Kadima MK: Send human rights activists to prison camps
Omri Efraim
Published: 29.05.12, 20:40
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1. World's Best Practice
Adam Neira ,   Paris, France   (05.29.12)
The State of Israel as a sovereign nation has a right to decide its population and immigration policy. The long term solution is for Israel and other advanced countries to mentor the poorer countries. Creating other points of light and centres of safety and prosperity will mean less of a flow of people to various nations. Call this policy "Messianic Neo-Colonialism" if you like. P.S. Australia's immigration and refugee policies are world's best practice on a very difficult issue and could serve as model for the State of Israel.
2. Is every politician using this issue for votes?
Israeli ,   south Tel Aviv   (05.29.12)
What the politicians are saying is for political gain only. They know that their rallying to expel is not legal, that hiring them IS (currently) legal, and that they are mostly good people. South tel aviv has always had a problem of poverty and crime. This is just black people instead of brown people. only difference.
3. Imprison them in camps?
Yitzhak ,   Israel, I think   (05.29.12)
First they came for the Africans, and nobody spoke up Then they came for social activists, and nobody spoke up Then they came for me and nobody....
4. Imprison them
peter ,   tel aviv   (05.29.12)
Here is a suggestion for Berkovich. On the upcoming visit of President Putin strike a deal with him to send anyone you don't like to Siberia. She sounds like she really is longing for the good old days of the USSR..
5. Kadima MK Berkovitz looking for a new home
avramele   (05.29.12)
If ever there was proof that this issue has nothing to do with either the african refugees or long time south Tel Aviv residents it is the demagogic outbursts of MK Berkovich. The only question is whether she is positioning to compete on the right in the Likud primaries or auditioning for the affection of FM Lieberman. Either way she looks good in brown.
6. And leftists??
Beary White ,   Norway   (05.29.12)
Every leftist israeli who joined the flotilla should be put into jail first, even if they were MKs.. And the jail should be in north Sudan...
7. makes you want to vote kadima when you hear them say that
zionist forever   (05.29.12)
Unfortunately for Kadima though I will not be voting for them but nice to hear some straight talking from a Kadima politician.
8. Negotiations? Get UNRWA to take them
Tracy W   (05.30.12)
Negotiations would take decades. By that time there would be a new generation born in Israel. Make arrangements with UNRWA to do the job it's tasked with doing: taking care of refugees.
9. no.3
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (05.30.12)
Your post is tasteless and doesn't apply to the subject point... For better or for worse,those people came to Israel by violating the borders ...We not "talking" abuse here... And if are going to legalize and validate their status in Israel, this will never stop.. If you can't see, that this is another new attempt to try to destroy the Jewish State, then you have a problem...
10. Can Someone Please Explain Why These Africans
Want to come to Israel and Not Stay on the African continent? They can travel south, and west, even stay in eygpt, libya, tunisia and morocco?
11. Democracy?
Norman Gellman ,   Rehovot   (05.30.12)
Does MK Berkowitz know the meaning of democracy? Everyone has the right their opinion even if we disagree we MUST support their right to hold that opinion.
12. 8
john Darren ,   cairns-Austraalia   (05.30.12)
Don't you read?They are not really refugees.
13. #3 Yitzhak-UR pathetic SCUM! She is correct and for Shamalov
Netanya ,   Netanya   (05.30.12)
That quote is from the holocaust: Is someone talking about a Final Solution of gassing the Africans and wiping them off the face of the earth? Pathetic that you would use that sentiment here! SICKO! Shamalov Berkovich: Did the gov't not notice how many Israelis today have no home? Did they already forget about the tent cities, which had mothers and kids (which the gov't dismantled leaving many without roofs) BTW, when I made Aliyah to Israel in 1996 from USA, ALONE, the country gave me nothing, not even one falafel ball and I also lived on the streets (I am a female and was 30 yrs old) So, illegal infiltrators should get more than a Jewish Zionist from USA, right? Very nice how Israel treats its citizens. First we should take care of family, which Israel is not doing at all!
14. Clear and consistent laws
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (05.30.12)
There must be clear and consistent laws regarding asylum and immigration. Once you have illegals, migrants who work for less and can't complain because they're illegal, you damage the whole system. The USA has more than ten million illegal hispanics who have crosssed the border. Who knows how many are involved in drugs and crime or providing cheap labour when Americans suffer high unemployment?
15. 3
zionist forever   (05.30.12)
Don't take these speeches so seriously. The woman does not seriously have any desire to send the human rights activists to prison camps its just a speech and she is basically condemning the human rights activists who are putting illegals before the Israeli people. Its like Miri Regev talking about them as being like a cancer .. big words to make a speech sound much more dramatic. Politicians worldwide love making dramatic speeches in Israel they are no different.
16. So, is Israel a "Homeland for The Jewish People"
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (05.30.12)
or a 'homeland ' for job seeking illegal Africans? Either Israel enforce her own laws and lose these fakes or, get comfortable with the fact that if this continues, Israel will be the home of a majority of illegal muslim Africans? I don't think so.
17. # 10 Africans want Israel's democracy
Bad Assed Jew ,   United States   (05.30.12)
but, wont fight for freedom for or within their own nations. Lazy?
18. turn back
tesfay ,   jerusalem   (05.30.12)
I really feel sad,Israel would be turned back to the governments of Africa,if it lead by those emotional people
19. Many Israelis (and neighboring countries) don't.
Parker ,   Los Angeles, USA   (05.31.12)
Many Israelis, especially the right-wingers, don't understand the meaning of democracy. A democracy doesn't imprison people for protesting or having liberal views. A democracy also doesn't call itself Jewish and push out non-Jews by taking their land and building on it.
20. Israel will destroy itself...
Jeffery ,   Brooklyn, USA   (06.01.12)
Israel seems to be having trouble maintaining both a "Jewish state" and a democracy. How predictable. No need to fear Iranian aggression Israel. You are well on your way to becoming something worse. Fascism is the inevitable political result of defining a modern nation as an ethnic enclave and after pursuing a policy of ethnic cleansing during it's entire history. The very nature of the word "infiltrators" reveals this obvious rising FASCISM. Why not "illegal immigrants"? Just doesn't sound as terrifying I guess.
21. To No 1, Adam
Vishal ,   Chennai, India   (06.06.12)
Sure every country has the right to choose their immigration policy. But were countries on the African continent, the Asian subcontinent, the Middle East etc. consulted by France, the UK, the USA, Belgium to before being colonised and looted. Remember this-these people are merely knocking on the doors of the same hemisphere that has led them to that state of need
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