanted muslim enemies within Israel's gates?? I don't think so. The muslims have gobs of oil money, can afford to use Gaza for a rocket launching pad into Israel.. and still refuse to treat their own ill??? I really don't think so. Keep listening to your mullah PaulZion, however, we'll listen to the Rabbi who is far more informed.
28. #19,"Trude" Norwegians were surpassings Germans in houding
ab   (05.29.12)
down the tinty Jewish community there-when Germans wanted to exempt Jews married to Lutherans Norwegians protested and sposes ended up deported to death camps. Ordinary Norwegians looted the belon´gings of deportees and pursued those who were escaping to neutral Sweden even across the border. Now Trude wants Israel to open her gates to Sudanese well knowing Norway doesn't do it and never would. Perfidious enemy of Israel.
29. Haim TA Deport You, Have you no brain?
Pasquinel ,   Canada   (05.29.12)
30. depictable and short sighted IM decision
peter42y ,   lisbon, portugal   (05.30.12)
The interior ministry behaviour was depictable. People are dying for lack of treatement. After all Israel is Syria neighbor. Besides the foreign ministry behavior is shortsighted. Sooner or later people in the ME would have known israel is treating the syrians wounded. That would have improved Israel image in the region. Like it or not Israel is a ME country. In the long run it must have good relationships with its muslim neighbors. Treating wounded Syrians was a golden opportunity for Israel to show the Suny Muslims israel is not a devilish state as many of them claim. That opportunity is being lost because a fellow with no vision is placing obstacles along the way.
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